How Long Does Sewage Contamination Last?

How long does sewage contamination last in soil and water; indoors and outdoors? Let’s find out. Their times when accidents occur during wastewater treatment. This leads to sewage (wastewater containing feces, urine, etc) leaks thereby causing contamination to the environment including water bodies. Sewage Contamination Duration When it happens, how long will such contamination last? … Read more

Sewage Sludge Disposal Methods And Treatment Costs

What are the methods of sludge disposal? In this article, we’ll be discussing the different sewage sludge disposal methods and how they’re performed. Also, we’ll be looking at the general idea of sewage sludge and the cost of disposal, among other things. You’re likely reading this article because you seek answers to the question of … Read more

Raw Sewage Exposure – Causes & Health Hazard Symptoms

Can you get sick from exposure to raw sewage? Yes. Whether you’re a professional who’s involved in sewage treatment or you’re just a regular guy who’s afraid about exposure to sewage, raw sewage is dangerous. Exposure to it creates a lot of health risks. If you’ve noticed some abnormal symptoms you’re suspicious about, this article … Read more