Using Bitter Apple Spray For Dogs And Cats

As you read on, you’ll find information on how to use bitter apple spray for both dog and cat control.

When pets become increasingly destructive, there are ways to put them in check.

Bitter Apple Spray For Cats And Dogs As Taste Deterrent

Bitter apple spray is one product that gives you greater control over your pet’s behavior in regards to damage caused. While the bitter spray is known as an excellent product, not everyone knows how to use it effectively.

Bitter apple spray is all about deterrence. It has an unpleasant taste which pets will rather avoid.

Despite its unpleasant taste, this product causes no other danger or health risks to your pets.

What Can Use On?

Can you use bitter apple spray for dogs on cats? Yes.

The use of bitter spray largely depends on the situation at hand. If you’re interested in keeping pets from chewing or damaging furniture, bedding, or baseboards, then such surfaces are targeted and sprayed on.

Apart from these, pets are likely to scratch and pull on fur and itchy skin. This also includes wounds and stitches from surgery. The best way to prevent such from happening is by applying bitter apple spray on such exposed or uncomfortable areas. This helps prevent the problem from worsening.

So, whether you want to keep your dog and cat from causing further damage on furniture or want to prevent them from licking or scratching wounds, bitter apple spray should effectively serve the purpose.

Try Identifying Causes for Pet Behavior

Before going further on how to use bitter apple spray, you must try to identify the causes of such behavior.

Pets will scratch on surfaces or their body due to various reasons. The most common reasons include boredom, stress, or nervousness.

It will be necessary to seek advice from your vet to address such underlying issues while using bitter apple spray for treatment.

How To Use Bitter Apple Spray Effectively

When using bitter apple spray on your dogs and cats, you’ll need to refer to its directions for use. It comes with specific instructions on how to apply this product. Doing so gives you better results. Bitter apple spray comes in a spray bottle which makes application much easier.

You’ll need to point the spray tip or nozzle to the direction you want to apple and spray a steady blast.

The spray head helps with even application. This covers all areas of your targeted surface and keeps dogs and cats at bay. When applied onto wounds, it helps such exposed parts to heal better without much interference.

You may be unable to easily reach certain surfaces with your bitter apple spray due to difficult angles.

For these, consider spraying this taste deterrent product onto a rag and wiping such surfaces with it. Doing so saves you the stress and effectively covers areas in need of coverage.

  • Frequency of Application

When using bitter apple spray for dogs and cats, it is necessary to ensure that you apply as frequently as possible. This product is known to wane in strength after its initial period of application.

When this happens without reapplying it, pets can resume their nibbling activity.

You should ensure that you stick with the product guidelines on usage. It should provide time intervals for application which you should stick with and follow.

Remember; you only get the best results when the use instructions are followed to the letter.

  • Knowing When to Reapply

To effectively use bitter apple spray as a deterrent for pets, you should know when it’s due for application.

Now, one of the easiest ways to do this is by observing your pets. At initial application, pets will recoil immediately they lick or attempt to chew on your furniture.

However, as the bitter apple pet deterrent wears out, it becomes more tolerable to pets and they can lick and gnaw on such surfaces without recoiling. When this is noticed, you should apply immediately.

If you’re still confused about the frequency of application, we recommend applying bitter apple spray for dogs twice per day for best results. This should continue for a period of two to four weeks.

  • Conditioning

All through the process of applying your apple spray for dogs and cats, two things are targeted; first, you want to an immediate solution to your nibbling issues.

Secondly, you want to achieve conditioning. Conditioning in this sense simply means forming a new behavior in pets where they identify sprayed areas as out of bounds.

Having attained full conditioning, you won’t need to apply this taste deterrent any longer as pets will naturally avoid such areas. Old habits die hard as such, try being observant for a week or two to see if your dogs and cats will return to their old habits.

If they do, immediately continue using your bitter apple spray to keep them off such areas until they eventually become fully conditioned to stay away.

Testing For Stains

Before you commence using your bitter apple spray it’s important to test to ensure it doesn’t stain surfaces. Such surfaces may include bedding, sofa or couch areas, or wherever you’ll be applying around your home.

This test won’t only help determine if it’s likely to stain but also helps find out if it causes discoloration. Hence, before covering the entire surface with this taste deterrent, spray onto a corner first and observe what happens.

If nothing happens, it means it’s safe to spray on the entire surface. Multicolored surfaces should be carefully tested with each color tested individually following the pattern above. If it shows no signs of stains or discoloring, then it’s safe for use.

However, when it does show signs of stain and discoloration, it’s best to discontinue its use and seek a better alternative.

Another option is to avoid the particular surface and apply it to other areas. A more suitable taste deterrent should be bought for the surface.

There’s No Guarantee

With bitter apple spray, there’s no guarantee it will work against dogs and cats. Although it is known to be largely effective, certain dogs and cats will still lick and chew on areas where this taste deterrent is applied.

For these, your best bet will be to seek other taste deterrent options.

We have been discussing how to use bitter apple spray for dogs and cats. With the information made available, you’re able to use this product effectively with little problems.

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