Are you interested in a residential, office, or restaurant bathroom cleaning checklist for business? We’ll discuss one in this guide.

Cleaning a bathroom may seem like an easy task. This is usually because it isn’t as large as other areas of the home such as the bedroom or living room areas. However, this notion is quite wrong as bathroom cleaning entails much more than many know about.

Performing a thorough cleanup will require the use of a schedule.

Now, its uses are numerous and include getting more work done within a set time. Other benefits include the elimination of stress as you won’t have to think about what next to do. Each task is already written down and only needs to be performed.

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You’re unlikely to veer off or get distracted while cleaning your bathroom. Plus, you only focus on what’s important. This ensures productivity and efficiency in carrying out your cleaning tasks.

Daily, Weekly, And Monthly Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

The actions to be carried out on this checklist should be performed at least once every week.

Such activities include cleaning the vanity area, cleaning the tub, and shining the mirror.

Other bathroom cleaning tasks include scrubbing the sink, washing out rugs, cleaning out drawers, unclogging air vents, and cleaning the wastebasket.

What more? We’ll also be providing information on toilet disinfection, cleaning the medicine cabinet, baseboards and floors.

  • Cleaning the Vanity

Not only does the bathroom vanity hold the sink, but it also provides ample storage space. This is also known as cabinetry. This area holds a variety of grooming and beauty products such as hair care products, makeup, and shaving tools in addition to toothpaste.

The accumulation of these items also comes with significant dirt buildup over time. To prevent difficult-to-remove stains and dirt, you can clean or wipe them down each day. This should be followed by a weekly clean-up.

Each week, the top of the vanity area should be cleared and thoroughly scrubbed.

  • Clean Tub and Shower

This area of a bathroom easily has a buildup of tough water stains and mold.

To prevent this from happening, simply use your desired cleaning and disinfectant product to spray and clean your shower each week. This can also be done more than once a week.

It all depends on you; how often you want to tackle dirt buildup.

For mildew and water stains, some baking soda will prove useful. Using a soft-bristle brush, make a paste of baking soda and scrub gently. Such spots should be gone in little time. Also, wipe down all glasses using your preferred glass cleaning product after each use.

  • Shine the Mirror

One of the easiest signs of dirt in a bathroom is a dirty mirror. Using your preferred cleaner, spray this on the mirror or an absorbent towel, and wipe your mirror clean. A home remedy that has proven helpful is the use of old newspaper or paper towels to wipe the mirror.

Your mirror should be sparkling clean within a short time once this is done properly.

  • Scrub Sink Fixtures and Faucets

Molded drains and grime usually form over time especially when cleaning is infrequent. Such mold and dirt can be gotten rid of by using or scrubbing such fixtures with a baking soda solution of similar cleaning agents.

This helps eliminate dirt and bad odor.

  • Cleaning Out the Medicine Cabinet

The medicine cabinet holds a lot of products that may or may not be useful. These need to be sorted out to make more space and to clean the cabinet.

As such, start by clearing out the cabinet and thoroughly clean it out. Also, wipe down the insides and re-arrange things in their proper place.

  • Clean Out the Drawers

Like the medicine cabinet, the bathroom drawer will hold lots of things that may or may not be needed and useful.

Take out all the content within the drawers, wipe, and dust and finally replace them. Unwanted contents should be discarded in the waste bin.

This can be repeated on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis depending on the condition of such drawers. The less clutter there is in the drawers, the better and easier it is to clean up.

  • Disinfect the Toilet

The toilet will need to be disinfected and thoroughly cleaned as often as necessary. Lots of cleaning products are available in the markets that also have disinfecting properties. Get these and use them on your toilet.

  • Unclog Air Vents

More often than not, air vents in bathrooms get moldy and clog easily in the absence of cleaning. To prevent this from happening climb up using a ladder and remove the vent (you’ll need a screwdriver to do this).

Next, wipe the inside down using a cleaner and paper towel. Get down and focus on cleaning the vent cover which should then be replaced.

  • Wash and Air-Dry All Rugs

Your bathroom rugs will hold lots of dirt and germs. These should be cleaned with a cleaner with disinfecting properties and allowed to air-dry. The rugs should be washed each week to ensure they don’t have a dirt buildup.

  • Clean Baseboards

Baseboards should be well cleaned either bi-weekly or monthly. The frequency of cleaning depends on the condition of such boards. Remember that you’re cleaning your bathroom from the top down. Therefore, this should be done before cleaning the floor.

  • Cleaning The Floors

Bathroom floor cleaning should go together with disinfecting. First, it should be swept clean before mopping. Because the size of most bathrooms isn’t so big, you should be done cleaning within a short time.

Try to avoid or prevent unnecessary movement by kids when mopping as the floor can be slippery and lead to accidents.

  • Take Out the Waste Basket

This is the last action that should be done after disposing of all that needs to be cleared away.

If you use a garbage bag or liner, this should be taken away and a new bag supplied. Clear this as often as necessary to keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean.

There you go! This daily, weekly, and bi-weekly bathroom cleaning checklist has provided a list of actions to be taken to thoroughly clean your bathroom area. This isn’t a difficult task and can be done within a short time.

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