This article features the simplest ways to clean a toilet without a brush.

Toilet cleaning is a task that nearly everyone abhors. As much as everyone enjoys having a clean toilet bowl, you can hardly come across a person that enjoys doing the chore.

How To Clean A Toilet Without A Brush

Wouldn’t it be nice to discover an easier and faster way to clean the toilet without having to scrub every inch of it with a brush? That is what you are about to read in this post.

We have carefully reviewed the best toilet cleaning products that anyone can use to get his loo sparkling clean and smelling fresh. Read on!

Top 10 Toilet Cleaning Products To Clean Your Toilet Without Scrubbing

A real cleaning product meant for cleaning your toilet without a brush should be able to eliminate dirt and stains. It should also be able to get rid of biofilm germs and offensive odors from it. That is exactly what the products listed below do.

  1. NeverScrub- Automatic Toilet Cleaning System

This automatic toilet cleaner effectively deals with hard water stains, rust stains, dirt, and bad odors. It takes just 3 steps to have it installed in your toilet. This is so simple to do that you can have it done in less than 5 minutes.

Once installed, the product releases a very powerful cleaning solution after you must have used and flushed the toilet. This helps to prevent stains and germs from building up in the toilet bowl.

According to what users are saying about this toilet cleaner, it can last 2 to 3 months in your toilet. And for as long as it lasts, its efficiency will not diminish.

NeverScrub does not require you to scrub your toilet with a brush or any other thing while using it. The toilet cleaner automatically takes care of everything. Your only role is to buy and install it. It is safe for use with all septic systems and will not cause any damage to tanks.

If you desire a toilet you will not always have to clean with a brush, this is the right automatic toilet cleaner you should get.

  1. Kaboom BowlBlaster Liquid Toilet Bowl Cleaner

This 24 oz toilet bowl cleaner is one of the best formulas out there on the market. It allows you to thoroughly clean your toilet without the need for scrubbing it with a brush.

As for using the formula to clean your toilet, just apply a little of it on the insides of your toilet bowl and allow it work. Once you are done applying it, observe the concentrate closely and see if the color changes to green. If that happens then the product is actively working on the hard water rings and stains in the toilet.

After a few minutes, flush the toilet and see how the clean and odor-free it will be.

Unlike many toilet cleaning formulas out there, Kahoom BowlBlaster Liquid Toilet Bowl Cleaner truly works. You won’t have to scrub your toilet after you have applied the gel on it.

  1. Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel

This cleaning gel is one of the bestselling toilet cleaners on Amazon. The product allows you get rid of tough, stains and dirt from your toilet cleaning Gel also functions as an odor eliminator. It can completely get rid of bad smells from your toilet.

To use this product, just apply it on the insides of your toilet bowl using the applicator that comes with it. Ensure that every side of the toilet is well applied. Let it sit for a while and flush the toilet.

Each time you do that, the gel ensures that there will be no build-up of stains in the toilet. It also releases a fresh smell that neutralizes offensive odors.

Once applied, the cleaning formula will be active in your toilet for up to two weeks. You are expected to replace it after that period, to keep your toilet smelling fresh and clean.

Though the toilet cleaning gel is very effective, it is also very affordable. Feel free to check it out now on Amazon and see what others are saying about it. Buying it is almost the same as banning toilet brushes from your bathroom.

  1. Pumice Toilet Bowl Ring Remover

Are you thinking of a more natural alternative to clean your toilet without a brush? Pumice Toilet Bowl Ring Remover is exactly what you need right now.

The rubbing stone is all you need to get rid of rust, lime and hard water build up in your toilet. The product is 100% natural and is safe to use with kids and pets around. You can even use it without putting on hand gloves and it will not affect your skin in any way.

This toilet bowl ring remover is ready to use. You can start using it as soon as you buy it. The product is highly effective and is ideal for those who do not want to use chemical cleaners on their toilet.

  1. Comfun Pumice Stone Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Hard water rings in the toilet sometimes can be very difficult to remove with chemicals. The same can be said of rust and other types of stains. However, with comfun Pumice Stone Toilet Bowl Cleaner, getting rid of such becomes very simple and fast.

You do not need to use this rubbing stone with any chemical (including natural ones). You only need to wet the toilet cleaning stone with water and then go on to rub the stained surfaces with it.

Just like Pumice Toilet Bowl Ring Remover, this product will not scratch or cause any damage to your toilet bowl. It comes with a good handle and is safe on the skin. You don’t have to worry about wearing gloves. It can be reused over and over.

Since it is made of eco-friendly materials, it is also safe for use around pets and children. You can check it out on Amazon now. The product is highly affordable.

  1. Clorox ToiletWand Disposable Toilet Cleaning System

Clorox ToiletWand is the perfect option for cleaning your toilet without using a yucky brush. Each disposable head comes with Clorox cleaner already loaded on it. You just have to use it to touch every part of your toilet that needs to be cleaned.

Due to the Clorox Cleaner preloaded on each of the disposable heads, germs like salmonella, influenza, Staphylococcus aureus, and others, are easily eliminated from your toilet.

The product also deals with stains effectively, ensuring your toilet bowl is sparkling clean. The toilet cleaning kit comes with one storage caddy, one wand, and 6 refills. That’s everything you need you to make your cleaning chore easier.

Feel free to check it out it now on Amazon or Walmart.

  1. Simplehuman Toilet Plunger

Cleaning a clogged toilet is not always an easy chore. To make things easier for you, you have to use a plunger. Not just any plunger but a good one. Something that can do an excellent job for you.

That is why you need to consider buying Simplehuman Toilet Plunger. It’s the exact plunger you need to clear any type of blockage, including the toughest ones. The product is easy to use and can work for drains, pipes, sinks and so on.

Simplehuman Toilet Plunger is the number 1 bestselling toilet plunger on Amazon. Instead of using a toilet brush, you can give this a trial and see how effective it is.

  1. Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets With Bleach

When it comes to cleaning your toilet without a brush, this Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner does a very perfect job. The tablets sanitize toilet bowl water in less than 5 minutes. You can trust them to get rid of 99.9% of germs from the toilet.

To use this product, simply put one of the tablets in the toilet tank and leave it there. Every time you flush the toilet, the already treated water is what you will get.

One Clorox Automatic Bowl Cleaner Tablets dropped in your toilet tank can last up to 3 months before the need for replacing it arises. With every flush, your toilet will be well sanitized, clean and smelling fresh.

The product is affordable and can be gotten from Amazon and other e-commerce websites.

  1. Lysol Hygenic Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

This is another high-quality automatic cleaner you can use to get rid of any kind of dirt or stain from your toilet. The product also eliminates tough odors, causing your bathroom to smell very nice. Simply hang it on the inside of your toilet and leave it to work. Every time you flush the toilet, it ensures that there will be no buildup of stains. It thoroughly gets rid of rust stains, hard water stains, and offensive smell.

The product can last up to 2 months in your toilet.

  1. ToiletShroom Revolutionary Plunger

Toiletshroom Revolutionary plunger is not just like any other plunger.

It’s a step up from the normal plunger we often come across. It is made from high quality rust-proof stainless steel.

The head is carefully designed to clear any kind of blockage you are having in your toilet. The plunger also comes with a caddy holder so you can store it discreetly when not in use.

With the ToiletShroom Revolutionary plunger, you can put away your toilet brush and still be able to thoroughly clean your toilet. Feel free to check it out on Amazon now.

In Summary

There are better ways to clean the toilet without using toilet brushes which are capable of picking up germs easily. This includes the use of automatic toilet cleaners, toilet cleaning gels, plungers, etc.

Are you searching for how to clean a toilet without a brush? I hope you find this information useful.

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