Average Boat Bottom Cleaning Prices – Standard Quotes

Boat bottom cleaning prices vary depending on a variety of factors. These will be discussed shortly.

Boat cleaning is one very important service boat owners require. If you own a ship or a yacht and wonder what the boat detailing prices look like, you’ve found the right place for such information.

What Boat Bottom Cleaning Entails

While you may only be interested in having your boat bottom cleaned, it’s necessary to also understand or find out what such cleaning entails. To be competitive, boat bottom cleaning services offer additional cleaning-related services.

These value-added services could prove useful to you.

However, let’s begin with what boat bottom cleaning entails and the supplies involved. This process includes the removal of algae and growth on your boat’s hull. This starts from the waterline and moves right down to the keel.

What more? Your boat’s running gears are scraped clean to enhance its performance.

That’s not all! Cleaning the boat bottom will include or cover the transducer, and the knotmeter. This helps with optimal functioning. During the cleaning process of your boat’s bottom, it is assessed for signs of chipping paint or damage.

The results of such inspection may require the change or replacement of zinc anodes. These coverage areas make boat bottom cleaning a detailed process.

You should be ready to invest to maintain the best sanitary conditions as it helps with effective functioning.

Standard Boat Bottom Cleaning Pricing List

The pricing structure for boat bottom cleaning services takes into consideration several aspects of the job.

Different boat bottom cleaning companies will set their pricing structure according to the services offered. The more detailed such cleaning is, the higher you’re expected to pay.

To give you a better idea about what’s involved and the cost for specific services, we’ll look at underwater hall cleaning. This comes with several other related services that may be automatically added or available as a choice.

Such value-added services are mostly maintenance-related and include zinc installation labor, underwater photography, and prop installation. Other types of cleaning services include those which haven’t been cleaned in a long while.

These are known as boats in an overgrown condition.

  • Price of Underwater Hull Cleaning

The pricing for these types of boat bottom cleaning services starts at $2.50 per foot for sailboats and $3 per foot for powerboats.

As stated earlier, it includes the removal of algae starting from the waterline and moving down to the keel.

  • Zinc Installation Labor Costs

Zinc installation labor may be offered by some boat bottom cleaning services.

When performed with cleaning, it will cost you around $10 per zinc. However, if you prefer zinc installation without cleaning, it should cost around $20 for the initial zinc and then $10 for additional zinc installations.

  • Underwater Photography Costs

Underwater photography is yet another value-added service that may be offered by boat bottom cleaning services.

Pictures covering your entire hall in addition to running gear are taken for purposes of insurance.

The fee for this cleaning service starts at $90 and may increase based on the service provider and area covered.

  • Prop Installation Costs

A boat bottom cleaning service may offer prop installation as part of its value-added services. This will cost around $100 per hour or thereabout.

  • Costs of Cleaning Boats which are Long Overdue

If your boat hasn’t been cleaned for a long time, it becomes even tougher (but possible) to get the job done.

The boat bottom cleaning price is calculated hourly and has a starting price of $100 per hour. You may want to find out what applies to your situation by contacting your preferred boat bottom cleaning service.

Boat Bottom Cleaning Prices Aren’t Universal

The cost for boat bottom cleaning isn’t the same in every state or company. Different boat cleaning services provide competitive pricing and may have different costs for services provided.

As such, costs may differ from state to state as well as from one company to the next.

Other Boat Bottom Cleaning Pricing Plans

Asides from the pricing structure for boat bottom cleaning provided above, there are still other plans for clients with varying needs. For boat owners who occasionally use their boats, one-time cleaning might serve their needs.

If you belong to this category, you’ll readily find a suitable plan with the most reputable boat bottom cleaning services.

One-time cleaning may cost you around $2.50 per foot. However, this entirely depends on the condition of your boat’s base.

Boat bottom cleaning prices are further divided into bi-weekly plans that cost around $1.50 per foot. There’s also a monthly cleaning service with a starting price of $2 per foot. Depending on who you choose to patronize, value-added services may include recovery service at $75 per hour and propeller pulling at $65.

There are lots of other similar services on offer. These are carefully selected to provide clients with all the solutions they need for their boat bottom cleaning services.

Getting the Best Bargain

Most boat owners will want to get the best possible service at the lowest cost possible.

Is this possible? It absolutely is! Boat bottom cleaning services operate in a competitive environment where each seeks to gain its fair share of the market by attracting more clients.

As a result, there are lots of value-added services as seen in some of the examples above. The best way to spot the best deals is by searching for online customer reviews.

Such reviews come in handy as they show or rank the most reliable boat bottom cleaning services.

You want to patronize those having the most positive reviews or votes. Of course, your major criteria should be reflected; these include getting the best possible service at the cheapest price possible.

Be More Concerned with Job Quality

Experience has shown that being overly focused on getting boat bottom cleaning services at the lowest cost possible will only defeat the main purpose. The main goal is to get a thorough boat bottom cleaning job done.

In other words, you’ll need the best possible service you can get.

So, why should you be more concerned about the quality of the job performed? It’s simply because a boat bottom cleaning service well performed improves your boat performance.

Plus, it ends up saving you additional costs which may have resulted in having you require more frequent visits to boat cleaning services.

So, there you have it! This article has been largely focused on boat bottom cleaning prices and the various value-added services which may come with it.

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