Types Of Natural Mold Inhibitors Used In The Food Industry

The food industry is vast and caters to the needs of consumers and manufacturers. Of particular interest to our discussion is baking. Tons of baked goods are produced every day with the shelf life being a major concern for bakers. This is so because mold growth is quite common on all kinds of foods including … Read more

7 Best Mold Inhibitor Products For Wood Treatment

Wooden surfaces are the most affected when it comes to mold growth. These are suitable substrates for molds to feed on. Mold spores are present everywhere. They quickly sprout when conditions are perfect. The primary requirement for their presence is moisture or humidity. In response to many mold problems, inhibitors have been developed to affect … Read more

Black Mold Removal Products For Complete Remediation

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5 Highly-Rated Car Mold Removal Products & Killer Sprays

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5 Powerful Household Cleaners That Kill Mold Fast!

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Removing Mold From Wood With Vinegar [Process & Results]

Are you interested in removing mold from wood with vinegar? Here is all you should know. Mold growth on wood is quite common and can be widespread. A wide range of removal or cleanup techniques can be deployed when such is noticed. These include professional and DIY approaches. DIY methods of renewal are what we’ll … Read more