How Much Does Car Interior Detailing Cost?

In this article, we will be looking at how much it cost to get your car detailed.

Car detailing is a key maintenance activity performed frequently with varying cleaning options available.

Car cleaning includes exterior washing & drying, polishing, sealing & waxing, paint claying, vacuuming, leather trimming, perfuming, glass cleaning, steam cleaning, scrubbing & brushing among several other areas.

However, our focus is on car cleaning costs.

So how much does it cost to get your car detailed?

How Much Does It Cost To Detail A Car Interior?

Here, we’ll be discussing the cost of carrying out this procedure. If you wish to have your car interior professionally cleaned, the information here will be of great benefit to you.

We’ll be covering cost details as well as who to contact for such procedure and also factors affecting interior detailing costs.

Estimating Full Car Interior Cleaning Prices

For vehicle owners, a detailed breakdown of interior cleaning prices is crucial to fully understand what goes on.

Now, exact cleaning prices will be determined by the size of the car, the nature of dirt, how much cleaning is required as well as the method used.

These are a few factors influencing costs.

The average price range for interior car cleaning is between $50 and $300 depending on the type of car among other factors. For an average-sized vehicle, expect an average cleaning fee of about $80 for basic interior cleaning.

With deep cleaning, costs could amount to about $125.

For larger vehicles like SUVs and vans, it’s logical to expect higher interior cleaning costs. Such higher cleaning prices are due to more area or space being cleaned as well as the cleaning the use of more cleaning supplies.

Interior cleaning costs for such vehicles range from $75 to $150.

What Is Included In The Cost Of Car Detailing?

When it comes to interior car detailing, several services are performed.

They include brushing and steam cleaning, vacuuming, re-vacuuming & wiping, glass cleaning, leather trimming, and perfuming.

Compared to the car exterior, interior cleaning is where most of the work is.

Now, the inner parts of the vehicle consist of various components like vinyl, natural fibers, leather, plastics, and carbon fiber plastics among others.

So, the type of cleaning performed is largely determined by the surface or interior component being cleaned.

  • Brushing and Steam Cleaning

Car mats and carpets are mostly cleaning using this method.

Here, accumulated dirt is removed with the help of a steam cleaner. The procedure includes thorough scrubbing which seeks to eliminate any stains or stubborn dirt.

With the cleaning process concluded, carpets and mats are dried properly to avoid mildew growth. You’ll need to exercise patience and wait out the drying process.

Some car detailing services may expedite the drying process using a dryer.

  • Vacuuming

Cleaning of car seats and the floor is efficiently done by vacuuming. Other interior areas targeted for this type of cleaning include headliners, shelves, and the rear cargo area as well as the trunk.

In some cases, the use of an air compressor may be necessary to help dislodge or push out dirt from hard-to-reach areas.

Vacuuming picks up such dirt. As discussed above, carpet cleaning is separately done to do a thorough job. In other words, vacuuming is sometimes not sufficient to get the job done properly.

  • Re-Vacuuming and Wiping

Why re-vacuum when an initial vacuuming procedure has occurred?

This is a necessary action that needs to be performed to eliminate any dirt left behind or that might have settled from cleaning other interior areas of the vehicle.

With re-vacuuming completed, what remains is wiping off of interior surfaces using a rag.

A clean cloth is used for such procedure with windows, the dashboard area, and doors targeted. A cleaner or other appropriate detergent is used for this type of job.

  • Glass Cleaning

Under this type of interior car cleaning, all glasses are targeted for cleaning.

This includes the windshield area as well as the windows. This cleaning action seeks to make the glasses spotless and sparkle.

A car detailing service will use an appropriate cleaning product for such a job.

  • Leather Trimming

For cars with leather interiors, a different cleaning approach is used to help preserve the leather. Car detailing services have unique approaches to cleaning out such areas.

A good cleaning job helps rejuvenate the leather, thus making it look great once more.

  • Perfuming

Car interior perfuming concludes the cleanup procedure. This helps eliminate the scent of cleaning supplies used.

Although such cleaning supplies do not smell bad, perfuming leaves behind a refreshing scent. All sorts of scents are available. Sometimes, customers get to choose their most preferred scent.

Factors Affecting How Much To Detail A Car Interior

The price you pay for car interior detailing is influenced by several factors.

They include geographic location, size of the car, car condition, how much cleaning is required as well as the method used.

How much is car detailing?  Estimate using the criteria below.

  • Geographic Location

Vehicle detailing prices differ across geographic locations.

This is seen clearly when looking at living costs between locations. Bigger cities tend to have higher living costs which reflect in car detailing rates.

This is unlike smaller cities where similar services tend to cost less.

  • Size of Car

The size of your car matters.

Cars come in varying sizes ranging from small, medium, and large. As expected, smaller cars have smaller interiors that require less labor and the use of auto cleaning supplies.

Here, cleaning jobs are completed within a short period of time.

The opposite is true for larger cars.

Asides from the use of more cleaning supplies, more time and labor are spent performing this cleanup process. The more labor and time spent, the higher your cleaning cost is likely to be.

  • Condition of Car Interior

The condition of your car’s interior matters a lot to cleaning.

For cars whose interiors haven’t been cleaned for long, such interiors will likely be in terrible condition due to the accumulation of dirt.

For these, a more thorough or vigorous cleanup process has to be applied.

A car detailing service may decide to use heavy-duty cleaners to get rid of accumulated dirt. Also, more time is needed to complete the job.

  • Cleaning Method Used

Depending on your car’s condition, different cleaning approaches may be used. Such cleaning approaches will determine how much you pay for interior cleaning.

With the information presented above, determining car interior cleaning costs shouldn’t be a complicated process. You get a rough idea of what to expect.

Exact cleaning prices will be determined by your car’s condition etc.

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