How Long Does Sewage Contamination Last?

How long does sewage contamination last in soil and water; indoors and outdoors? Let’s find out. Their times when accidents occur during wastewater treatment. This leads to sewage (wastewater containing feces, urine, etc) leaks thereby causing contamination to the environment including water bodies. Sewage Contamination Duration When it happens, how long will such contamination last? … Read more

Leaking Septic Tank – Causes, Signs, And Solutions

One of the situations every homeowner dreads is having their septic tanks leaking. Not only will such condition be considered top-tier gross, but it also presents a wide range of risks. The unfortunate reality is that septic tanks do leak and we’ll be discussing more this situation in this article. Signs of A Leaky Septic … Read more

Dangers of Raw Sewage Leaking Under House

This article looks at the dangers of sewage leaks under a house, the causes, and how to fix and prevent such a problem. If you’re currently facing a similar situation, the information provided here can help. By understanding the nature of the problem, you’re better prepared to handle it. Raw Sewage Leaking Under House Sewage … Read more