How do you clean a washing machine with Affresh? Here is all you need to know about this cleaner agent.

A dirty washing machine can easily stain and damage the clothes it is meant to clean.

If it is left unattended for too long, mildew, mold, and grime can build up on the washer and affect the performance one way or the other.

How do you clean a dirty washing machine? You asked.

In this post, you will find a step-by-step guide on cleaning a washing machine with Affresh.

How To Clean Washing Machine With Affresh

One of the ways you can help make your washing machine last longer is by cleaning it constantly.

Whether it’s an old or completely new machine, a front-load machine, or a top-load machine, the washer can become dirty, stink and damage clothes without cleaning it frequently.

  • What To Use In Cleaning A Washer Machine

In cleaning a washing machine, you can use different kinds of products.

This includes commercial and homemade cleaners. However, among all the cleaners people use for cleaning a washing machine, the best of them is Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner.

Does Affresh washing machine cleaner work?

Affresh Washing Cleaner by Whirlpool is a premium cleaner meant for cleaning the front load and top load washing machines, including the high efficiency and conventional washing machines.

Each product pack contains six tablets that dissolve slowly and break up dirt, soap scum, mold, and mildew.

Apart from removing unwanted dirt buildup in your washer, the tablets also eliminate its unpleasant odor.

Affresh washing machine cleaner ingredients

Affresh contains sodium percarbonate (oxidizer), sodium carbonate (builder), glucono-delta-lactone (processing aid), polyethylene glycol (processing aid), and sodium acetate (processing aid), and fragrance (sweet smell).

How often should you clean your washer with Affresh?

To keep your washing machine clean and odor-free, you must wash it once a month using Affresh cleaning tablets. Just one of them is enough for each washing cycle.

Affresh is a better option than bleach and several other cleaners for cleaning washing machines. The product is biodegradable and septic-safe. It also smells a whole lot better than vinegar and other natural cleaners.

Regardless of the brand and type of washing machine you own, Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner will work for you.

The good thing about the product is that it’s not even difficult to use. Just follow the instructions in this post or the ones on the label, and you are good to go.

In this step-by-step guide on cleaning your washer, we will use Affresh alongside hot and warm water to make your washing machine look brand new and smell nice.

Cleaning A Washer With Affresh: A Step By Step Guide

The buildup of soap scum, dirt, soil, mold, and mildew can affect the overall performance of a washing machine. If the advertisement doesn’t lead to a very offensive odor coming out of the washer, it will undoubtedly lead to a damaging to clothes. Sometimes both.

This is the primary reason you must clean your washing machine at least once a month.

Follow the steps below to eliminate the buildup of soap scum, dirt, and mold inside the washer using Affresh.

  • Empty The Washer

Remove every clothe from the washing machine. Allowing clothes inside the washer after a cycle has ended is one of the reasons the device can become smelly.

If you are going to clean the washer well, you would have t take out every clothe from it and leave the machine empty.

  • Get Rid Of Any Debris In It

After washing your clothes with the washing machine, it is normal to find debris and hairs, especially in a house with cats and dogs. You must also remove the hairs before or during the cleaning.

To get rid of the debris and hair, first, get them dry by opening the washer door and leaving it that way for some minutes. Once dry, remove the debris by vacuuming it or using other means.

  • Clean The Door And The Door Seal

You can clean the door using a microfiber rag to wipe it gently. Do not use a heavily concentrated chemical here. A microfiber rag dipped in water is all you need to do this.

After cleaning the washing machine door, check the seal for any debris, dirt, or stains. Some seals do come with two layers (the inner one and the outer one).

To properly clean such seals, you will have to clean both layers. Ensure no dirt buildup and no stain is left on any of the layers.

Once you are sure that both the door and the seals are clean, leave the door open for a couple of minutes or hours to air dry completely.

  • Sanitize The Detergent Tray

The detergent tray is one place to find a buildup of soap scum easily. Besides cleaning it, it would help if you sanitized it well.

Some washers come with a detergent spray that is easy to take apart. If that’s the type you have, then take it apart.

After that, soak it in a mixture of mild soap and hot water. Please leave it in the solution for 15 to 20 minutes.

The hot water will kill off any germ growing and soften any dirt or stain on it. You can easily clean the tray by wiping it with a clean rag.

  • Clean the Insides With Affresh

The insides of the washing machine are the primary place where dirt, mold, and mildew usually build up. If we can get that part completely clean, the unpleasant smell will also be a thing of the past.

Some high-efficiency washing machine comes with options like Clean With Affresh Cycle. Others have just Clean Cycle on them.

To clean the insides of the washer using Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner, place one of the tablets in the wash basket and run the Clean Cycle or the Normal Cycle.

The tablet will slowly dissolve and break up any residue in the washer. This includes dirt, soil, hair, and stains. If mold and mildew are on the insides of the washer, they will all be gone too. Likewise, the rancid smell comes from your washing machine.

Affresh is such a powerful cleaner that it can eliminate all of these without you scrubbing them out.

Maintaining A Clean And Odor-Free Washing Machine With Affresh

Without a plan or cleaning your washing machine every month, the dirt, grime, and microorganisms won’t take long to come back on it. Once that happens, the odor too will follow.

If you do not want that to happen, you have to decide on cleaning your washer every month with Affresh. To do this, follow the same steps above on cleaning a washing machine with Affresh.

Ensure that you add at least one o the tablets before running the Clean Cycle.

What To Do If The Smell Is Still There After Cleaning The Washing Machine With Affresh

Several reasons can lead to your washer still smelling even after you must have cleaned it with Affresh.

The first is that you probably missed a certain step. If you followed the step-by-step guide here or the instructions on the Affresh label, there’s no way it won’t work for you. Go through the instructions again and see where you are missing them.

The second thing that may be the reason you still have that awful smell coming from your washer is that the odor problem is more extensive than one tablet of Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner can deal with. This may be because your washer has had that bad smell for a long time.

You may have to use more than one tablet to deal with this permanently. Some people use up to 3 at a time before the smell completely disappears. You may have to do this if your washer has had the odor for too long.

Also, if you discover your washer is still not smelling as clean as you want it to, you can repeat the process. By doing it two to three times, you may be able to get rid of the stench finally.

What To Avoid When Cleaning Your Washing Machine

  1. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals. Especially washing machine cleaners that contain ammonia. Such chemicals can significantly affect the performance of your washer when used regularly to clean it.
  2. If you must use a natural cleaner for cleaning the washing machine, ensure it is not the type that will worsen the odor.
  3. Avoid using abrasive cleaners to clean the surfaces of your washing machine. Instead, use microfiber or terry cloths made of cotton to clean them.

In Summary

A stinky washing machine can quickly transfer that smell to clothes, making you feel terrible when wearing them. A buildup of dirt, mold, and mildew can also affect the washer’s performance in the long run.

Learning how to clean the washing machine with Affresh will help you eliminate residue and unpleasant smell om the washer and improve its performance.

I hope this information helps.

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