Bar Cleaning Checklist – Scheduling Regular Tasks

Looking for a bar deep cleaning checklist, here is a guide for cleaner duties.

Bars attract a lot of clients who come in to take their favorite beer or liquor as well as food. As a bar owner or bartender, one of the primary things you’ll need to be concerned about is the hygiene of your bar.

This will need some good cleaning to keep it well organized and neat.

We’re interested in helping you achieve your sanitation goals by providing you with a comprehensive bar cleaning checklist. This checklist includes all the cleaning tasks to perform to keep your premises looking fresh and clean.

You won’t be needing to brainstorm on what cleaning tasks to perform or where to clean anymore. This tool gives you more focus on the task at hand and how to pull it off.

How Often Should the Bar be Cleaned?

To ensure your bar is in top shape (hygiene-wise), we’ve split cleaning tasks into frequent cleaning (done throughout the day), end of day cleaning tasks as well as weekly cleaning tasks.

Let’s discuss each of these.

Frequent Bar Cleaning

To maintain a clean bar, it should be cleaned frequently. In other words, this should be done throughout the day. As a commercial or business premises, customers will step in at different times of the day each needing one service or the other.

To keep up with keeping the place tidy, the following cleaning tasks must be performed.

Wipe Down Bar Surfaces

Every section of the bar should be covered when wiping surfaces. You want to wipe down and disinfect such surfaces in readiness for new clients.

Apart from wiping off alcohol spills, it also cleans any other forms of dirt, thus helping to maintain a neat business premise.  This cleaning task requires constant attention to the condition of bar surfaces.

Dispose of Trash Regularly

With people always coming in and going out, the pace of business in a bar can either increase or decrease. To keep up with such a pace, you’ll need to plan your cleaning activities. One of these concerns disposing of trash.

The trashcan doesn’t have to be full before disposing of it. Once it’s halfway full or more, try disposing of such immediately. Doing it this way helps free up time to attend to other cleaning tasks especially when there are more clients to serve.

Cleaning Glass Washing Systems

For greater efficiency, bars use glass washing systems to clean up glasses. This enables them to handle demand from customers, especially during peak periods. Now, these glass washing systems need to be cleaned themselves.

The hot water needed by these systems will need to be changed at various times during the day. This ensures that clean water is always available for washing glasses.

End of Day Cleaning

As a bar closes for the day, it will need to be cleaned in readiness for the next day’s business. Now, cleaning cannot be postponed until the next morning. Doing this will affect smooth operations.

To get the place tidy, the following cleaning tasks must be carried out;

Empty Ice Well and Sanitize

Having served its used during the day’s business hours, it’s time to empty and clean the ice well or bin. The purpose of emptying is to keep it clean as well as arrest potential contamination.

To do this, you’ll need to use a multipurpose cleaner that also doubles as a sanitizer.

Cleaning Up the Speed Rails

The speed rail is installed to increase efficiency during service. This rail is made out of stainless steel material and can be easily cleaned.

Well, liquors kept on the speed rails should be cleaned of all spills as ignoring these bottles will make them sticky.

Cleaning Your Floor Mats

These are meant to take whatever pressures the dishwasher throws at them such as high temperature and high power. Having washed the dishes, place these floor mats into the washer, and run a wash cycle.

However such mats will need to be swept before placing them in the washer. Having washed and dried the floor mats, they are ready for the next day’s business.

Cleaning Behind the Bar

The back bar also needs some cleanup at the end of the day’s business.

A thorough cleaning job must be done and should cover every area including under appliances. This cleaning task will need to be done at the close of business and before the next day to reduce the volume of work to be done.

Garnish Trays Must be Cleaned and Emptied

To clean garnish trays, you’ll need to first dispose of unused garnishes. Next, place the tray in your dishwasher and run a wash cycle. This should be dried and returned in readiness for the next day’s business.

Cleaning Soda Guns

Soda guns need to be thoroughly cleaned (especially the nozzles) to prevent dirt from affecting the flavor of drinks. Drips coming out from the nozzle need to be wiped clean to avoid getting sticky.

Cleaning Other Bar Areas

Some bars offer additional services like food service. Cooking equipment like pots, deep fryers, and other utensils will need to be cleaned for the next day’s business.

Refill Disposables

When customers come to the bar, they might need disposables like toothpicks, napkins, and straws among several things. These should be refilled at the end of business in readiness for the next day’s operations.

There’ll be little time handling such tasks in addition to cleaning the bar when the business reopens.

Weekly Bar Cleaning Tasks

Like frequent cleaning during business hours and at the close of business, weekly cleaning tasks are quite varied and involve multiple actions that must be taken in keeping the bar neat.

They include;

Cleaning Behind Equipment

This is a more thorough type of cleaning and involves moving certain equipment to make way for easy cleaning. This helps get rid of any hidden dirt.

Cleaning Shelves

Shelves hold assorted glassware plus display bottles. These should be cleared to create space for cleaning. Return them after cleaning the shelves thoroughly. Also, extend cleaning to cover keg lines.

This checklist for cleaning a bar covers important areas which help ensure your operations run smoothly while maintaining a hygienic surrounding.

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