You will find how to clean tile floors with vinegar and baking soda here. Read on!

People prefer tile floors for a lot of reasons. They are beautiful, shiny, and durable. However, maintaining their shine is not such an easy task. You have to clean them for them to stay beautiful regularly.

While several options are available for that purpose, this article will show you the most natural, effective, and eco-friendly ways of doing that.

Cleaning Tile Floors With Vinegar And Baking Soda

Baking soda and vinegar are potent supplies in cleaning that you can quickly come across. Though common, they are very effective when cleaning tiles and a few other things at home.

Baking soda and vinegar can either be used separately in cleaning or combined. However you wish to use them individually or connected, you will find them very useful in eradicating dirt, soap scum, and mildew from your tile floors.

Why Not Chemicals? Why Baking Soda And Vinegar

For anyone desiring to get rid of dirt from tile floors and have them shining again, the first option that usually comes to mind is using chemicals.

While very effective chemicals can achieve whatever baking soda and vinegar can complete in less time, they are not always the best option.

Many cleaning chemicals can be harsh on the skin. To use them, you will have to apply a lot of caution.

Chemicals cleaners are also toxic when swallowed. That’s the main reason they are not to be used with kids and pets around. Some of them can also leave a negative impact on the environment.

As a result, it is preferable to go with natural, non-toxic, and eco-friendly options when cleaning. That is where the use of vinegar and baking soda comes in.

The two supplies are not only great as ingredients for preparing your favorite meals and snacks, but they are also very effective cleaning products.

In addition to that, they also function as odor eliminators. So not only can they remove the deepest stains, dirt, and germs from your tile floors, but they can also neutralize offensive odors from the house.

Above all, these products are cheap and can easily be gotten from any shop that deals with cleaning products online and offline.

How Safe Is Vinegar And Baking Soda On Tile Floors?

Vinegar and baking soda are both safe for use on tile floors when combined. Together they form a harmless mixture that you can use to clean almost any type of floor.

However, if using them separately, do not let vinegar stay too long on the floors. It is acidic and can react negatively when left for too long on the floor.

When mixed with baking soda and water, the acidity becomes neutralized.

Preparing The Cleaning Formula: How To Do It

The most important thing you will need for cleaning the tile floors is the vinegar and baking soda mixture.

That is why paying attention to how you prepare it is crucial. If you don’t do it right, the tile floor won’t look as clean as it is supposed, even after you’ve cleaned it.

To prepare the formula, you will need the following: white distilled vinegar (or any other type of vinegar), baking soda, detergent, water, and a bucket.

Once you’ve gotten every one of them ready, follow the steps below to prepare the cleaner yourself.


  • Put 1/2 cup of water in the bucket
  • Add I/2 cup of detergent (dishwashing detergent) to it.
  • Add two tablespoons of vinegar and 1 2/3 cups of baking soda.
  • Stir the mixture properly till there is no lump left in it.
  • Once the lumps are completely dissolved, pour the mixture into a spray bottle and allow a few minutes before using it.
  • This mixture can effectively remove dirt, grime, and stain from your floor tiles. You can also use it for cleaning the grout as well.

Other Things You Will Need For The Tile Cleaning

Apart from the baking soda and vinegar cleaning formula, it would be best if you had the following things to clean your tile floors effectively.

  1. Vacuum

You will use this for removing soil and other particles from the floor before the cleaning begins. It would help if you did this because mops are not always good at picking up dirt and other particles from the floor during cleaning.

Any vacuum cleaner can serve for this. But if you need an idea of getting one, consider getting Cordless Vacuum by ONSON US.

The device is one of the best-selling vacuum cleaners on Amazon. It comes with a rechargeable. The lithium-ion battery is lightweight.

Based on the design, you can use it to quickly remove soil, food debris, and other particles from your tile floors before cleaning them. It is cordless. So you don’t have to worry about carrying any lengthy wire up and down.

Feel free to check it out on Amazon now.

  1. Mop

You would need a mop for the cleaning. Preferably a traditional mop with a good length and head. However, you can also use any other type.

One of the best mops you can find for this purpose is O-Cedar Easywring Microfiber Spin Mop & Bucket Floor Cleaning System With 3 Extra Refills.

The mop comes with a bucket cleaning system that you can always use to clean all types of floors. It’s so effectively cleaning tile floors that it has received over 2700 5-star ratings on Amazon.

With such a mop, your work will be faster and easier at the same time.

  1. Brush

You need a soft brush for cleaning darkened or stained parts of the tiles and grout. Though many people use a toothbrush without such a brush, the work becomes relatively slow with a toothbrush.

You will only find a toothbrush very helpful when you have a tiny portion of the tile floor or grout to scrub.

A good brush you can easily use for this is Grout Cleaner Brush with Stiff Angled Bristles by The Crown Choice. It scrubs out dirt and stains without affecting the tile floors negatively.

Removing Tough Stains From Tile Floors With The Baking Soda And Vinegar Mixture

When dirt and spills are left for long on the tile floors, they stain the tiles and grout, presenting a new set of problems to deal with.

The baking soda and vinegar mixture makes it easy to remove such stains using a soft brush or toothbrush.

All you have to do is spray the formula directly on the stains. Everywhere you see them on the tiles and grouts.

After spraying them with the mixture, allow some minutes to pass and scrub gently.

Once you are done scrubbing all the areas with the stains, rinse them using clean water.

Mopping The Entire Floor With Vinegar And Baking Soda

Having removed the stubborn stains from the tile floors, if you still need to clean the entire floor generally, follow the step-by-step guide below.

  • Spray the floor with the cleaning formula (vinegar and baking soda mixture)
  • Fill a bucket with water and submerge the mop in it.
  • Using the mop, clean the whole floor. Beginning from the farthest part of the door. Mop from there towards the door.
  • If you have any “cleaning signs” with you, carefully position them outside the room or house. Where anybody coming into the home can see it.
  • Mob the tile floor 4 to 6 inches per time. Don’t go wider than that, so you can thoroughly clean each section before moving to another.
  • Once the mop has picked up dirt, dip it inside the water and wring it well before returning it to the floor.
  • After cleaning your entire tile floor, you can rinse the place using clean water. This will help remove the baking soda and vinegar mixture from your tile floor. At this point, some persons add essential oils to the water to help spread good odors all over the house. You can skip that if you are OK with just the cleaning.
  • Once you are done with everything, wash your mop and buckets and leave them to dry.
  • Remove the cleaning signs and return everything you moved earlier to its proper position.

What To Bear In Mind During The Cleaning

While cleaning your tile floors using baking soda and vinegar, here are a few things not to forget.

  1. The mixture must not be allowed to stay for too long on the grout or tiles. Clean and rinse them away as soon as possible.
  2. The type of brush you use for the scrubbing matters. Please do not use a brush that is too hard for it. To avoid scratching your tiles and grout. Without a soft brush, you can also use a toothbrush though it may take more time.
  3. Vinegar and baking soda are usually not harsh on the skin. But if you’ve got sensitive skin, ensure to put on your gloves.

In Summary

We have discussed in this article how to clean tile floors with vinegar and baking soda. Here, you will find the necessary tools and ideas for effective cleaning.

Are you searching for how to remove dirt, stains, and odor from your tile floors using baking soda and vinegar?

I hope you find the information here helpful.

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