9 Major Septic Tank Problems & Common Solutions

Here are some septic system problems and steps to take to resolve them. Septic tanks are designed with an estimated lifespan. In other words, they’re expected to serve for a certain number of years. An expected lifespan doesn’t mean that such tanks will continue to function effectively until the expiration of their lifespan. It simply … Read more

Septic Tank Collapse – Causes, Prevention & Safety

Septic tank collapse is simply part of a septic system failure that could happen due to several reasons. Here, we’re interested in discussing why septic systems collapse and how to prevent this. The focus will be more on the solutions, but before then, what is septic system collapse? What Is A Septic Tank Collapse? Just … Read more

Raw Sewage Exposure – Causes & Health Hazard Symptoms

Can you get sick from exposure to raw sewage? Yes. Whether you’re a professional who’s involved in sewage treatment or you’re just a regular guy who’s afraid about exposure to sewage, raw sewage is dangerous. Exposure to it creates a lot of health risks. If you’ve noticed some abnormal symptoms you’re suspicious about, this article … Read more

Common Sewage Ejector Pump Problems and Solutions

In this article, we’ll be discussing sewage ejector pump problems and how to fix such. If you’re reading this, you might have a malfunctioning pump. One or more of the problems discussed below are likely to be experienced by you. We’ve provided comprehensive steps toward resolving such problem(s). Sewage Ejector Pump Not Working? A lot … Read more

Leaking Septic Tank – Causes, Signs, And Solutions

One of the situations every homeowner dreads is having their septic tanks leaking. Not only will such condition be considered top-tier gross, but it also presents a wide range of risks. The unfortunate reality is that septic tanks do leak and we’ll be discussing more this situation in this article. Signs of A Leaky Septic … Read more

Why Septic Systems Fail And How To Fix Them

Here, we’ll be looking at why septic systems fail and how to fix them. Septic systems are essential to waste treatment requirements for homes and commercial areas. When organic waste is generated, it needs to be properly broken down. However, this isn’t possible with septic system failure. Reasons For Septic Systems Failure & Common Solutions … Read more