How To Avoid Getting Bed Bugs From Friends

Here, we’ll be looking at how to avoid getting bed bugs from a friend. Do you suspect your friend(s) have bed bug issues? Can bugs spread via apartment walls?

Your best bet of avoiding such bugs is by taking precautionary actions.

Bed bugs are dreaded pests anyone would wish to avoid.  You cannot be too careful when it comes to avoiding these blood-sucking insects.

These bugs can easily hitch a ride from a hotel room, a commute, and even from a friend. You’ll need to find ways of avoiding it.

This article is all about providing you with tips on how best to tackle a bed bug problem before it spreads.

Protecting Yourself From Friends’ Bed Bugs

Friends are those you always love to be around.

While this is true, a situation that involves bed bug infestation needs to be handled differently. Consider the situation as being very delicate and needing the most responsible action to be contained.

You’ll need to apply logic first before anything else. A good friend should totally understand that certain actions are needed to bring the spread under control.

In a way, this similar to a situation where there’s a viral outbreak or pandemic. Containing its spread includes restricting contact.

In this case, applying logic will involve speaking to the friend affected. It’s expected that such a friend will take immediate and adequate steps to get rid of the problem. Part of this includes avoiding unnecessary visits.

Good friends should be on the same page when it comes to placing restrictions on visits until the situation improves.

Advice Your Friend to Seek Treatment

One of the most important actions to take in containing a bed bug situation is by carrying out treatment. If your friend has no idea of how to begin, recommend professional pest control services to them.

One of the quickest and most reliable ways to combat a bed bug infestation is by calling for professional help.

There are lots of reliable bed bug control services your friend can call for this task. After an inspection, immediate treatment follows.

Perform a Thorough Inspection of your Home

If your friends have visited your home recently before they noticed they had a bed bug problem, chances are that you’re also affected. In other words, bed bugs cling to people for easy movement from one location to the next.

One or more of these bugs may have ended up at your place.

Now, pests may be lying around before announcing their presence. So, not experiencing any bites isn’t proof enough that you have no such problems. You might need to do more by inspecting for bed bugs.

Knowing where to look or search for bed bugs is equally important.

The most likely spots to look at include around beds, near piping, headboard, in cracks, as well as seams and mattress tags. Also take a look at the seams of chairs and couches, curtain folds, and cushions.

Sometimes carrying out an inspection yourself isn’t sufficient. You might want to call for professional services to have your home inspected.

Pest control technicians have a better understanding of where to look.

Don’t Visit Until the Situation Improves

A bed bug situation demands some restraint on yourself as well as your friend. While advising your friend to limit visits until the problem is solved, you’ll also need to put off any visits.

Taking this action benefits you as well as your friend(s).

During this period, communication is very important. Constant communication helps to ensure that your intentions are genuine and not out of ill-feeling. Of course, such communication shouldn’t be physical.

Phone conversations will greatly help in managing your relationships while treating the problem.

Can A Clean Home Prevent Bed Bug Infestations?

Unlike certain pest issues which are encouraged by poor hygiene, bed bug infestation is quite different.

In other words, your friend could have a bed bug problem even when they keep their surroundings neat.

Bed bugs can be picked from many places including a short commute.

How To Tell If A Friend Has Bed Bug Issues

A bed bug situation can be very embarrassing. Sometimes, friends might keep it to themselves and not readily confide in anyone. This escalates the possibility of bringing it home.

Sometimes, you’ll need to figure it out yourself.

If you suspect bed bug presence, gently ask your friend, not in a condescending manner or being judgmental. You might end up making them feel more comfortable confiding in you.

Another way to find out is by looking out for bite marks on your friend’s arms and legs.

In rare situations, you’re likely to spot these tiny bugs scurrying off. These look about the size of apple seeds.

If you’ve paid a visit to your friend, It’s needless to say at this time, you’re already at risk and may have one or more bugs that have clung to your clothing.

Given the possible risk of introducing bed bugs into your home, it will do well to remove your clothes from your garage or wherever you find more convenient. The point is to avoid taking these bugs right into your bedroom or sitting room.

These should be placed in a washing machine. Running a hot wash cycle should kill these bugs. Your dryer should kill off any remaining bugs that have managed to survive.

Can You Catch Bed Bugs from A Friend?

When bed bugs infest, they don’t live on the human body. These are likely to fall off when people move around.

As such, despite the possibility of catching these bugs, it’s unlikely that that would happen. Bed bugs will only spread when they get into clothing or luggage and end up being transported by most people unknowingly.

When bed bugs reach a new location or destination, they take up positions close to their food source. What is this food source? You guessed right… blood! Bed bugs need blood to thrive and survive.

These can stay for considerably long periods waiting for someone to feed on.

You’re likely to find them around the bed and couch areas. As nocturnal pests, they come out to feed at night when you’re asleep and still.

The strategies listed above are ways to contain a bed bug problem from spreading.

Bed bugs are likely to bring a strain to your friendship. Because of that possibility, knowing how to handle the problem gives you an edge to keep the relationship strong.

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