Sewage Vs Septic Comparison – 8 Basic Differences

Here, we’ll be discussing the difference between septic and sewer in addition to the advantages and disadvantages of both. Also, we’ll be providing further information on how community sewer systems function. So, without further waste of your time, let’s begin our discussion. Difference Between Septic And Sewer A lot of times, the terms ‘sewage’ and … Read more

Chamber Septic System – Pros, Cons & Safety

If you’ve used septic systems for a considerable amount of time, then the possibility of knowing about chamber septic systems is likely. Chamber septic systems get their name from the drain field design. This article will focus on this type of waste treatment system in regards to how they work or function. Chamber Septic System … Read more

Plastic Vs Concrete Septic Tanks – Pros, Cons & Buying Guide

Installing a septic tank involves a whole lot of procedures including deciding on component types. One of the major parts of the system is the septic tank. Different types include steel, plastic, concrete, and fiberglass. These are designed to serve different purposes as homeowners may have varying preferences. Here, we’ll be focusing on two of … Read more

Alternative Septic Systems For Difficult Sites & Soil Types

So, what’s an alternative septic solution? As the name suggests, an alternative septic system refers to a non-traditional style septic system. This is usually preferred when the soil and site conditions of your property do not allow regular processing of wastewater. Regular septic systems are known to serve a lot of homeowners based on favorable … Read more

Sewage Ejector Systems – Applications & Installation Options

Sewage ejector systems become necessary when the main sewer line is found to be above plumbing fixtures. Given the important role played by sewage ejector systems, we’ll be taking a look at how they function and several other aspects of their operation. What’s A Sewage Ejector System? It’s all contained in the name! Whether you … Read more

Septic Infiltrator Systems – Features, Benefits & Efficiency

Septic infiltrator systems are newer innovations that have been designed to cut down on the time taken to treat wastewater. This sub-surface chamber technology has been developed to play a complementary role in the natural wastewater treatment process. Infiltration Systems For Septic Tanks As you read on, you’ll gain a better understanding of what septic … Read more

Mound Septic System – Features, Raised Components & Maintenance

The mound septic system type is where our focus lies. Here, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know about its workings. When it comes to septic systems, there are several types to consider. Raised Septic System These are off-grid wastewater treatment systems mostly used in rural areas, areas not served by public sewers, campgrounds, … Read more

Septic Tank Vs Cesspool – Costs, Installation & Maintenance

A lot of times, conversations around septic systems seem to blur the difference between septic tanks and cesspools. These words are often used interchangeably that can sometimes be confusing. Here, our goal is to make clear distinctions as well as comparisons between the two. As you read through the key similarities and differences between septic … Read more

Anaerobic Septic System – Features & Functionality

Here, our focus is to provide all the basic information you need about the functioning of an anaerobic septic system. These are also known as subsurface sewage treatment systems. As you read on, we’re confident that your curiosity will be satisfied. Anaerobic Septic System When the work anaerobic is heard, it gives a picture of … Read more