How To Get Water Out Of Basement Without A Pump

Do you know how to pump water out of a basement without electricity? Do you know you can get water out without a pump? This article delves into these issues and provides practical alternatives. Basement Water Removal Without A Pump Basements are located at the lowest end of your building, which makes it more prone … Read more

Standard Sump Pump Inspection Cost For Basements

How much does it cost to inspect a basement sump pump? We have provided a price breakdown in this guide. After installing a sump pump, periodic maintenance needs to be scheduled. Such maintenance ensures that the pump is in good condition. Before then, the condition of the pump needs to be inspected. Inspection costs will … Read more

Should There Be Water In My Sump Pump Pit?

Should there always be water in my sump pump pit? If yes, how high should water level be? The configuration of sump pumps determines to a large extent how efficient they function or run. This has a lot to do with the installation process being performed. One component that’s needed for sump pumps to run … Read more