Will fogger kill wasps?

Homeowners often have encounters with a variety of pests around their dwellings.

These range from biting and stinging insects. One of the common pests people deal with around homes is attic wasps. These insects deliver painful stings.

Fogger For Wasps

While this is true, such stings rarely cause serious problems.

It becomes a bigger problem when such wasps take up residence around or within your home. Wasps can easily nest in your attic when they find an opening.

At this point, it becomes necessary to take certain actions aimed at repelling or getting rid of them.

DIY Wasp Control Can be Dangerous

If you’re thinking about getting rid of wasps yourself, it’s important to state the risks involved. Wasps are well known to sting when disturbed.

Ordinarily, this shouldn’t be a problem since you won’t have to go near their dwellings or habitat. However, a problem arises when they nest within your home.

The normal response will be to take action. Now, taking action can be done in two ways; calling for professional help, and taking the DIY route.

The former is preferable and safest because these pros or technicians understand wasp behavior and know how best to contain or get rid of them.

DIY wasp control on the other hand exposes you to the danger of stings. Wasps are likely to attack when they feel threatened. If you must adopt this control strategy (DIY), then it should be rightly done.

Wasp bombs are ready insecticides used for insect pest control

How Wasp Bombs Work

Pest control bombs are an effective treatment for a wide variety of insect pests including wasps. Also called total release foggers, these are specially designed to release insecticide contents when engaged.

Through the help of aerosol propellants, this device or bomb shoots its pesticide content upwards, hence its name. Wasps holed up in your attic can be treated with this insecticide.

You’ll need to have this placed strategically within your attic and activated.

It’s important during application to leave the area to prevent inhaling the toxic insecticide. Total release foggers get emptied around the target area and kill wasps and other insect pests within minutes.

It’s important during application to leave your home for a few hours until it’s safe to re-enter.

When using total release foggers, it’s necessary to follow all directions for use provided on the product label. This action helps you obtain desired results while also keeping you safe from the toxicity of the product.

Are Wasp Bombs Safe For Use in Attics?

A lot of questions have been asked about the safety of wasp bombs in the attic. Here, the efficacy isn’t in denial.

Rather, the focus is on the after-effects of this pesticide on humans and animals (pets). You need to understand that any pest treatment performed in the attic is likely to affect other areas of your home.

For wasp bombs to be safe in the attic, how you use such insecticides will play a key determining role. In other words, the level of safety is largely determined by how it’s applied.

There are specific use and safety instructions that accompany any wasp bomb purchased.

The most logical and safe action to take when applying total release foggers like wasp bombs is to leave the area when the insecticide is being applied. This will require getting all members of your household out including pets.

Stay out for a few hours until it’s safe enough to go back in.

Upon return to your home, it’s important to properly ventilate your home. This includes the attic area. By now, such wasps should be eliminated.

There’s a chance that you or a member of your household could feel unwell. Such may be due to exposure to this insecticide. Such situations call for immediate medical assistance.

Attic Wasp Control Products to Consider

We earlier said wasp bombs are of varying kinds. One thing is common with all; the mode of application or release.

In looking for the best insecticide for your wasp treatment needs, the following products should be considered. These are only a few of many quality products available for purchase.

They include Spectracide Indoor Fogger, Longley Carryall ULV Fogger, Hot Shot Indoor Fogger, and Durvet 011-1135 Indoor Fogger.

Other similar products include PCO Products Pyrethrin Fogger, Hot Shot No-Mess Fogger, and Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger.

  • Spectracide Indoor Fogger

Not only does this insecticide eliminate wasps, but other common household insect pests are also killed thanks to its powerful ingredients. What more?

This insecticide is non-staining, has no odor, and also serves the purpose of complete wasp elimination. You’ll need to apply as instructed for the best results.

  • Longley Carryall ULV Fogger

Asides’ being perfect for indoor use, this wasp bomb is ideal for outdoor usage.

It comes with a flexible hose that helps with easier application and is also noiseless during application. On the downside, it’s quite expensive and heavy to move around.

  • Hot Shot Indoor Fogger

However problematic the wasp presence in your attic is, such can be addressed by using this wasp bomb product.

Hot Shot Indoor Foggers have a range of benefits that include wider space coverage, effectiveness against other pests, having strong insecticidal properties, and also an extended residual effect after application.

  • Durvet 011-1135 Indoor Fogger

This is another wasp bomb that can be used in your attic for the complete elimination of these pests.

With this insecticide, you have the benefit of wider dispersal coverage, the absence of an unpleasant odor, and of course the elimination of wasps and other pests.

What more? It’s non-staining.

  • PCO Products Pyrethrin Fogger

Although quite expensive compared to some wasp bombs in the same category, PCO Products Pyrethrin Fogger covers a wider space during application.

It also kills other pests in addition to wasps, plus, its dispersal is quite easy and goes farther.

  • Hot Shot No-Mess Fogger

With this wasp bomb, you get easy penetration to tight spaces where wasps might be holed up. It won’t stain surfaces and also kills a variety of other pests. What more?

Hot Shot has an extended residual effect after application.

With our discussion so far, you should have a better understanding of wasp bombs and how they work. We’ve also included further details about the different types with advantages.

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