How much does it cost to repair or rebuild a chimney?

Chimneys are structures built for ventilation purposes. These can be made of a variety of materials like clay, metal, or masonry. These structures help with the isolation of hot and toxic exhaust gases coming from fireplaces, stoves, boilers, and furnaces.

Basically, it helps to limit exposure to such gases.

When a chimney is installed, it needs to be maintained to ensure or guarantee its sustained functionality. Maintenance includes repair, fixing of any defects affecting the structure, or even total chimney removal.

Cost is central to such maintenance.

Knowing what goes into costing is very crucial. This article will provide you with all such details.

Types Of Chimney Repair

The idea of chimney repair is quite vague.

The specific type of repair needed will need to be investigated and necessary actions are taken. The cost incurred for such repair is determined by the extent of repair among other things.

Still, on types of repair, you have chimney repointing, chimney crown repair, leaning chimney repair, and chimney flue repair. Others include stucco chimney repair, leaking chimney repair, and brick chimney repair.

These are only a few among several others.

A comprehensive approach that best explains the cost details involved will require discussing each type of repair. So, we’ll proceed right away to the different types of chimney repair services.

Average Cost Of Chimney Repair

As mentioned earlier, all types of chimney repair services exist. These attract different costs based on the level of damage and the extent of repairs.

Let’s discuss cost relative to the type of repair, shall we?

  • Chimney Parging Cost

This type of repair involves coating the smoke chamber of a chimney with mortar for greater efficiency. The cost for carrying out such a project ranges between $1,000 and $2,000.

The aim is to smoothen over the smoke chamber which has deteriorated over time.

Parging helps prevent any residue hiding in uneven crevices within the smoke chamber from leaking out. Wonder why this is important? It’s important because residues within crevices can combust, thus leading to a chimney fire.

  • Chimney Repointing Cost

If you’ve had a chimney for a significant period of time, you’ll discover that over time, the mortar between bricks gets worn out. With repointing, fresh mortar is applied to empty spaces between bricks.

This repair procedure will cost around $700 to $2,200 to carry out.

  • Chimney Crack Repair Cost

Temperature fluctuations play a major role in the appearance of chimney cracks.

Here, masonry joints will expand and contract in response to temperature changes. This continued action weakens the structure leading to cracks appearing.

To have a chimney sweep fix such cracks, expect to pay around $175 to $3,000. When left unattended, cracks could worsen, thus leading to the escape of smoke and carbon monoxide.

In severe cases, chimney cracks may lead to structural damage. This will attract an even greater cost to fix.

  • Brick Chimney Repair Cost

Brick chimneys are common and could develop problems. This leads to conditions of disrepair such as masonry cracks, cracked bricks, and crumbling bricks.

To repair a damaged brick chimney, expect to pay an average of $175 to $1,000 in repair fees.

For severe damages, brick chimney repair costs could amount to $4,000. Sometimes, a chimney will have to be replaced. This attracts a much higher fee of about $10,000.

Are you wondering the extent of repairs needed on your chimney? Simply have a chimney service pay a visit for purposes of inspection and repair.

  • Leaky Chimney Repair Cost

Are you faced with a leaky chimney situation?

This is caused by openings or cracks along with the chimney structure that allows the passage of water. Such water ultimately encourages further degradation by promoting mold growth and wood rot.

It’s best to have such a problem fixed before it gets worse. The repair cost for chimney leaks is around $150 to $350.

Basically, repairs may involve fixing of chimney flashing or chimney sealing (where cracks are sealed with mortar.

  • Chimney Crown Replacement Cost

Sometimes, chimney repair may include replacement of worn-out or defective parts.

In this case, a chimney crown may have lots of cracks that need to be completely replaced. It’s best to have a chimney crown fixed as soon as possible.

Since we’re discussing repair costs, it will be necessary to include such details here. Fixing a chimney crown will cost around $220 to $2,000 depending on the scope of repairs.

Not fixing your chimney crown on time could lead to further deterioration of the structure.

  • Leaning Chimney Repair Cost

A leaning chimney is simply a disaster waiting to happen.

It’s a major structural defect that requires urgent fixing. Repair costs could amount to around $3,000. The origins of such defect could go as far down as the foundation.

Depending on the severity of the problem, repair costs could exceed the $3,000 threshold mentioned. It’s best to have this problem fixed to avoid the chimney stack toppling over.

  • Chimney Wood Rot Repair Cost

Chimney wood rot occurs in the presence of moisture.

As discussed earlier, such moisture gets into the chimney through cracks. To fix the problem, not only are affected wood treated or replaced but also these cracks are fixed.

The cost of performing chimney wood rot repair ranges from a few hundred dollars to thousands depending on severity. Fixing widespread wood rot damage could cost you around $2,500 to $4,000 in repair fees.

Chimney replacement may be the last option when the damage is beyond repairs. Under such circumstances, expect to pay a substantial chimney repair fee of $10,000.

  • Chimney Tuckpointing Costs

Tuckpointing a chimney is a possible repair necessary to fix mortar.

One of the main aims of carrying out chimney tuckpointing is to improve its aesthetic appeal. A chimney technician will charge a fee ranging from $700 to $2,200.

  • Chimney Re-Mortar Costs

Another cost detail you’ll need to consider involves chimney re-mortar.

Here, old or existing chimney bricks are used to re-mortar the structure. This process costs around $2 to $3 per square foot. Labor costs aren’t included here.

It will cost an additional $40 to $50 per hour in labor costs to re-mortar a chimney.

There you go! All possible repairs on a chimney have been included. The cost details have also been supplied to help readers have an idea of pricing.

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