This article is highly informative if you’re wondering where to buy your perennials. Here is how to choose the best place to buy perennials near me.

Where you get your garden supplies matters, hence the importance of identifying reliable suppliers within your region. So, without further ado, let’s proceed to find out.

Perennials for Sale Near Me

As a gardener, one thing piece of information you cannot do without is where to get your supplies from.

Nurseries offer a range of plants, including perennials, exotic plants, flowers, big trees, etc. While that is true, you’ll need to know where to get these around you.

  • It’s not enough to locate a Nursery.

In a search for where to buy perennials, you’ll likely find several options in the form of garden centers or nurseries.

While most of these sources should meet the basic supply needs of gardeners, more scrutiny from your end is needed to choose the right supplier.

One of the critical aspects of choosing the right supplier includes having a wide plant selection. This is crucial because you want to be able to pick from a rich collection of plants.

The more variety you have to choose from, the greater your chances of being satisfied.

What more? Beyond having a wide variety of perennials and other plants, nurseries should be manned by competent staff with excellent customer service skills.

Such skills will include a good understanding of garden knowledge, information regarding gardening in your zone, and helping you pick the right perennial for your location.

Having these at the back of your mind enhances your chances of locating the right supplier(s) and being satisfied with the services and products.

  • Use Available Tools to Find Nurseries near you.

There are lots of online resources when it comes to finding reliable sources to shop for your perennials.

All you have to do is find directories from which you only need to input your location to have filtered results for your area.

As expected, tons of search results unique to your area are displayed. All you’ll need to do is start researching further on their exact location within your area.

You might like to visit them for a first-hand inspection of their perennial collections. Another option is to buy online and deliver your plants to your doorstep.

Before deciding on the nursery to purchase from, it’s necessary to contact the different nurseries to discuss their plant collection.

This is also the time to measure how responsive and helpful they are in helping you get the plants you seek. First impression matters.

  • Where do you live?

While your location may influence what nurseries or garden centers are available, you don’t have to restrict your options.

In other words, wherever you are in the United States, you can shop from highly reputable nurseries and have these perennials shipped.

Luckily there are lots of great options to work with.

You only need to do a little research about what these suppliers are. We’ve helped by including some great shopping options you may wish to explore.

Shopping for Perennials

Some reputable sources to buy your perennials include TN Nursery, Nature Hills, and Wilson Bros.

Gardens, Garden Goods Direct, Burpee, Etsy, Home Depot, and Planting Tree. While there are many other sources, only these have been looked at due to time constraints.

Wherever you live, these nurseries can meet all your supply needs. You only need to choose your preferred perennials from the options available carefully.

After purchase, these nurseries ship your plants to your location within record time. Let’s briefly discuss each of these, shall we?

i. TN Nursery

At TN nursery, there are tons of perennials to choose from. Examples include Shasta daisy, yellow coneflower, crown vetch, and daffodil narcissus.

More varieties include butterfly weed, ajuga bugleweed, evening primrose, the hairy buttercup, lily pads, and twinleaf plant.

You’ll also find perennials like Rozanne geranium Jacob’s ladder, painted trillium, Solomon seal, water willow, aster plant, creeping phlox, and violet plants.

Water garden and impatiens capensis are other perennials you can find in TN nursery’s collection.

ii. Nature Hills

Before buying perennials from this source, you’ll need to figure out or choose from popular categories available.

Nature Hills offers a wide selection that includes partial shade perennials, partial sun perennials, summer blooming perennials, small perennials, and fall blooming perennials.

Other popular categories include extended bloom perennials and full sun perennials, amongst others. All you need to do is know what each type holds.

By going through these categories, you can determine what to buy. All of these can be done from the comfort of your home.

iii. Wilson Bros. Gardens

At Wilson Bros Gardens, there are lots of options to pick from. In other words, the type of perennial you need needs to be identified.

This nursery has different categories like cut flower perennials, butterfly-attracting perennials, hummingbird-attracting perennials, and fragrant perennials.

Other categories include fast-growing perennials, climbing perennials, groundcover perennials, low-care perennials, and deer-resistant perennials.

Other categories you have to choose include drought-tolerant perennials, moisture-loving perennials, and evergreen perennials, among many others.

iv. Garden Goods Direct

Garden Goods Direct is another reputable perennial supplier that can meet all your plant needs.

A visit to its site will reveal a vast collection of plants, including other categories like house plans, annuals, lawn & garden plants, shrubs, and trees.

Some perennial varieties include variegated liriope, pachysandra, periwinkle plants, phenomenal lavender, and fountain grass.

Others include black-eyed Susan, lavender Provence, big blue liriope, swamp milkweed, pink muhly grass, and cardinal flower.

v. Burpee

Like other nurseries discussed, Burpee also offers a rich collection of perennials to meet all your needs.

Wherever you live, you can buy your plants online and have them shipped to you. Apart from perennial plants, Burpee also sells perennial seeds for gardeners in need.

To make your pick, you only need to explore the different options available. Comprehensive information is provided for each product, including shipping details.

Knowing where to shop for your perennials helps eliminate any difficulties you may have with getting quality products for planting.

These are only a few of the many top suppliers available.

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