Humane Mouse Traps – 7 Options To Buy

What homemade humane mouse traps are the best? What is the best bait to use for such traps? Find out more in this article.

There are lots of effective methods to get rid of mice. While people have these options, they only choose those that best fit their needs.

We will focus on one such method which is the use of the most humane mouse traps. This method is mostly adopted by animal lovers who do not wish to see harm befall any.

Instead of killing them, humane traps capture mice alive until they are released away from your property.

DIY Humane Mouse Trap Tips

The successful use of these types of mouse traps requires a proper understanding of how they work. Each of these comes with a list of instructions that seeks to guide you on getting the best from them.

Apart from reading instructions, other things required include;

  • Checking your Traps Frequently

Because these are humane traps, you will need to be on the lookout. Mice are most active at night when everyone is asleep. Therefore the best times to check your traps are in the mornings.

Without doing that, the trapped mice will die of possible exhaustion and starvation.

  • Avoid Placing Them Under Direct Sunlight

Some humane traps may come with this instruction. Your mouse traps can become unbearably hot for mice when placed under direct sunlight. You should place these under shades or indoors if you don’t want them to suffer or die of heat.

  • Get the Help of a Neighbor when Travelling

Whenever you are not at home, mice tend to have a field day as they have the whole house to themselves. When traveling, get the help of a friend or neighbor to check your traps and to help release trapped mice.

Using Preventive Measures with Humane Mouse Traps

There are a lot of reasons mice invade homes and other properties. Some of the most common ones include food and favorable nesting conditions.

So, will mice not return after releasing them from my trap? This is a common question a lot of people ask. When releasing mice from humane traps, you need to do that at a considerable distance away from your property.

However, this is no assurance that they won’t return as their homing instincts and skills will kick in. So, what is the best strategy to use in keeping them out? The use of humane traps is an effective method.

However, to enhance its effects, you also need to adopt preventive measures. What are these measures? They include;

  • Proper Storage of Food

Mice will feed on almost any type of food. You need to properly clean up all types of good crumbs from the kitchen and dining area as well as properly storing your food.

These can be kept in containers that are difficult to reach and cannot be burrowed through.

Keeping provisions in the open is an invitation for mice infestation. Mice never stay far away when they locate a source of food. Proper food storage cuts this supply as they can no longer get access. This makes your home less attractive to mice.

  • Disposing of your Trash Properly

Waste generated from food and other sources should be properly disposed of. Your trash can or bag should be properly sealed. It is also necessary that you do not keep trash indoors for too long. This generates smell and attracts mice.

  • Sealing Every Hole Around your Home

Mice are known to burrow through obstacles or walls. They can also use existing holes and spaces between walls, windows, and doors as entry points. If you wish to keep them out, you should block such entry points and holes. This is in addition to the use of humane mouse traps.

Within a short time of doing this, there will be a noticeable drop in the number of mice around your home.

  • Placing Nets on Windows and Doors

This is another preventive measure to keep mice at bay. A fine wire mesh door can be added to all entrances. This adds a layer of protection and limits the movement of these pests.

Types of Humane Mouse Traps

As mentioned earlier, there are several types of humane mouse traps. This section will list them to help you make your choice. These devices include the following;

  • Mice Cube Mouse Trap

This trap, like most within its category, has a one-way entry. However, what will make a mouse walk into this trap? You need to bait the trap! By placing bait into the trap, mice walk in through a one-way door and the trap door closes.

Although it is called a mice cube, it is rectangular. To release the mouse, all you need to do is take it out and turn it upside down.

The Mice Cube mouse trap can trap multiple mice. However, the downside is that it has a single entry unlike some other types of traps that have double doors.

Also, this trap has no ventilation. It is made from plastic and can suffocate trapped mice/mice when it is not frequently checked.

  • Havahart Mouse Trap

This is among the best humane mouse traps you can find in the market. These are durable traps that are made from a combination of mesh and steel. It ensures that everyone is safe and no hurt is inflicted on mice.

Havahart Mousetrap is rectangular and has two doors at both ends. There is a bait table in the middle with a sensitive trigger mechanism connected by a wire to both doors.

Once mice enter from either end and proceed to the bait in the middle, the doors are triggered by the spring mechanisms attached to the bait table.

The mouse will remain trapped until released. There is enough ventilation from the nature of its structure to enable the trapped mouse to breathe and stay alive until released.

The continued use of this trap over time may reduce the sensitivity of the trigger.

To increase the chances of the trap doors being triggered, consider using some peanut butter plus some nuts as bait. This is effective and makes the mouse struggle to gnaw on the nuts. This increased effort helps trigger the trap doors.

  • Smart Mouse Trap

This is very popular and among the very best of humane mouse traps in America. It is made from green plastic material that allows you to see through.

Unlike most humane traps, it comes in the form of a house. Its doors are snapped closed once the trigger plate is stepped on. This trap is best used with baits that give off a strong smell.

It comes with a hole for ventilation to enable the rat to survive until released. It can also trap multiple mice and is larger than most mouse traps.

To get the best out of this trap, it is important to study the basic instructions including watching online videos on YouTube on how it is set up.

  • PETA Humane “Smart” Mousetrap

This trap comes with a guide that teaches you how to set it up. Although it is not difficult, these instructions serve to enhance your user experience. PETA mousetrap is made from plastic and can be reused as many times as possible.

All you need to do is to place your bait and position your trap in the areas most infested with mice. You get to release trapped mice without coming into direct contact.

  • Eaton Multiple Catch Mouse Trap

If you are interested in a mousetrap that catches more than one mouse, then this device is for you.

All you are required to do is to place your mouse trap bait and position it properly. It gets the job done efficiently within a short time.

This humane mouse trap can be used multiple times. This saves you a lot of money too!

  • Victor Tin Cat Mouse Trap

This is another great product that traps mice humanely. But wait! What’s it with “cat?” This is just a name used by the company to project the efficiency of its device. Victor Tin Cat Mouse Trap is best for use in homes with heavy infestation. This is because it can trap multiple mice (as much as 30!). You only need to set your trap and go about your activities.

It has good ventilation that allows trapped mice to breathe. However, you should frequently check to dispose of/release trapped mice. This mouse trap can be used multiple times and is a great way of controlling mice infestations.

  • The TrapMan Humane Mouse Trap

This mouse trap is made of clear plastic material that allows you to see through. It is made of a simple design consisting of a trap door triggered by a bait plate. Once it gets mice trapped, you need to be close enough to release them outside.

Using humane mouse traps is highly effective. However, you need to also adopt preventive measures as mentioned earlier. While starving mice of food, using these will effectively depopulate your home or property of mice.

As a pet lover, you have a win-win situation. You get rid of all mice without killing them while also keeping your home free from all types of destructive activities caused by mice invasion.

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