Here is a guide on practical barn demolition and removal.

Whatever type of structure is built, one thing is sure! It remains useful for as long as the owner finds a use for it. In other words, a building or structure will have to give way when it ceases to be of any importance.

How To Tear Down A Barn For Lumber

A barn is one such structure. If you have one you wish to demolish, it’s important to adopt certain basic guidelines as those provided here.

Like most demolition jobs, barn demolition is quite risky, especially for the novice. Here, we’ll take a look at various ways to handle a barn demolition job.

So, do you wish to bring down your barn? You will find this article both interesting and informative for tearing down barns.

Planning For Old Barn Removal

Embarking on a project of this scale requires some level of preparation.

Here, you’ll need to have every aspect of demolition covered. This includes the hauling off of debris. So, what should a demolition plan cover? Pretty much everything!

Here, you’ll need to have the tools necessary for the procedure ready. Do you need a permit? You’ll need to rent a dumpster. Decide whether to handle the barn removal process or hire a demolition contractor.

Now, the choice between demolition and deconstruction has to be made. Lastly, you’ll need to empty the shed.

  • Have the Tools Ready For Tearing Down Barn

Having decided to tear down your barn, you’ll need to get the tools necessary.

The right tools make the process much easier compared to when such tools are absent. Different types of tools are needed to conduct barn demolition. They include a roofing shovel, ladder, and reciprocating saw.

Other demolition tools include an adjustable wrench, crowbar, pliers, and chisel. You’ll also need a screwdriver(s), hammer, and sledgehammer. Alongside these tools are other protective gears you should purchase.

These include a hard hat, long-sleeved shirt & pants, goggles, heavy-duty boots, and heavy-duty gloves.

Getting these tools will only be necessary when you wish to perform such demolition yourself. When a demolition contractor is involved, they bring their tools and all necessary equipment.

So, based on your preferences, you may skip this step if you wish to hire a technician.

  • Get a Permit

A permit may be necessary for the demolition of structures such as barns.

However, there’s no way of knowing if permits apply and what permits are necessary. You’ll need to contact your city’s building department to find out whether permits are applicable or not.

If a barn demolition job is to be performed by a demolition contractor, they should bear the responsibility of obtaining such permits.

However, not every demolition contractor does this, which is why you should find out from the contractor about who applies for permits.

  • Rent a Dumpster

One of the primary things to do, especially when you’ve decided to adopt the DIY demolition technique is to rent a roll-off dumpster. Barn demolition produces a lot of debris.

One of the best ways of managing demolition cleanup is to have a dumpster onsite into which debris is emptied.

This makes the demolition process much better as debris is reduced, thus making for a better workspace.

Dumpsters come in varying sizes. You’ll need to find one that fits your needs. You can ask for help by giving the estimated size of the demolition area. Something more appropriate to your needs is recommended.

  • Decide how to Proceed: DIY Vs Hiring a Demolition Contractor

A crucial decision needs to be made regarding how the demolition work will proceed. There are basically two main options; DIY demolition and hiring a demolition contractor. You’ll need to decide what works best for you.

However, before you decide, you should know that DIY isn’t such a great way to go.

First, it’s fraught with inconsistencies and risks. It’s better to allow a trained, experienced and reputable demolition contractor to handle the procedure. This is the most reliable way as risks are lessened and the job was done perfectly well.

You may also want to look at your experience level. Are you experienced enough to demolish your barn structure? This is important as it saves you the unpleasant experience of injury or stress involved.

Speaking of stress, barn demolition is a physical undertaking. While this can be performed using heavy equipment like excavators, you’ll have to make do with the manual option. So, are you physically fit to get the job done?

Also, the DIY method wouldn’t be an option for someone who’s scared of heights as you’ll need to climb up the ladder.

  • Decide Between Demolition and Deconstruction

Demolition and deconstruction are two ways to dismantle a barn structure.

For demolition, no thought is given to salvaging any parts. The aim is simply to pull down the structure. Outright demolition takes lesser time and barn demolition costs less.

Deconstruction on the other hand is a much slower and painstaking procedure that involves the use of power tools. Here, the aim is to salvage certain parts of the barn structure for reuse or sale.

It’s also costly to get the job done.

You may want to speak with a demolition contractor to find out if there’s any valuable item to be salvaged from the structure. If there are and such components are worth the effort, then it’s likely that deconstruction will be adopted.

  • Empty the Shed

Emptying the shed of all its contents is the next and final step to take before demolition.

This building is used for equipment storage as well as for keeping agricultural produce and chemicals among other things. Every one of these needs to be taken out.

For a shed that’s out of use, clearing wouldn’t involve much work. Nevertheless, ensure that all the contents are cleared out first before demolition commences. With this completed, you’re ready to proceed.

Let’s proceed by looking separately at barn demolition and barn deconstruction.

  • Barn Demolition

As explained earlier, barn demolition involves a teardown of the structure without any consideration for salvaging certain components.

It’s a straightforward process that could be done with the help of heavy equipment such as a bulldozer or an excavator. Every demolition follows the top-down approach.

In other words, the barn is demolished from the roof down to the walls and floors. First, the doors and windows will have to be removed before proceeding.

At the end of the process, nothing is left standing.

Barn demolition using heavy equipment is mostly performed by demolition contractors. An experienced equipment operator needs to be at the helm of affairs as it requires precision and experience.

  • DIY Demolition

On the other hand, barn demolition can be performed via DIY methods.

However, this is a more manual approach as discussed earlier. So, to start, you’ll need to have the doors and windows removed using tools such as screwdrivers, chisel, and hammer.

Next, a teardown of the roof begins. You’ll need a pry bar, a hammer, and a roofing shovel for this process.

Of course, a ladder is needed to reach the roof. The barn roof removal method used depends on the roof type. There are two main types; the single roof and sheet metal roof.

With the roof gone, you’ll need to move to the walls.

Demolition should start with the wall having the door space as this is the weakest link. With the walls gone, you’ll have to focus on the barn floor.

The demolition method used depends on the floor material. This is followed by cleaning the demolition area and hauling debris off.

Barn Deconstruction

Barn deconstruction follows a different approach.

Here, the aim is to bring down the structure bit by bit until all useful items are salvaged. Salvaged components can be repurposed, sold, or donated. It all depends on what you wish to do.

The deconstruction process begins by taking things off the barn wall, dismantling the barn exterior, and tearing down the roof. Other actions include removing rafters and support beams, removing posts, and cleaning up.

  • Taking Items down the Barn Wall

As part of clearing the barn area in readiness for demolition, remove everything hanging on walls. Of course, this includes every other movable content within the barn area.

  • Dismantling the Barn Exterior

In dismantling the barn exterior, you’re looking at windows and paneling among other exterior contents. This will need to be done before getting to the roof.

  • Tearing down the Roof

The barn roof is next in line after dismantling the barn exterior. The roof may be in good condition for future use. So, carefully remove the roof.

  • Removing Rafters and Support Beams

Rafters and support beams are next. Have these carefully removed as well. With this process completed, you should target the posts left behind.

  • Removing Posts

Post removal should be concluded. This could pose a bit of a challenge as such posts may go deep down. Whatever it is, have the posts removed and you’re done!

  • Cleaning up

Cleaning up the demolition area is the last step when deconstructing the barn. Because this method of removal is used, the debris generated isn’t much. Nevertheless, your dumpster will come in handy here.

These are the processes for barn demolition and removal. This article serves as a guide to put you through the entire process. As stated earlier, it’s important to have professionals perform the procedure.