Borax For Termite Control – Borate Treatment Solution & Safety

Will borax kill termites? Yes.

Here is a guide on using borax for termite prevention and extermination.

Termites are among the most dreaded pest problems to face mostly due to the level of destruction to a property they cause. A lot of times, homeowners use a variety of treatment methods some of which are reliable while others aren’t.

Home remedies have many limitations and are quite varied.

Killing Termites With Borax

This article takes a look at one of such termite control methods; the use of borax.

Will this product kill termites? A product used for termite control won’t be deemed reliable enough if it’s not highly effective in killing these destructive insects.

Will borax have the desired impact on termites? Let’s find out.

Borate Treatment For Termites

Before we proceed, it’s necessary to make a key distinction between borax and boric acid. A lot of times, people use the two names interchangeably to mean the same thing but that isn’t the case.

  • Borax Vs Boric Acid

Although both belong to the same compound, borax is a mined mineral that’s infused into cleaning products.

Boric acid on the other hand comes in a much different formulation. It’s the processed version of borax. Boric acid is also included in a wide range of products such as pesticides and eye drops.

Here, we‘re more interested in finding out if borax does have any exterminating effect on termites.

Does Borax Kill Termites?

Borax will readily kill termites when properly applied.

Termites need to ingest this product for it to take its ton on their body systems. In terms of proper application, concentration is crucial. So also is its penetration.

It must penetrate affected wood to ensure termites actually ingest it.

  • What Concentration of Borax is Needed?

As stated earlier, the right borax concentration will need to be applied for maximum impact. This is mostly added to water to make a borate solution which is then applied to affected areas.

At the micro-level, you’ll need to add 1 teaspoonful of borax powder to about 8 oz hot water.

This is thoroughly stirred until it dissolves completely. Basically, borax should be about 2% of the solution in terms of volume. When it reaches termite nests, it contaminates or poisons the entire colony.

Such colony should be wiped out within 1 to 3 weeks.

  • How Borax Kills Termites

Having confirmed the efficacy of borax as a termite killer, it’s important to also discuss how this unfolds or how it works. When applied around affected areas, borax slowly poisons termites when ingested.

It’s important to know that this action doesn’t happen suddenly.

Sometimes, it takes up to a week or two for its effect to be fully felt. When termites ingest this mineral product, it alters or disrupts the functioning of their bodily systems. This is seen in its ability to inhibit several enzymes necessary for digestion.

For example, a vital enzyme needed for the breakdown or digestion of wood cellulose is cellulose. With this enzyme inhibited by borax, termites no longer have the capability of digesting cellulose.

This leaves them no option but to starve to death.

Here, it’s clear that you’ll have to be patient after applying borax on termites for any results to show. Sufficient time (about a week or more) needs to pass to ensure the after-effects kick-in and termites die from starving.

Limitations Of Borax Termite Killer

It’s a fact that borax will exterminate termites when ingested.

However, its reach becomes a major concern for many DIY’ers. It’s unlikely for all members of a termite colony to be exposed to borax. The only exception will be when this product is professionally applied.

Even at that, there’s no certainty of a 100% kill rate.

When applied to wood, the borate solution hardly soaks into its core. This significantly limits its efficacy as termites are mostly known to destroy wood from within.

Without penetrating the entire wood layers, it leaves an opening to exploit.

Due to the time needed to take its full toll on termites, it poses a problem in the sense that it will take longer to know whether treatment is successful or not.

In a situation where treatment isn’t completely successful, reapplications will be necessary.

All the while, termites may have only had a temporary setback and return with a vengeance.

Using Borax as a Wood Preservative

A more comprehensive way to combat termite problems is when preventive measures are applied long before termites come around. Here, the use of borax as a wood preservative is a great way of achieving that.

Here, borate solutions are used to coat the wood in addition to painting all vulnerable points such as attic and foundation structures. With such action, you’re making your home impenetrable to termites beforehand.

This helps prevent all expenses incurred in treating termite problems.

Is it a Good Idea to Use Borax as a Standalone Treatment for Termites?

Borax will do a good job of killing termites when used applied properly.

However, most reputable technicians won’t recommend using borax or borate solutions as your only weapon. Multiple methods exist to help rid your structure of termites.

When combined with borax, a good result is obtained.

Speaking of home remedies, several others exist apart from borax use. These include applying orange oil (known to contain d-limonene which is deadly to termites) and using the sunlight treatment.

Others include the introduction of beneficial nematodes into termite colonies and also consider sprinkling borax dust along with termite-infested areas.

Is Borax Safe for Use Around the Home?

The question of safety should be the utmost before using any pest control product. In the case of borax, it is one of the safest to use. Although it won’t cause harm to humans, certain things must be noted;

Borax should be kept out of the reach of kids. They shouldn’t be allowed to ingest it. Pets too aren’t left out of the restriction list. You should try as much as possible to avoid them eating it.

What more? Airflow should be controlled.

In other words, there shouldn’t be strong airflow. This helps lower the chances of inhalation.

These are basically what you need to know about borax as well as its effects on the above pests. While using it, try observing if there are adverse health reactions. This enables you to get urgent medical attention.

Professional Termite Control As An Alternative To Borates

Termite problems can be overwhelming especially when dealing with a full-blown infestation. At this point, you must allow the pros to salvage your property from total damage.

Reputable pest management serves are in a better position to prevent the destruction of your property.

This option should be considered even when the termite problem isn’t pronounced. The earlier treatment is administered, the better.

With treatment completed, it’s crucial to ensure your home is kept safe from termites returning.

This is best achieved by entering into an agreement or contract with the service provider to carry out scheduled inspections and treatments. This way, there’s little chance of termites causing havoc.


Termites are among the dreaded pests to have. This is due to their highly destructive nature. Not only that, termites aren’t easily noticed.

As a result, they may end up causing significant damage to structures before their presence is spotted. The borax mixture is known to kill termites. It is one of the cheapest, yet effective methods to exterminate termites.

Borax is used in a lot of ways as baits to kill termites. Borax recipes for controlling termites include borax foam, borax spray, borax solutions, borax soaps as well as baiting systems.

Before any of these methods are used, there needs to be clear evidence of termite presence. Affected areas are then targeted.

Borax foams can be injected into nest openings, voids, or drilled holes. When termites chew on them, they take part in these into their colonies. This has a steady poisoning effect which eventually wipes them off completely.

Using Boric acid for termites has been proven to be effective.

Now you know! The use of borax as a termite killer is legitimate and gives results when done properly. You can go ahead to tackle your termite problem by using this product.

However, it’s important to seek expert help as well.

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