Septic Cleanout – Distance To Tank & Cost To Install

You’re probably reading this because you want to understand the workings of the septic cleanout. As you read along, you’d all the essential information you need about this septic system component. When septic systems are constructed, a maze of pipes will likely run through your property. These pipes connect your drainage systems that channel out … Read more

Septic Tank Vent – Functions, Types & Common Problems

A septic system comes with various components which are interconnected and work as one unit. This article focuses on one component; the septic tank, with a special focus on the venting system. Here, you’ll learn about its uses, how it works, and whether the vent is necessary for every septic system. What Is A Septic … Read more

Septic Tank Heater – Features, Types, Installation & Caution

Asides from the need to keep a home warm during winter, your septic system may also require a heater. The septic tank heater is very crucial for such tasks as it keeps or maintains the temperature necessary for bacteria to function. A frozen septic system won’t serve any purpose as it shuts down wastewater treatment. … Read more

Septic System Distribution Boxes

The term distribution box paints an image in the mind of a device or tool designed to evenly distribute septic wastewater across different pipes. This is exactly what it is. This small component of a septic system evenly distributes effluent to discharge pipes that connect to the distribution box. Distribution Boxes For Septic Systems Here, … Read more

Septic Tank Alarm – Types, Reasons For Going Off & Fixes

If you’ve used a septic system for a significant period of time, you shouldn’t find the idea of a septic tank alarm surprising. Such an alarm is necessary to alert you to a wide range of possible issues as will be discussed in this article. Whatever your interest is, we hope you’d find this informative … Read more

Septic Tank Filter – Functions, Types & Replacement

In this article, we’ll be discussing the types of septic tank filters, the filtration system, and filter replacement as well as how to clean your septic filter among others. A septic system has a variety of components that all contribute to its smooth functioning. All of these parts play a vital role and cannot be … Read more

Septic Tank Camouflage To Hide Covers & Lids

Septic tank camouflage is quite popular as homeowners seek to give such space a befitting look. The term camouflage simply means to disguise. This is exactly what this landscaping activity seeks to achieve. Here, landscaping is performed in a way that it blends with your surroundings. How To Hide Septic Tank Lids & Covers If … Read more

Septic Tank Float Switch – Functions, Types & Problems

What’s a septic tank float switch and what role does it perform in wastewater treatment? True to its name, a septic system has various components that all work in sync to ensure smooth operations. Components range from the septic tank (which also has several components within), the drain field and drain pipes or plumbing system … Read more

Septic Tank Baffle – Functions, Types & Problems

Here, all our discussions will focus on the septic tank baffle. Septic tanks are carefully constructed to serve the purpose of waste treatment. This holding tank for wastewater has various components including the baffles which serve an important function. As we progress, you’ll find information on just about everything you need to know about septic … Read more