How much does Western Exterminator cost?

Apart from the need to call a reputable pest management service, one of the primary things most people consider is the cost.

Here, we’ll be discussing what it will cost you to patronize the services of Western Exterminator.

Western Exterminator price is under focus as we seek to provide you with critical information that helps you prepare or make informed decisions. This pest management company commenced operations in the early 20th century (1921 precisely).

It’s a subsidiary of the Rentokil group and has a strong international presence in over 50 countries and counting. Its pest control services cover a wide variety of pests. These include bed bug treatments, commercial pest control, rodent control, termite control, and bird control.

Other services include home pest control, homeowner termite protection as well as drain line services.

In order not to bore you with its history, let’s move immediately to Western Exterminator’s pest control prices.

So how much does western exterminator charge?

Standard Western Exterminator’s Prices

Western Exterminator offers a long list of pest control services.

Each of these is charged based on treatment plans as well as several other factors. Such factors may include the extent of infestation, property size, and several others to be discussed shortly.

There’s something you should know about pest control prices, Western Exterminator may decide to alter or restructure its entire pricing plans. This may be based on rebranding or adjusting to current realities.

While some may see an upward review, other prices for pest control services may be reviewed downward.

Competitiveness is another major reason why this could happen.

  • The Pestfree365 Offer

Western Exterminator has designed a Pestfree365 offer that significantly discounts the prices of pest control services. Under this plan, a 2,000 square-foot home costs approximately $800 annually. There’s an additional $50 new clients get on their first service.

Apart from these discounts, Western exterminator doesn’t clearly state its pest control prices. Prospective clients would have to call their office to schedule an inspection. After the inspection, findings are revealed and a price quote is prepared.

Customers might want to also seek specific information on every cost detail about its many services. These are readily available. You only need to ask for these to be made available.

Pests covered under this offer include rats, mice, roaches, ants, fleas, spiders, bed bugs, and other common household insects. You may want to first discuss with Western Exterminator technicians to find out more.

Factors Determining Western Exterminator Prices

Several factors come into play and affect Western Exterminator’s pest control prices. These include the pest type, treatment process, severity of the infestation, number of treatments, as well as property size.

These factors will either increase or drop the price you have to pay for treatment. It’s important to know these in detail to enable you to anticipate how much treatment will cost you.

  • Pest Type

Not all pest control procedures are equal. Others are quite easy while some are very challenging and require more time, effort, and strategy. More specialized equipment may be required among other things.

Termites, bed bugs, and rodents are among the most difficult pests to deal with.

As such, Western Exterminator will normally have higher prices for these. Among the many pests are ants, bed bugs, bees, wasps, cockroaches, fabric pests, crickets, and fleas.

Others include mosquitoes, flies, spiders, moths, grubs, stink bugs, and much more.

There are times when an inspection may reveal more than one pest. This may not matter in some cases while in others, treatment costs increase.

  • Treatment Process

Treatment procedures vary from one pest to the next.

What applies to rodents won’t do much to solve a termite problem and so on. These are important considerations that go into determining Western Exterminator prices.

Extermination Prices for certain pests are much lower compared to others and vice versa. All of these play into Western Exterminator’s pricing plans. Your particular pest issue will be assessed to determine what treatment process will be used.

  • Severity of Infestation

When pests invade a home, they either come in mass or aren’t as severe.

Mild pest presence influences the treatment approach adopted by Western Exterminator. Such treatments are mostly not as difficult and won’t take up significant chemicals or supplies.

The opposite applies to severe infestations. It may require additional manpower as well as more time and treatment supplies. This situation normally costs higher.

Also, severe infestations may require multiple visits to your property as one-time treatments won’t be sufficient.

  • Number of Treatments

Not all pests are killed by a single treatment. Western Exterminator assesses the problem and designs a unique treatment plan for the customer.

In such cases, multiple visits may be necessary to fully resolve the pest issue. This will impact treatment costs.

  • Property Size

Treating a small-sized home is much different from treating a larger home. The chemicals or treatments applied, the labor involved as well as the space covered are different. A bigger property will attract higher prices than small ones.

Western Exterminator considers all these.

Zero Annual Contracts

It’s common to find pest management companies tying their clients to yearly treatments.

Although such treatments are good, the customer should be allowed to decide. Western Exterminator gives you just that; greater control over what treatment options you purchase.

Clients get the chance to book a one-time pest control service for special occasions or home treatments.

Free Inspection

Western Exterminator doesn’t charge for its inspection services. This service is free and involves an in-depth assessment of the infested area. Western Exterminator technicians come to your home and conduct a thorough examination of the problem.

A brief overview of Western Exterminator prices has been provided above.

To know the full details of the costs involved, it’s necessary to give the company a call. Every pest problem differs by several factors. These have been listed above.

A full assessment of the problem and a price quote is given at the end of the inspection. You may want to take advantage of Western Exterminator’s Pestfree365 program as it offers a lot of benefits. You get to pay less to enjoy its wide range of services.

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