Do you know when to fertilize lawns in Florida?

If not, read this post to the very end. We’ll tell you when to add compost to your grass and what to do before adding nutrients.

In addition to that, we’ll also tell you how often you should apply compost to your grass. Let’s get into the business of the day.

Florida Fertilizer Schedule

It’s crucial to keep your lawn and landscaping thriving. One way to do that is by adequately fertilizing and maintaining your grass various times a year.

This will ensure they’re green and have a healthy root system to withstand multiple stressors. These include starving off unsightly, damaging pests, weeds, and diseases.

So what month should i fertilize my lawn in Florida?

A Few Things You Should Know

Adding nutrients to your grasses is often seen as optional regarding landscape care. However, skipping this step could be detrimental to your turf.

When compost is added to grasses, it improves their general health. This will enable them to grow greener and lusher. Plus, they will withstand whatever the growing season throws at them.

Before you embark on such a project in Florida, you must know a few things: the soil composition, the type of Florida grass, and the nitrogen level.

  • Know the Type of Soil Composition

Regarding soil composition, the markup of Florida soil directly impacts turf growth. By testing the ground, you’ll measure your yard’s pH level.

Additionally, it’ll pinpoint nutrient defenses that will help you choose the correct compost. Meanwhile, you can monitor essential nutrients like potassium and phosphorus.

  • The Type of Grass You’re Dealing With

Several classes of grasses thrive in Florida. You can get grasses that do well in both cold and warm weather.

Therefore, your grass type will determine its mowing height, growing season, and landscaping plan.

Meanwhile, Zoysia, St. Augustine, Bermuda, Centipede, and Bahia grass are the most common in the state. Each of these grasses has a unique set of fertilization needs.

So before you add compost, ensure you know the type of grass in your yard. That way, you can get the right fertilizer to add. You can seek help from experts if you’re unsure of your type of grass.

  • Nitrogen Levels

Florida soils have a high potential for leaching.

Therefore, you’ll require appropriate nitrogen management. Before spraying your nutrients, you must test the soil to determine how much nitrogen is present.

Soil with little nitrogen hinders plants from developing well. Then too much of it prevents flow and new growth.

So if your yard has too much nitrogen, you can reduce it by adopting lawn aeration. You can also apply sulfates or lay mulch across the soil. But if it is too little, you must add nitrogen fertilizer.

Best Time To Fertilize Lawn in Florida

When to add compost in Florida relies on a few factors. The type of grass you’re dealing with and its growing zone. Let’s review these two elements individually.

  • Growing Zone

There’re three growing zones in Florida. We have the north, south, and central parts of Florida. When to add nutrients to your grass differs according to these zones.

For those living in North Florida, the best time to fertilize your lawn is in April or May. You must apply nutrients every 6–8 weeks until the growing season ends.

However, for homeowners in Central Florida, the best time to add compost is mid-April.

The application should also be made every 6–8 weeks until the growing season ends. In this case, you’re applying for the last one no later than mid-September.

Finally, the best time to apply compost is year-round if you reside in South Florida. You’re only to stop when the growing season ends in your area.

However, as usual, the application should be made every 6-8 weeks.

Type of Florida Grass

Remember, the state boasts about five grasses suitable for lawns.

Each of these grasses has a specific set of fertilization needs. As you read, you’ll learn about the best time to add nutrients to each. Let’s move.

  • Centipede Grass

This is a warm-season turf grass. It grows in the late spring and continues throughout the summer. It’s primarily found in South Florida.

The best time to add nutrients to this grass is at the beginning of the season, also known as ‘green up.’ The recommended nutrient is phosphorus.

However, it should be applied in moderate quantities.

This type of turf only needs a few nutrients. You can use NPK, which shows the nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium percentage.

  • Bermuda Grass

This is also a warm-season turf that’s sensitive to cold temperatures.

You can add nutrients from spring to fall at least 2–6 times. Early application often poses the grass with a risk of late-season frost. Similarly, applying late has its consequences.

  • Augustine Grass

In Florida, this turf is extremely popular. It’s also a warm-season grass resistant to high temperatures and humidity. The best time to apply fertilizer is in the early spring.

Moreover, you must add nutrients at least twice during the growing period.

  • Bahia Grass

In Florida, this is among the most attractive grasses. It requires a little maintenance and thrives in warm weather. You can get this type of grass in both Central and North Florida.

The best time to add fertilizer to this Bahia grass in Central Florida is early April. Then, for North Florida, it should be applied in mid-April.

What to Keep in Mind When Formulating Your Landscape

It takes work to sustain a healthy lawn. Maintenance takes a lot of time and effort. Before taking a significant step of adding compost, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind.

Otherwise, a lot could go wrong. Your landscape plan, environment, and application methods are some elements to consider.

There’s nothing better than having the beautiful green color of a well-landscaped lawn. People will admire its effect on your property, which may increase its value.

However, this doesn’t come for free. You’ll need to take good care of your grass. If you reside in Florida, you can see how essential adding nutrients to your grasses is.

In addition to that, you can see the best time to carry out such an operation.

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