Bed bug inspection cost is an important consideration when analyzing the financial implications involved in controlling bugs.

Bed bugs are shy creatures that try as much as possible to stay out of sight. Yet, the same pests can cause sleepless nights to anyone having an infestation. Their love for dark places makes them well adapted to feeding at night.

To fish them out from their hiding spots, a thorough inspection will be needed.

Does bed bug inspection have its cost implication? You’ll find details about this and more as you read on.

Free Bed Bug Inspections

Although we are discussing the bed bug inspection price list, it will also be to briefly look into free inspection services.

Many pest management companies offer bug inspection services at no cost whatsoever. However, valuable recommendations are given at the end of every inspection.

Free bed bug inspections follow pretty much the same strategies as those that will cost you. Pest technicians lookout for evidence such as live or dead bed bugs, bed bug feces, eggs and shed skins among others.

Crevices and cracks, in addition to suspect areas, are inspected as well.

One of the most likely questions to come up includes how reliable such inspections are. Providing free bed bug inspection services doesn’t make it more or less efficient.

Free inspection is provided by some of the best pest control brands in the world.  The focus should be on finding a lasting solution to the bed bug infestation at hand.

More so, this free offer drops treatment costs considerably.

Influence of Bed Bug Inspection on Overall Control Cost

Upon sighting a bed bug in your living room or bedroom area, contact should be established with pest control experts.

Why don’t you begin the treatment process immediately? It’s not advisable because these bugs may only be confined to a part of your home. If that is the case, you’d have succeeded in cutting down a substantial part of the cost which would have been incurred.

Bed bug presence may be restricted to a room or two. Bedrooms and couches in the living room are easy targets for bugs. So, these areas will be thoroughly searched out for signs of bed bug presence.

Inspection costs shouldn’t be much either. The rates may be slightly higher when canines are involved in the process. In spite of that, the inspection costs should be well below costs for treatment.

Average Inspection Cost for Bed Bugs

While there are pest control companies that offer free inspection services, others will require a fee.

The cost of such inspection will be determined by the local rates within your city. Size also plays a role in determining inspection costs.

Pest control is a highly competitive business and as a result, bed bug inspection rates vary within the industry.

  • Bed bug inspection cost ranges from $50 to 200$ depending on several factors.
  • Sniffing dogs are also used for the inspection of bed bug infestation. These trained dogs make the process easier and faster. For these animals, you’ll have to pay higher. Inspection using sniffing dogs will cost you anything from $300 to $600. Generally, canine inspections will fall within $200 and $700. This is the average K9 bed bug inspection cost for most companies.
  • Commercial buildings will attract a different cost for inspection services. These types of buildings are typically larger and will require the deployment of more manpower(pest technicians). More specialized equipment is also needed, raising the cost of inspection significantly. Bed bug inspection costs for such commercial buildings will range from $599 to as much as $1,500.

Combining Inspection Cost into Treatment Quotes

It is not uncommon to find pest management services rolling inspection costs into treatment costs. However, the client having the pest problem is dully informed so he or she gets to decide beforehand whether to patronize the company or not.

Over the years, experience has shown that a good segment of the market patronizes such bundled service. This is not to say that everyone will want the same thing.

Pest companies offering such a combined service will significantly drop the inspection costs. This is in a bid to attract and retain new clientele.

With ambiguity taken out of the way, you can see at a glance what you’re paying for. You’ll also find a lot of people giving positive reviews about the competence of such services.

Property Inspection for Bed Bugs: Who Should Pay?

When buying a property, you need to be fully prepared for what might come up.

A thorough understanding of the document helps in determining your risk exposure. Usually, the seller is expected to have fumigated such property before handing it over to a new buyer. However, you shouldn’t take chances.

Bed bugs may lay wait for the new occupant. As such, you might encounter a situation where a full-blown bed bug infestation occurs not long into your stay. Bed bugs are quite resilient when it comes to survival as these bugs can stay for prolonged periods without blood to feed on.

You’ll need to call for a thorough pest inspection before moving in. Such inspection should be general as other pests asides bed bugs might be present. This is a worthwhile step to take irrespective of the cost.

With results from such inspection, you can either renegotiate the property or look else for a better deal.

  • Go the Extra Mile

When a seller tells you his home has passed inspection with no signs of bed bugs, you should take this information with a pinch of salt. This is because it only means that the pest technician hired didn’t find anything.

Now, there may be doubts as to whether such a technician is qualified. It’s best to hire the services of a licensed pest technician to carry out another round of inspection. This can save you the cost of dealing with a bed bug infestation in the long run.

Consequently, the cost of inspecting for bed bugs shouldn’t be regarded as a waste. It should rather be seen as a worthwhile precautionary measure.

Bed bug inspection cost is a likely cost to be incurred by anyone suspecting a bug problem. However, we have seen that there are many opportunities to lower costs.

As with those charging a fee, some bed bug companies offer inspection for free. You’ll have to assess other factors such as the reputation and success rates of such companies before going with a provider.

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