Sample Tenant Cleaning Checklist Template

This tenant cleaning checklist will provide you with ample information on specific cleaning tasks to carry out. This is for persons having little idea on what to do or what strategies to adopt for more effective cleanup. As a tenant, one responsibility you have is to clean your apartment. This begins with move-in cleaning and … Read more

Crawl Space Encapsulation Benefits & Problems

Here are the pros and cons of crawl space encapsulation. We’ll be looking at both the benefits and problems of this process. One of the issues a lot of homeowners deal with is the issue of humidity or moisture. This is known to cause structural problems in addition to attracting destructive pests such as termites. … Read more

Post-Construction Cleaning Checklist – Scope Of Work

Here is a standard post-construction cleaning checklist that makes your tasks easier and faster. After every new construction work, one thing is common; the need to clean up. A lot of dirt is generated which will require effective cleaning. It doesn’t matter whether such construction is major or little. The only difference lies in the … Read more

Eviction Clean Out Prices [Service Cost Calculator]

Are you a landlord interested in eviction clean-out prices? Here is a price list. The term eviction will typically evoke negative emotions due to its nature. However, it’s a usual occurrence a lot of people face. Thankfully we won’t be dwelling on the act itself but on cleaning prices that apply. How much will eviction … Read more

Condo Cleaning – Preparation, DIY Checklist & Hiring Experts

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Standard Real Estate Cleaning Prices For Different Projects

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How Much Does End-Of-Tenancy Cleaning Cost?

Here are the average rates charged for end-of-tenancy cleaning. Each time a tenancy period expires, the property will need to be cleaned in readiness for the next tenant. To do a thorough cleaning job, cleaning services are always on hand to provide the best service possible. Each job has its own unique cleaning costs. To … Read more

Airbnb Cleaning – Checklist, Products, Contracts and Fee

Here is all about Airbnb cleaning, a standard checklist, supplies to use, average fee and refund issues, as well as other frequently asked questions. How To Clean An Airbnb Airbnb has become a hugely popular marketplace for persons seeking accommodation and those willing to rent their properties. Renting a property comes with several responsibilities part … Read more

How to Start a Foreclosure Cleaning Business

Here is how to start a foreclosure cleaning business as a starter who is interested in this section of the industry. As homes and properties get foreclosed, occupants move out leaving a mess that needs to be cleared. Major cities like California have experienced a growing number of homeless people. This only means one thing. … Read more

How Much Does Brick Cleaning Cost?

This article discusses brick cleaning prices focusing on all aspects of the job. If you want a brick cleaning job performed on your property, you’ll like to pay attention to what’s being discussed. Here, we’ve looked at all price-influencing aspects of the job and what it’s likely to cost you. Brick Cleaning Prices Bricks form … Read more

End Of Lease Cleaning Checklist For Scheduling Tasks

Developing an end-of-lease cleaning checklist is quite challenging for persons doing it without guidance. In other words, people cleaning up after their lease expires are likely to be faced with difficulties tidying up without the help of a checklist. This tool has proven to be very useful in helping people meet their cleaning targets. We’ll … Read more

Move-Out Cleaning – Checklist for Clearing An Apartment

Just as there’s a move-in cleaning, move-out cleaning is also quite popular. We are more interested in the latter. When moving out of an apartment building, you want to clear any mess you’re leaving behind. Fortunately, countless cleaning companies include this service in their offerings. Moving out of a property comes with responsibilities among which … Read more

Garden Cleaning Prices – Standard Service Cost

Our aim isn’t to dwell on types of garden cleaning services. Rather, it’s about garden cleaning prices. Cleaning a garden involves a variety of tasks that have to do with waste removal, grass cutting, and the cutting of hedges. Other cleaning activities include weeding, pruning, tree stump removal among several others. People are always hooked … Read more

Post-Construction Cleaning Prices For New Structures

Here are the standard post-construction cleaning rates. Construction is all about erecting structures. These structures range from homes, high-rise buildings, bridges, parking lots, hospitals, and living quarters among others. These are mostly categorized under private and public construction projects. Commercial And Residential Post Construction Cleaning Rates After every new construction job is completed, there’s a … Read more