10 Best Trees to Plant in Ohio

In this article, we provide you with information on the best trees to plant in Ohio.

Also known as the Buckeye state, the mother of modern presidents, and the Yankee state, Ohio has the Ohio buckeye as its official tree.

Found in the Midwestern United States, it’s bordered by the states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and the Canadian province of Ontario.

The state of Ohio is home to tons of tree species.

As a citizen and resident interested in growing the best tree species, you may be interested in finding out what these are.

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10 Great Trees to Grow in Ohio

Because many trees thrive in Ohio, we’ll only look at some of the best you can find.

Some of these will easily fit your landscaping needs. You can choose any of these plants to grow; sweet buckeye, oak trees, Japanese lilac, maple, fir, and crabapple.

Additional tree species to grow in Ohio include pagoda dogwood, American hornbeam, witch hazel, Kentucky yellowwood, trident maple, and cockspur hawthorn trees.

Most of these trees have ornamental value, hence are used for landscaping purposes. You may want to try any of them out.

i. Hickory Tree

Hickory trees are well adapted to Ohio’s climatic conditions. These fast-growing tree species provide ample shade with maximum spread.

Hickory trees reach heights of around 50 ft. Out of the wide varieties available, you may be interested in going for the most popular ones.

Such varieties include shagbark, shellbark, bitternut, and pecan. This nut-producing tree tends to be edible to both humans and animals.

You’ll need to find out whether fruits produced by a particular species can be edible. Also, seeds can also germinate into hickory trees.

ii. Sweet Buckeye Tree

Also known as the yellow buckeye, sweet buckeye trees can also be grown in Ohio. This is a pretty large tree that produces as much as 50 to 75 ft. tall.

This can be a great addition to your landscape due to its white-to-yellow blooms that emerge between April through June.

You’ll need rich and moist soils to grow this tree. What more? This tree will be an excellent option if your property is around rivers and woodlands.

Shady conditions are needed for growing the sweet buckeye tree.

iii. Oak Tree

Oaks are fast-growing trees that thrive in Ohio’s climate.

If you’re seeking to grow a shade tree within a few years, the oak will be a perfect tree to consider. It grows to as much as 80 ft. tall and comes in different varieties, including bur, white, northern, and English oaks.

One of the good things about oaks is that they’re low maintenance and will tolerate a wide range of conditions, including extreme heat and cold.

The colorful fall leaves make the tree a great addition to a home’s landscape. These come in varying colors, including red, shades of orange, and brown.

iv. Japanese Lilac Tree

The Japanese lilac will be a great candidate if you need a tree to grow in Ohio with little to no stress. The right conditions need to be provided for this tree to grow correctly.

These include well-draining and loose soils. Total sun exposure is needed for Japanese lilac trees to thrive.

Ensure you avoid full shade conditions, negatively impacting growth and development. With Japanese lilac trees, you have multiple options to choose from.

These include ivory pillar signature, golden eclipse, and ivory silk.

v. Maple Tree

Maple trees will give your surroundings extra appeal due to the beautiful blooms that sprout in spring, summer, and fall.

Colors vary from yellow, orange, and red. It’s an excellent shade tree scattered around residential and public properties in Ohio.

Some popular varieties include silver, red, sugar, Norway, and sycamore maple trees. The tree is easily suitable for various conditions, including wind, cold, and heat.

Due to their vast root network, maple trees have a sturdy feature.

vi. Fir Tree

With popular variants including Fraser, Korean, white, and Nordmann, fir trees are famous and among the best trees in Ohio.

This low-maintenance tree is hard against adverse environmental conditions like cold and heat.

While this is a great tree to grow in Ohio, you’ll need to consider the animals it attracts. Different kinds of creatures, from deer, squirrels, birds, and rabbits, are drawn to the fir tree.

If you want none of these around your home, you might need to reconsider your choice of trees.

vii. Crabapple Tree

Crabapple is one of the white flowering trees found in Ohio and tends to be grown for its ornamental value.

The beautiful shade of red, white, and pink blooms it produces makes your landscape a beautiful sight to behold. Varieties of the crabapple tree include sugar tyme, harvest gold, golden hornet, and snowdrift.

If you’re interested in growing an excellent cross-pollinator, this tree should be considered for planting. Here it attracts pollinators which benefits other trees around.

One other benefit the crabapple tree has going for it is its ease of growth under a variety of conditions.

viii. Pagoda Dogwood Tree

Pagoda dogwood trees are native to Minnesota but can be grown in Ohio.

This tree requires total sun exposure to partial shade to do well. Popular varieties of the pagoda dogwood tree include Venus and Argentina.

ix. Trident Maple Tree

The trident maple tree is native to Ohio and requires at least 6 hours of sunlight daily.

It’s a large tree that grows to around 40 to 120 ft. This tree is better suited for acidic, moist soils. You’ll find trident maple trees around dry woodland areas.

x. Cockspur Hawthorn Tree

The cockspur hawthorn tree requires full sunny conditions to thrive.

It’s one tree species that can quickly be grown in Ohio and has medium water requirements. It has a white bloom and grows to around 20 to 35 ft. at full maturity.

Any of these trees will be a great addition to your landscape. These are only a few of the best trees growing in Ohio.

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