Here is who to call if your sump pump stops working.

To effectively dispel or pump out water from a sump pit, you’ll need to have a sump pump. This is a key basement waterproofing requirement that needs to be in perfect working condition at all times.

However, that isn’t always the case. Sump pumps develop issues that require fixing.

Now for many homeowners, knowing who to call for sump pump problems is something that has proven quite challenging. This is most common with persons needing sump pump repair for the first time.

If you fall into this category of persons, we’ll be glad to help you out.

Here is who installs a sump pump.

Common Sump Pump Issues

There has to be a problem before a solution is proffered.

Sump pumps develop all sorts of issues that lead to their failure to perform. Some of the problems you’re likely to face include a sump pump appearing to work yet no water in a sump pit.

An overwhelmed sump pump, clogged or frozen discharge line, and clogged sump switches and pumps are possible issues that could arise. When a sump pump runs non-stop, it’s a sign of a problem.

This could lead to burnout. There are also situations where power is lost to the sump pump.

Whatever the type of problem faced, you’ll need professional help to have it fixed. Now, the question is; who gets called to carry out such fixes?

This is a crucial question as it helps direct homeowners to the right service providers.

Who Do You Call To Fix A Sump Pump: Plumbers Vs Waterproofers

If you’ve made some inquiries in the past about sump pump repairs, you’re likely to have heard encountered varying opinions about who’s best suited for the job.

Here, we’re referring to the plumber-waterproofer argument.

To have a better idea of who to call for a sump pump repair job, you’ll need to know exactly the specializations of each. That is the difference between a plumber and a waterproofer.

  • What a Plumber Does

When there are leaks (plumbing), then a plumber will be best suited to provide the solutions required. Sometimes, water in the basement might be due to plumbing leaks.

When such happens, it’s best to seek the help of a plumber.

These are experts in matters relating to leakages and provide a wide range of plumbing-related solutions. In a situation where a sump pump is installed, a plumber will have little to do with its installation and maintenance.

In other words, you wouldn’t be looking at a plumber to provide fixes for your sump pump problem.

In a nutshell, plumbers are not experts in waterproofing.  Part of the requirements for waterproofing a basement is a sump pump. This isn’t a plumber’s area of specialization.

  • What A Waterproofer Does

A waterproofer is who you call to fix your faulty sump pump.

Of course, these professionals provide sump pump installation services. Asides from repairs, a waterproofer will also carry out inspection services on sump pump installations to determine their condition.

What more? Not only will a waterproofer fix a faulty sump pump, but such a professional will also inspect and repair foundations and areas around the sump pump that may have been affected by leaks.

Some Plumbing Companies Offer Waterproofing Services

Having identified waterproofers as the best hands for sump pump repair jobs, it’s important to also state that some plumbing contractors offer waterproofing services.

This fact points to the need for inquiries when consulting a plumbing contractor.

There are also sump pump repair contractors specialized in sump pump-only installation and repairs.

It all boils down to what’s available around your location. One of the easiest ways of calling for sump pump repair is by contacting the contractor that installed your sump pump.

Establishing contact with such a contractor might become a bit challenging for new occupants who just moved into a building and found the sump pump already installed.

The previous occupants may provide you with such information when contacted.

Why You Need A Waterproofing Contractor

Having waterproofing contractors come around to inspect your faulty sump pump offers several benefits.

First off, these contractors can service your waterproofing system.

Secondly, time and money are saved while also protecting your home from flooding.

  • Servicing Your Waterproofing System

Asides from fixing your faulty sump pump, a waterproofing contractor will also service your entire waterproofing system. You might have a problem that extends beyond the sump pump.

This is where the plumber is limited.

Key waterproofing components apart from your sump pumps such as the French drain, sump pit, and more are checked. Any issues are identified and addressed, thus ensuring the entire system is in good working condition

  • You Get to Save Time and Money

A faulty sump pump leads to an increase in moisture-related problems. These include rot, mold, and more. When left unattended for a significant amount of time, it can further worsen.

This results in huge repair bills to not only fix the sump pump but also issues caused by excess moisture presence.

A waterproofing contractor performs all sorts of troubleshooting actions to identify the problem. When identified, the issue is resolved in the best way possible.

  • Protection from Flooding

With a faulty sump pump, you’re bound to experience flooding.

This is common when the faulty pump is overwhelmed by water. Having a professional waterproofer carry out basic sump pump maintenance work will prevent such from happening.

How To Begin

To have your sump pump fixed, you’ll need to identify the best service providers within your area. There are lots of professionals close to your location. All you have to do is perform an online search.

Most directories will require you to input your zip code to easily redirect you.

Some of the top sump pump repair companies to consider include Mark Lindsay & Son Plumbing & Heating Inc., Hudson Plumbing Air Conditioning & Drain Cleaning, At Home Maintenance & Repair, Pump Doctor LLC and so much more.

You’ll need to state your location to get redirected. By going through tons of reviews, you get a fair idea of what service to choose.

By now, you should have a much better understanding of who to call for your sump pump issues. Waterproofing contractors have been identified as specialists for all sump pump-related problems.

You only need to search for nearby contractors, to begin with.

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