How To Chlorinate A Pool – Standard Chemical Levels

Learn how to chlorinate a pool using standard chemical levels that are safe for public use. Chlorination is one of the most effective ways to keep pools free of bacteria. Knowing how to apply this chemical appropriately is where the problem lies for many. If you’re faced with such problems, you’re at the right place. … Read more

How To Start A Pool Cleaning Business

Pool cleaning presents exciting opportunities for any entrepreneur interested in starting a business in this line. To get to these opportunities, you’ll naturally encounter challenges. This is normal. You only succeed after you’ve scaled through them all. The first hurdle though has to do with having an understanding of what to do or how to … Read more

How to Use a Pool Test Kit Correctly

The condition of your swimming pool needs to be cleaned, maintained, and kept at optimal levels at all times. While that is necessary, there’s little to no way of knowing precisely what’s required without proper testing. Thankfully, pool test kits help test for different aspects or conditions of the pool. Pool Test Kit Instructions Test … Read more

Pool Cleaning Supplies List – In-Ground And Above-Ground

Looking for in-ground and above-ground swimming pool cleaning supplies? Here are the best options. Pool maintenance is something that has to be done frequently to keep them clean. Now, without the right tools, proper cleaning can’t be done, if at all it can. If you seek to become a swimming pool cleaner, you’ll need to … Read more