How Much Does It Cost To Dry Clean A Wedding Dress?

Here, we want to discuss dry cleaning prices for wedding dresses.

Not everyone knows how best to take care of wedding dresses in terms of cleaning. As a dress worn for special occasions, the need for optimal care is understandable.

Thankfully, there are dry cleaning services that are well equipped for such jobs, but that isn’t where our focus is.

Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning Cost Near Me

If you plan on taking your wedding dress to a dry cleaner’s, the information here will be helpful. In the course of our discussion, you’ll learn about the prices as well as factors impacting dry cleaning costs.

All you have to do is sit back and read through the contents to the end to learn as much as you can.

Not All Dry Cleaning Company Offers this Service

Before you settle on whom to perform your dry cleaning, you’ll need to consider the fact that not all dry cleaners offer wedding dress cleaning services. Remember wedding dresses are made from a variety of delicate materials.

As such, some dry cleaners may simply not be equipped enough to handle those.

Examples of these materials include damask, crepe, eyelet fabric, chiffon, English net, lace fabrics, rayon, silk, organdy, and batiste. Other materials include seersucker fabric, knit, velvet, faille, satin, rayon, netting, taffeta, polyester, georgette, shantung, lame, organza, and gabardine among others.

You’ll need to know the type of fabric your wedding dress is made of. This helps you know beforehand (by way of inquiry) if the dry cleaner can handle such.

Also, the type of fabric affects cleaning prices. More on this will be discussed shortly.

So how much does it cost to dry clean a wedding dress? Find out.

Average Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning Prices

Unlike other dress types, wedding dresses are considered special. This points to one thing; higher cleaning costs involved. On average, expect a starting fee of $100. Certain jobs may attract a fee of as much as $500.

This depends on the stain type, design, and several other cost-impacting factors.

Depending on the type of value-added service being offered, you may end up paying certain additional fees. These are largely impacted by your preferences.

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This may sound quite vague at the moment, however, fuller details will be provided shortly.

Factors Affecting Wedding Dress Cleaning Prices

Wedding dress cleaning prices are impacted by many variables such as the type of fabric, intricacy of design, the level of dirt, level of stain, packaging, cleaning difficulty, and styling of the gown.

Also, prices may be determined by the dry cleaning company being patronized, as well as the time factor.

  • Type of Fabric

We’ve earlier mentioned the several types of materials or fabrics used for making gowns. Now, some of these are considered more delicate than others.

An example will be lacey materials which tend to cost more to clean. You might end up paying upwards of $200 for cleaning depending on material type.

  • Intricacy of Design

Design intricacy comes into play when considering wedding dress cleaning costs. Designs range from the most basic to complex. Intricate wedding dresses may have lots of beads and crystals.

These will normally attract higher cleaning prices than those with plain and simple designs.

In the case of wedding gowns with intricate designs, cleaning fees could sometimes amount to about $500 or more.

  • Level of Dirt

How dirty is the wedding gown? Because these dresses are meant for special occasions, there’s a tendency to find them dirty especially when not properly stored.

The level of dirt will determine the dry cleaning price incurred. More work is done to clean very dirty gowns as opposed to those which aren’t as dirty.

  • Degree of Stain

Stains are likely to be found on wedding dresses.

Now, these stains differ in terms of how tough they are. While some stains are considered less difficult to remove and aren’t charged separately, others increase dry cleaning costs.

For example, an oil stain may attract higher cleaning costs due to its toughness to get rid of. You may end up paying around $15 to $50 extra for each stain or group of stains.

  • Packaging

How a wedding dress is packaged after cleaning is likely to impact cleaning costs.

Ordinarily, most wedding dresses are simply bagged with no extra fees incurred. However, for extra care, a wedding dress may be boxed to have it better stored or preserved.

The latter always attracts additional costs as you may be asked to pay between $50 and $130 for boxing. Is this worth the cost? It is! It depends on how detailed you want your packing to be.

Different dry cleaning companies have unique packaging rates. You’ll have to find what suits your needs.

  • Cleaning Difficulty

Cleaning difficulty is a common cost determinant for most wedding dress dry cleaning services. This is closely related to how dirty a wedding dress is.

Sometimes, the level of difficulty may be influenced by the type of material.

When you have a wedding dress that’s made from delicate material yet is very dirty, then the cleaning approach used is quite slow and less rigorous. In other words, the dress is gently and slowly cleaned.

  • Styling of Gown

Styling is also a determinant of cleaning prices. There are those designs that tend to be more complex. These may take a longer time to clean.

Also, different cleaning dry cleaning services have their pricing structure for such wedding dresses.

However, styling doesn’t always impact dry cleaning costs as some service providers may classify such as regular wedding dresses. It all depends on who handles your cleaning job.

  • Time Factor

How long does it take to complete the dry cleaning procedure for wedding dresses? It all depends on the condition of the dress. The factors outlined above can impact the time required to complete a cleaning job.

The longer it takes to complete the job, the more it costs.

Is Personal Dry Cleaning a Good Idea?

In a bid to reduce cleaning costs, some people may consider taking the DIY cleaning route. However, this isn’t always effective as the job may not be properly done.

There’s a higher chance of doing a bad cleaning job as long as you aren’t skilled enough.

So now you know the dry cleaning prices applicable to your wedding dress job. The action(s) taken are better informed as you know what to expect.

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