How Much Does Attic Cleaning Cost?

How much does it cost to clean an attic?

Like every other section of a home, your attic needs to be maintained.

Maintenance may be directed at finding out if there are water or leakage issues, identifying cracks, ensuring fans & vents are working properly, and also examining your insulation for any issues.

How Much Does It Cost To Clean Out An Attic?

Cleaning is another type of maintenance we’ll be discussing.

Special emphasis is on the cost of attic cleaning. If you’re planning on having your attic cleaned, the information contained here should be beneficial.

We’ve touched on a variety of related aspects such as attic junk removal costs, decontamination costs, saving money on cleaning, and more. In a nutshell, this article will be worth the read.

Attic Cleanup Benefits

As a prelude to our discussion, it’s necessary to consider the inherent benefits associated with attic cleanup. This action goes beyond improving general hygiene. Attic cleaning helps with the reduction of irritants as well as toxins.

Such irritants and toxins are common with mold presence.

Mold growing in your attic leads to the release of tiny spores which are carried by air and can be inhaled. It’s common knowledge that inhaling these spores could cause respiratory illnesses among others.

You also get a general improvement of your home’s condition which benefits your health.

Attic cleaning should be a routine. You’ll have to set a cleaning frequency that works for you. This type of recurring maintenance has both short and long-term benefits.

Attic Cleanup and Decontamination Costs

When it comes to attic cleaning, the terms “decontamination” and “cleaning” can be used interchangeably.

The national average for basic cleanup is around $163 while the average range charged by most cleaning services is around $150 to $200.

At the low end, you may incur a cleaning fee of $75, while prices can climb considerably to around $600. The attic cleanup procedure includes deodorizing and disinfecting actions.

Because cleaning prices are charged per square ft. the fee average is around $1.50. All forms of cleaning equipment are used for this type of job.

  • Attic Junk Removal Costs

As part of attic cleaning, all junk laying around will have to be removed.

Here, removal costs vary with the type of junk. On average, a cleaning service is likely to charge you anywhere from $170 to $375. Also, the volume of junk present will play a key role in determining the fees incurred by the homeowner.

Some homeowners may want to reduce costs by taking out and disposing of the junk themselves.

If this sounds like an option you prefer, then by all means have your attic cleared of such junk. It’s important though to be careful with the type of junk removed.

Certain junk types may be toxic, hence not suitable for handling.

Only junk removal specialists will do a proper removal job. It’s best to contact such a service when the need arises. Also, evacuating dead and decaying animals in your attic will be best performed by adopting precautionary safety measures.

What’s the Ideal Frequency for Attic Cleaning?

We earlier said attic cleaning should be routine. Now, this might give an idea of short interval cleanups such as weekly, or bi-weekly.

However, the most ideal cleaning frequency is once every 2 years. The exception will be when you have issues such as rodent infestation, moisture issues, and bad insulation.

Other factors that may influence more frequent attic cleaning include the presence of cracks & holes, as well as accumulated dirt and dust.

If you visit your attic more often, you’ll have to perform a more frequent cleanup.

Attic Cleaning Cost-Saving Measures

Every homeowner wants to get the best possible price or deal for their cleaning needs. Several actions could help out in that regard.

These include comparing quotes, selling off unwanted stuff stored in your attic, and also clearing out junk before the cleaning service arrives.

What more? You may wish to have a friend or neighbor help with sorting through items stored. Let’s take a further look at each of these points, shall we?

  • Comparing Quotes

This is a popular strategy used by homeowners to get the best possible deal they can lay their hands on. This requires contacting multiple cleaning services and requesting quotes.

An inspection of the attic is performed and a quote is given. With multiple quotes, you get to compare and choose one that suits or fits your budget.

  • Selling off Unwanted Stuff

A lot of times, people use their attic as storage. Here, a lot of unwanted items can be found. You can earn some extra buck by selling items that are still in good condition.

Organizing a yard sale will be a great idea. The online space should also be considered. Facebook marketplace is one place that can dispose of such items.

  • Clearing Out Junk yourself

As mentioned earlier, attic cleaning costs can be reduced by performing some of the cleanup tasks yourself.

You can start by clearing out any junk found in your attic before the cleaning service arrives. This way, you aren’t charged extra for such cleanup.

  • Seek Help with Sorting through Items

If your work schedule is tight, you can ask for assistance by having someone help you sort through the stuff emptied from your attic. Through this action, you’re able to dispose of unwanted items.

Why You Should Contact a Professional For Attic Cleanup

Attic cleaning needs differ from one client to the next.

However, this doesn’t make any difference when looking at the benefits of having a pro handle the job. A professional cleaning or cleaning service does a lot better job than you could.

First, there’s the safety angle, as well as the expertise involved. Also, professionals tend to be more thorough. All these points impact job quality.

  • Safety

When professionals perform your attic cleaning, common risks associated with the job are minimized. The potential of making contact with contaminated material, risk of fall, and exposure to live electrical wiring is taken care of.

  • Expertise

Attic cleaning is expertly done with all sections covered. Whatever the condition is, the attic is left completely free of dirt and debris.

  • Thoroughness

No one does more thorough cleaning work than a reputable cleaning service. The different tools used on the job help provide satisfactory outcomes.

To know what your attic cleaning costs are, give the pros a call and have them inspect and write a quote.

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