Fireplace Heat Shields – Deflector Functions & Benefits

Fireplace heat shields are basic components to fireplaces that help homeowners save money in heating costs. Fireplace heat shields go by many names among which are heat reflective shields, firebacks, for instance,  stainless steel firebacks, fireplace reflective firebacks, and radiant firebacks among several others. This article seeks to discuss the basics of fireplace heat shield … Read more

Chimney Efflorescence – Features, Brick White Stains And Removal

Chimney efflorescence is the white staining of your chimney structure that’s brought about by moisture. When it comes to chimney issues, damage due to moisture easily takes center stage. For a better idea of the subject being discussed, we’ll need to know more about its causes, what problems are caused by efflorescence, and several other … Read more

10 Natural Gas Fireplace Inserts With Blowers

This article will be looking at gas fireplace inserts with blowers. An insert is a closed combustion system made to significantly improve a fireplace. So, a gas fireplace insert will be a fireproof box installed into a fireplace that burns gas as its main fuel. Natural gas fireplaces are very popular because they burn cleaner. … Read more

Covering A Chimney – Step By Step Guide & Options

Covering a chimney is necessary for a wide range of reasons. Also, the term “covering” may be perceived to mean closing an unused chimney. While this may seem a bit confusing for some, the explanations provided will help you better understand what covering a chimney entails. We aim to inform and provide the necessary guidance … Read more

Chimney and Fireplace Maintenance – Tips, Tasks & Frequency

When it comes to keeping a chimney and fireplace in great good condition, quite a lot of effort is necessary. Chimney maintenance entails inspection, cleaning, and repairs. The specific type of maintenance performed on a chimney is determined by its state. Here, we’ll be looking at the various maintenance actions you can take. What is … Read more

7 Best Smokeless Fire Pits To Buy [Low / No Smoke Brands]

Here, we’ve included some of the most popular smokeless fire pit brands for your consideration. Fire pits come in handy when you need to spend evenings or nights outdoors. These are used for several things such as barbeque, a source of warmth and light from its open fire, or toasting some marshmallows. Whatever you use … Read more

Chimney Sweeps In The Victorian Times – The Facts

The history of chimney maintenance is all gloom when you go as far back as the Victorian era and beyond. This involved the use of kids as sweeps who were dehumanized, abused, and worked in extremely harsh conditions. While this isn’t a good story to tell, our discussion highlights the common practices that occurred and … Read more

How Much Does Chimney And Fireplace Repair Cost?

If you’re wondering what it will cost to get your chimney or fireplace fixed, we’re here to provide price estimates. From the time chimneys and fireplaces are built, various factors come into play to cause deterioration. These include use, as well as weather action among others. It’s common to find broken-down chimneys and fireplaces. These … Read more

Fireplace Vs Wood-Burning Stove – Similarities & Differences

Is there a wood stove that looks like a fireplace? How do these two systems differ? When it comes to heating systems in homes, a lot of homeowners look out for efficiency. Also important is the type of fuels such systems are designed for. Some of the most popular types include wood-burning stoves and fireplaces. … Read more

Chimney Sweep Brushes – Types, Sizes, Shapes, Materials & How To Use

Chimney sweep brushes are among essential kits used by chimney sweeps to clean a chimney. The right tooling is necessary for a great cleaning job. Flue & Chimney Cleaning Brush Without one, little can be achieved in keeping your chimney clean. Chimney sweep brushes aren’t only for professional use. DIYers will find it useful for … Read more