In this guide, we’ll be reviewing five brands of biological septic tank treatment products and factors to consider when shopping for one.

There are lots of septic cleaning and maintenance products you can choose from when it comes to system care.

These perform specific functions ranging from reactivation of poorly performing septic tanks and odor control, amongst many others.

Biological Treatment Options For Septic Tanks

Before we get into details about some of these tank treatment products, we must note that we cannot exhaust all available brands. We’ll only make mention of a few in addition to the roles they perform and how your septic tank benefits.

What are these biological septic tank treatment products? Without further ado, let’s begin by looking at some of the most popular products available.

  • Accepta 7101 Biological Treatment for Septic Tanks and Cesspools

The applicability of this septic tank maintenance product is already seen in the name.

Accepta 7101 is designed to offer a wide range of benefits. These range from the reactivation of unused or inefficient septic tanks and the suppression of strong odors.

Other benefits include high-performance treatment for septic tank maintenance and fast breakdown of fecal matter, organic waste, cellulose, and paper.

What more? If digestive bacteria have been killed due to harmful substances, Accepta 7101 replenishes and sustains them.

It has a tan-free-flowing powdery appearance with a yeast-like odor. After use, this product can be stored for as much as two years. You can use it multiple times within this period.

  • K-37 Septic Tank Treatment

Septic tank issues are known to primarily result from the introduction of excess water, harmful chemicals, and non-biodegradable detergents, among others.

One or a combination of a number of these conditions may be why your septic tank isn’t functioning effectively.

With K-37 septic tank treatment, you have a biological septic tank treatment product you can trust. This product is meant to restore the natural balance within your tank by promoting an efficient waste breakdown process.

According to the product manufacturer, K-37 Septic Tank Treatment also solves clogging problems and reduces scum levels. This product comes in varying sizes, including quart, half a gallon, quart concentrate, and granular.

Each size treats 500 gallons, 1,000 gallons, 1,500 gallons, and 1,500 gallons, respectively.

For the best result, you’ll need to read the use instructions on the product labels carefully.

  • Hydra Septo Boost

If you’re seeking a biological septic tank treatment product that aids fats and grease digestion, try Hydra Septo Boost. Hydra Septo Boost is a powder-based bacterium that doubles as an enzyme that comes in water-soluble sachets.

With a 2-year shelf life, you get to keep the product for as long as you can within this period. This biological septic tank treatment product is designed to be used monthly.

It helps eliminate odors, in addition to creating smooth-running drains.

The product manufacturer claims sewage backups and overflowing drains are typically resolved. However, we recommend you first find out the reasons for such sewage backups. Doing so enables you to tackle the problem from its source.

Naturally occurring digestive bacteria thrive in the presence of Hydra Septo Boost. What more? Seepage and buildups are eliminated within your septic tank.

  • Green Gobbler Six Month Septic Tank Supply

This is one effective septic tank treatment product that comes in pod form.

It effectively breaks various septic tank contents, including clog-producing compounds, oils, paper, and grease. Green Gobbler also possesses odor-elimination features.

The interior of your tank and drains are protected from corrosion through its anti-corrosive additives.

  • Greenberg Solutions 53 Concentrated Septic Tank Treatment

This biological septic tank treatment product is designed for efficiency. It comes in pod form and is used once every three months. You can treat tanks as hefty as 1,500 gallons with Greenberg Solutions.

It contains odor elimination features too. However, it’s best for small family use.

Buying A Biological Septic Tank Treatment Product

As we mentioned, the list of biological septic tank treatment products is almost inexhaustible. This means you’ll need to consider multiple factors before making your pick. There are several such factors to consider.

These range from the treatment capabilities, the product forms, how eco-friendly they are, and product lifespan.

Others include odor control, price point, and active ingredients.

  • Treatment Capabilities

The size of a septic tank usually goes hand-in-hand with the product to be used. Biological septic tank treatment products are designed for different tank capacities.

Knowing your tank size is crucial as it enables you to get one that fits its size.

  • Product Forms

Biological septic tank treatment products come in multiple forms. Most of these include liquids, pods, powders, and tablets.

In most cases, these are measured according to instructions and poured, dropped, or sprinkled down the drain. You’ll need to pick what works best for you.

  • Eco-Friendly

Luckily, most biological septic tank treatment products are eco-friendly. In this sense, they pose no harm to your surroundings. Plus, they pose no harm to beneficial sewage digestive organisms found in your tank.

  • Product Lifespan

The longer the lifespan, the better! Biological septic tank treatment products are designed with varying shelf lives. Products with a long lifespan remain effective for a long time and will last you.

  • Odor Control

The odor is a common problem when it comes to septic tank issues.

Clogs or backup will always lead to the release of a strong odor. It’s best to get a biological septic tank treatment product that unclogs and neutralizes such odors.

  • Product Price Point

Reasonably priced biological septic tank treatment products are a concern for most homeowners. These come in cheap, moderate, and expensive variants.

Experience has shown that the most expensive is usually the most effective. However, this doesn’t apply in most cases.

  • Active Ingredients

Before making a purchase, review the active ingredients of your preferred biological septic tank treatment product.

This is important because you need one that maintains balance within your tank while also helping to provide you with the solutions you need.

The above are a few of the many biological septic tank treatment products you can get for your needs.

We’ve also included tips on factors to consider before making a purchase. These ensure you’re better informed when shopping for one.

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