Fireplace Vs Wood-Burning Stove – Similarities & Differences

Is there a wood stove that looks like a fireplace? How do these two systems differ? When it comes to heating systems in homes, a lot of homeowners look out for efficiency. Also important is the type of fuels such systems are designed for. Some of the most popular types include wood-burning stoves and fireplaces. … Read more

Wood Stove In Fireplace – Features & Installation

A chimney needs a heat source to make it work effectively. There are several types of heat sources or stoves available. We’ll be focusing on one such; the wood-burning stove in a fireplace. The information here will largely cover the workings of a wood stove and also state the benefits as well as its disadvantages. … Read more

Best Wood-Burning Stoves Brands – Top Suppliers To Buy From

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Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts – Features, Benefits And Best Brands To Buy

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Converting A Fireplace To A Wood Stove

Can you convert a fireplace to a wood-burning stove? Yes. Fireplaces have long been used in most homes, however, improvements and innovations have led to the development of more efficient wood-burning appliances. Such appliances include inserts and wood stoves. How To Convert Fireplace To Wood Stove We’ll be discussing the latter. Do you have a … Read more

Gas-Burning Fireplace Stove – Features & 7 Best Brands For Home Use

To help the buyer, we’ve provided information on some of the best gas-burning stoves to choose from. Before installing a gas-burning home heating appliance, efficiency must take the center stage. Luckily, lots of gas-burning stove products are available in the open market for people to choose from. Now, a lot of buyers are faced with … Read more

How To Clean A Woodstove Chimney

Here is all about cleaning a woodstove chimney. Chimney maintenance is one activity that must be frequently performed to guarantee its hitch-free operation. Cleaning is one of the key maintenance actions and this is where most of our discussion will focus on. Persons with a wood stove chimney will find this article an interesting read. … Read more

Chimney Cowls For Wood Burners – Benefits & Types

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Wood Stove Safety – 5 Precautions To Prevent Hazards

Are wood-burning stoves safe? Yes. This article provides safety tips for wood stove owners. Although heating devices offer loads of convenience, they can be misused or improperly operated. Such improper operation could put the user at risk. This is why most appliances come with safety instructions. General Wood Stove Precautions If you own a wood … Read more

Franklin Stove – Design, Efficiency & Modifications

Ever heard of the Franklin stove? If you’ve spent a considerable amount of time studying fireplace history, then it’s likely you’ve come across related information. This is an invention that dates as far back as 1742 (June 11th to be precise). While this may sound too old for some, it birthed the concept and idea … Read more

Wood Stove Trivets – Types , Uses & Safety Concerns

Woodstove trivets are basically round or oval-shaped discs that are designed to sit at the top of wood stoves. With its (trivet) positioning, the wood stove surface isn’t scratched as this cast iron structure holds whatever is placed on the stove. Are you planning on an adventure or camping trip? Do you seek to camp … Read more

Wood Stoves Vs Pellet Stoves – Design, Fueling, Usage, Safety & Heat Output

Choosing a stove for your fireplace can be quite tricky especially when it comes to making the pick between stoves that burn similar fuel; here, we’re talking about wood stoves and pellet stoves. What are the differences and similarities? What will best suit your needs? All of these are important questions needing the right answers. … Read more

Wood Stove Efficiency – Concept, Benefits & Components

This article will be discussing all things relating to wood stove efficiency. For a long time, heating and combustion efficiency has been at the forefront of considerations made by homeowners before buying a wood stove. Efficiency has to do with the heat output obtained from wood fuel. If you’re seeking answers to enable you to … Read more

Using Wood Stove Heat Shield For Wall Protection

We’ll cover many areas in our discussion on heat shields for wood stoves. We will also be reviewing several types of wall-coverings behind wood-burning stoves that are important for heat protection. Fireproof Wall Panels for Wood Stove If you use a wood stove, one thing you’ll need to be concerned about is the potential damage … Read more