Are you interested in knowing how to clean outdoor cushions with Oxiclean? Do you want to learn how you can use Oxiclean to completely remove dirt and stains from these types of cushions?

Here is a detailed guide on how cleaning outdoor cushions with Oxiclean works. As you read on, you will learn how to use the tough stain remover to restore the beauty of your outdoor cushions.

Due to constant exposure to weather and daily usage, outdoor cushions can get messy. Stains from fruits, grasses, sap, bird droppings, etc, are not uncommon to notice on outdoor cushions.

While some of these stains may just be light and easy to clean, others can be quite tough and will require lots of effort from us to be completely gone. Some won’t just go away, regardless of how much we try to clean them.

Unless we try cleaning them with a very powerful stain remover.

That is where the product Oxiclean comes in.

The household cleaner is a very active tough stain remover. It contains enzymes; wipes away dirt and gets stains out in no time, giving your cushions a brand new look.

“Why should I use Oxiclean when there are other products out there?” You may be wondering. “Are they not all the same when it comes to cleaning outdoor cushions?”

Yes, they are not all the same. Oxiclean is quite different. Below are just some of the reasons why Oxiclean is the best option for clearing outdoor cushions.

What You Need To Know About Using Oxiclean To Clean Outdoors Cushions

  1. According to users’ reviews on Amazon, “Oxiclean does exactly what it advertises.”
  2. The product is rated as one of the best brands in America in terms of cleaning.
  3. Oxiclean is active against tough dirt and stains but doesn’t affect the fabrics and other materials that cushions are made of.
  4. The product does not only take care of stubborn stains that have lasted for a while, but it also takes care of the smell.
  5. Oxiclean is eco-friendly. It easily breaks down into natural elements like oxygen and hydrogen peroxide when it is mixed with water.
  6. Apart from being environmentally friendly, Oxiclean is mild on the skin. Though if you must use it for long periods, wearing protective gear is simply the wisest thing to do.

How Oxiclean Works On Outdoor Cushions

Oxiclean is made up of polymers, sodium carbonate, sodium percarbonate, and surfactants. These are the main ingredients that are active in the product.

When Oxiclean is used on outdoor cushions, these ingredients work together to emulsify oil stains on them. That emulsification makes it easier for such stains to be cleaned off.

Apart from working on oil stains, the product also breaks down stains from blood, makeup, juices, fruits, bird droppings, sap, and so on.

The stain remover also ensures that while you wash or clean the cushions, no sand or dirt gets to redeposit itself on the cushions from the tools you are using to clean at that moment.

That is how Oxiclean works on outdoor cushions to wipe away dirt, stains and even remove odor from them. So instead of spending a thousand dollars to get brand new cushions for outdoors, you can just spend a few bucks on Oxiclean and clean the ones you already have. You will be amazed at how new they will look.

“What things will I be needing for the cleaning?” You wonder. Below lies the answer.

The Equipment You Need For The Oxiclean Cleaning

You don’t need many tools or supplies to clean outdoor cushions. You just need your regular bucket for cleaning, a soft brush, and enough Oxiclean.

You also need a bucket of hot or warm water (not cold) to mix the product and make it more effective. You can also add detergent if necessary.

Cleaning Outdoor Cushions With Oxiclean

Once you have gotten all you need to start the cleaning, pour the Oxiclean into the bucket of water you intend to use and follow the instructions below. Remember that this is best done with either hot or warm water.

  • For Stains From Grasses and Sap

Dirt and stains from grasses and sap are often sticky and oily. That is why merely washing the cushions fabrics in a washing machine will not just get the job done.

To get them out, you will have to first remove the fabrics from the cushion. Then soak them in the hot water solution (containing Oxiclean) for fifteen minutes to one hour.

If there is no way you can remove the fabrics from the cushions due to the absence of a zipper, then ensure you don’t do this on a cloudy day so the sun can easily get the cushions dry. Unless you don’t mind them drying in more than three days.

Within a short period (15min to 1 hour), the active ingredients in Oxiclean plus the hot water will completely emulsify the stains. Thereby making it easier for them to be scrubbed out.

Using a soft brush, thoroughly scrub the stained areas until all stains are out. For a better result, you can just forget about focusing only on the affected areas and scrub the entire material. That way, you will not only have the stained areas looking great again. You will have the entire fabric on the cushion looking amazing. Just like brand new items.

After the scrubbing, do not allow the cushion fabrics or pillow to dry completely with the Oxiclean still on them. Rinse them immediately in hot or warm water before allowing them to dry.

  • For Stains from Bird Droppings and Mildew

Like I mentioned earlier, it is not uncommon to often find bird droppings and mildews on outdoor cushions. The stains from these two things can easily get the cushions looking messy.

To clean such stains from outdoor cushions using Oxiclean, you are to allow the droppings to dry first. Then clean the solids using anything that won’t allow them to spread through the material.

Mildews on their part will require you to shake the cushion fabrics or pillows well. This must be done outside. Since mildews are living organisms, they can easily attach themselves to something else if done within a room.

That is why this cleaning is often recommended to be done outside.

Once you are done shaking them off outside, soak the fabrics of the outdoor cushions in hot water for about 30 minutes to one hour. This also applies to the cushions with the stains from the bird solids.

Ensure you add enough quantity of Oxiclean and any detergent you may feel like using the hot water.

When it is time, gently scrub the outdoor cushion using a soft brush. While scrubbing, also pay attention to other areas with stains that the long periods in the hot water solution must have probably revealed.

When you are done with scrubbing the cushions, rinse them in plenty of water. After that, spread them out to dry under the sun. If there’s a way you can hang them to allow the water to drain out of them easily, do it. That way they will drain and dry faster.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cleaning Outdoor Cushions With Oxiclean

Here are answers to some of the questions people regularly ask about using Oxiclean to clean outdoor cushions.

How often should I clean my outdoor cushions with Oxiclean?

That is completely your decision to make. You can clean them as many times as you need. Allowing dirt and stains to remain on outdoor cushions for long periods will do them no good. So clean them as often as you have the need.

I cleaned my outdoor cushions with Oxiclean without wearing hand gloves. Should I be worried?

Ordinarily, Oxiclean should not cause any harm to our hands when used without gloves. Especially for a short period. But if you discover a rash or slight change in the color of your skin after you have used the product, seek help immediately.

Must I use hot water?

No, you mustn’t. You can do the entire cleaning with cold water also. The only reason people use hot or warm water is to increase the effectiveness of the product and also kill any germ that may have attached itself to the outdoor cushions.

So while you can use normal water with Oxiclean to clean your outdoor cushions, hot water will work more. In a situation where it is not available, warm water will do.

How long before the outdoor cushions are ready for use again?

The length of time the outdoor cushions will take to dry after they have been cleaned depends mostly on the availability of sunlight and other factors. Sometimes it can take a whole day. At other times, it can take up to 3 or 4 days to dry.

You can also help them dry faster by hanging them. It will allow them to drain and dry faster.

In Summary

Are you planning on cleaning outdoor cushions with Oxiclean? We have in this article discussed how you can easily do that to get those outdoor cushions looking brand new again.

Here you will find answers to numerous questions that may be bothering your mind about using Oxiclean to clean dirt and stains away from outdoor cushions.

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