More will be discussed about the various types of benches. That way, you can make an excellent choice for your indoor or outdoor space.

Bench Style Options

Benches are seats that are mostly made of wood.

However, some are created from metal, concrete, and other synthetic materials. They are primarily developed to be used outdoors in gardens, parks, courts, or residences.

While that’s true, some types of benches can be used indoors. Homeowners use them for sleeping, changing clothes, or preparing meals.

As time progressed, benches evolved with various functionalities and design styles.

This means you have several options to make your choice. But do you know the types of benches available? If not, then you’ll read this article further.

Different Types of Benches

It’s tedious listing all the types of benches because several of them exist. But don’t worry; the following paragraphs will provide you with a long list of seats.

You can get seatings that look perfect for sitting, décor accents, extra seating, storage, etc. Until then, you must know that we have benches suited for outdoor and indoor spaces.

Types of Outdoor Benches

There are many benches you can use for outdoor purposes. They include concrete, metal, rattan, wooden, tree, and curved benches.

  • Concrete Bench

Consider installing a concrete bench to bring a royal feel to your yard.

They’re typically built in classic forms that reflect historic English rural gardens. The seats can also be made in minimalist block styles that will be perfect for modern gardens.

Concrete benches are aesthetically appealing, long-lasting, weather-resistant, and low maintenance. Moreover, the seats can be handcrafted to add uniqueness and value to your space.

The only problem with concrete benches is that they need to be soft and comfortable to sit on or relax. Additionally, they are pretty heavy and challenging to move once installed.

  • Metal Bench

The metal bench is another excellent choice to avoid the upkeep associated with other seats. The seatings are available in a wide range of designs and metal combinations.

They can also withstand harsh weather conditions and last longer. You can update their paintings when they get old, or you’re tired of looking at them.

The exterior paint is perfect for such an update.

  • Rattan Bench

This type of bench is made from a climbing vine plant. The rattan plant is harvested and braided together to make nice-looking furniture.

These seats are made from this plant and are lightweight, durable, sustainable, UV-resistant, and waterproof. You can leave them outside or in the sun all summer.

These benches will not fade, discolor, or grow weak.

Moreover, they’re simple, convenient to clean, and provide a flexible and comfy feeling. They can also improve your garden’s appearance by making it look more attractive.

However, they should only be left in the rain if painted.

  • Wooden Bench

Wooden benches are very common in outdoor settings. It could be because they’re aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and affordable.

Moreover, they’re considered to be natural and well-balanced. Wooden benches look appealing in the garden and match perfectly with the environment.

However, the bench requires annual maintenance to keep it in excellent shape. Experts suggest you stain or paint your wooden benches with pigments for exterior surfaces.

  • Curved Bench

Do you want to get a cozier vibe outdoors?

Consider getting a curved bench for your corner spaces. The seats are typically designed with a curve around an angle.

You can get them in two distinct forms. One has an entire curved backrest and armrest. The other only has a curved backrest with a straight armrest.

However, both benches allow people to sit on either side with their knees facing each other. Curved benches encourage conversation, and therefore, they’re perfect for socialization.

  • Tree Bench

Tree benches can be constructed in many ways. But it must have circular seating around the trunk of a tree.

The trunk often serves as the center while being surrounded by seats. Some carpenters join a series of straight benches to form hexagons around the tree.

Others use curved benches that slot together to create a solid bench that looks around the tree trunk.

Tree benches are a pleasant spot to relax when reading a book or looking at the surroundings. The tree creates a comfortable environment while sitting outdoors.

Sitting in the shadow of a tree, you’ll enjoy the calm wind that might help you forget your problems.

  • Memorial Bench

Memorial benches are typically purchased in memory of the deceased. Usually, when a person dies loving a particular outdoor spot, the family members will pay for a seat.

This bench will not be physically bought or installed. Instead, the deceased’s family will pay the local authorities for the place’s upkeep.

Inscriptions on memorial benches frequently highlight the details of who it was purchased in memory of. Anytime they visit the site, they’ll remember their loved ones.

Styles of Benches for Indoor Use

Similarly, a handful of benches are appropriate for indoor use.

They are storage, backless, traditional, drawer, bathroom, patio, entryway, kitchen, wicker, and cubby benches. Others are ottomans, cottages, cabinets, shoe racks, accents, lounges, a vanity, and a potting bench.

  • Storage Bench

A storage bench is solely designed for storing items. Therefore, it has four solid sides and a base to serve as drawers. Unlike conventional seats, it’s not intended with legs.

The seats are fitted with hinges to lift up and down.

That way, it will be easy to access stored items. Furthermore, storage benches are made from different materials, including plastic, wood, and metal.

  • Backless Bench

As this implies, the bench is designed without a backrest and is approachable from any direction. This makes it perfect for shopping malls, open hallways, and other public spots.

People can sit and face in whatever order they like. Because it takes less material to manufacture, backless benches are cost-effective.

However, these seats aren’t comfortable places to relax because you can’t practically relax your back. Instead, you must maintain your upright posture while sitting on them.

Nevertheless, they’re excellent for giving your legs a quick rest while shopping.

As highlighted above, several types of benches exist. While some are made of wood, others are made of plastic, metals, recycled materials, and more.

In addition, these benches come with distinct designs and functions. Depending on your indoor or outdoor needs, you can choose one of the listed benches.

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