Tree Root Saws | Types, Best Brands & Buyers’

This article looks at different tools available for performing basic root removal jobs.

As suggested by the topic, we’re specifically interested in tree root saws and will discuss the available types.

These vary by length, width, design, and power source (either hand tools or power saws).

Saw to Cut Tree Roots

Your tree root-cutting decisions are likely going to be influenced by a multitude of factors.

One of these includes the tools required for the job. Here, you don’t just want to get any device you can lay your hands on. Instead, the need to get the right sets of tools is paramount.

About Tree Root Saws

To better understand tree root saws, you’ll have to consider the available types and brands. Tree root types are broad categories these saws belong to.

When it comes to brands, there are tons of such. Because there are so many of these brands, we’ve narrowed the list to some of the best.

It must be said that the use of some of these saws extend beyond tree root cutting. They can also be used for the felling of trees. You only need to read on for details on these and more.

Types of Tree Root Cutting Saws

As stated earlier, tree root saws come in categories or types. They include crosscut saw, pole saws, wire or rope saw, reciprocating saw, chain saw, pruning saw, and bow saw.

Let’s briefly discuss how some of these are used for more understanding.

  • Wire or Rope Saw

As the name suggests, wire or rope saws are designed with saw teeth attached to a rope.

This simple cutting tool is quite versatile as it can be used for the removal of tree branches and also for tree root removal jobs. To make use of the wire saw, it needs to be wrapped around the root to be cut.

The user makes a reciprocating pull of both ends allowing the teeth to cut through roots or branches.

  • Chain Saw

The chainsaw is one popular tool used for stump cutting and felling trees. It’s also applied to an extent in tree root removal. This motorized tool comes in electric and gas-powered variants.

They also come in different sizes, ideal for other jobs. Its versatility makes the chainsaw one of the tools of choice for root removal.

Best Brands of Tree Root Saw

This is where a significant part of our focus will be.

As stated earlier, many tree roots saw brands are in the market.

To narrow the list down, we’ve included some of the top brands to make your choice from. These aren’t the only great products, as there are many others.

Some of the best root saws you can pick from include Radius Garden Root Slayer XL, Horusdy 12-inch Wood Pruning Reciprocating Saw Blades, Radius Garden Root Slayer Shovel, A.M Leonard Corona Razor Tooth Folding Saw, and the Black + Decker Electric Hand Saw.

Another tree root saw to consider is the Zenport Saw for Pruning Root Systems. Let’s look at the basic features of these tools that make them stand out.

  • DEWALT Reciprocating Saw

DEWALT Reciprocating Saw for tree roots features a 10 amp motor that helps power the equipment through difficult root removal jobs.

With this tool, you can easily change or switch blades through its keyless lever-action blade clamp.

There’s also increased maneuverability through this saw’s 4-position blade clamp. The DEWALT saw brand is designed to offer better speed control through its variable speed trigger component.

What more? You also get to cut tree roots more efficiently and faster.

  • Radius Garden Root Slayer Shovel

This is a tree root saw, a brand with a lifetime warranty.

It features a serrated shovel that helps reduce use-related stress. What more? The radius garden root slayer shovel has a sturdy tip that makes it applicable to a wide range of gardening uses.

This root saw doubles as a digging shovel with a V-shaped design that helps to cut through roots and dirt quickly. If you find this tool more exciting or suitable to your needs than others mentioned, all you have to do is shop for it.

  • Black + Decker Electric Hand Saw

This electric-powered saw can be put to a wide range of uses, including tree root removal.

The Black + Decker electric hand saw brand comes in a compact and lightweight design. It’s ergonomically built to help with the easy and fast execution of tasks.

You’re unlikely to experience much fatigue with its use compared to some tree root saw brands.

Users get to switch blades when necessary easily. The Black + Decker electric hand saw brand is ideal for indoor and outdoor jobs. It can be used for DIY projects as well as by professionals.

Choosing the Right Tree Root Saw

When shopping for a tree root saw, it’s vital to know the basic features crucial to making the right pick.

There are several of these to consider, such as brand value, product value, customer review, and cost. Let’s briefly explain each of these.

  • Brand Value

When it comes to brand value, you’re looking at the unique selling point of a particular brand.

Tree root saw brands promote basic features that make their products stand out from their competitors.

  • Product Value

Product value is derived from the build quality and performance you get from your tree root saw. A good product should give you value for money.

  • Customer Review

Customer reviews say a lot about a product.

These reviews reveal what other customers think about the product. Irrespective of the brand, you’ll need to know the product’s reliability.

By reading through reviews, you can determine what actions to take.

  • Costs

It’s normal to find variations in cost of tree root saws. Costs may vary by brand, power rating, type of saw, and size among others.

Before shopping for tree root saws, reading through comprehensive guides is essential. We’ve provided information on the different types and what to look out for.

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