In this article, you will learn how cleaning with rubbing alcohol works and the different types of stains you can use isopropyl to clean.

If you have been searching for how to make a homemade cleaner with rubbing alcohol, you will find such information fully revealed on this webpage. Read on!

Rubbing Alcohol Cleaning

Isopropyl alcohol is a very powerful cleaning agent that can be used for removing many types of stains from surfaces at home. Since it is the primary ingredient that is used for making rubbing alcohol or surgical spirit (like in Britain and Ireland), many people just refer to it by that name.

It is also called many other names around the world.

What is Rubbing Alcohol Used For?

Although many people know this as a disinfectant and use it in cleaning cuts, the product can be used for other purposes too, especially for removing stains, marks, and dirt from different materials.

It is a very good solvent. It cleans and dries almost instantly.

When Using Rubbing Alcohol To Clean Surfaces At Home

Rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol does not only work effectively as a disinfectant, but it also works as well in terms of cleaning. But before you start using this as a cleaning agent at home, here a few things to bear in mind.

  1. The name rubbing alcohol may suggest an alcoholic drink to you. But don’t be fooled, it is not drinkable at all.
  2. The solvent is highly flammable. You would be wise not to use it to clean surfaces around your toaster or oven while the heat is on. This will help remove the risk of fire accidents and injuries.
  3. While using this, ensure that the room or area you want to clean is well ventilated. Open all the doors and windows if possible and let air come in and go as necessary.
  4. Rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol evaporates pretty quickly. So if you are going to use it in cleaning different surfaces at home, do not let it sit or too long. Wipe as soon as it is necessary to achieve the kind of result you may be expecting.

Having discussed that, let’s talk about common ways you can use the alcohol-based product at home or cleaning purposes.

Ways To Use Isopropyl Alcohol Or Rubbing Alcohol To Clean At Home

The following are some of the things you can do with isopropyl alcohol at home. Do check them out.

  • Remove Spots And Hairs From Mirrors

The mirrors we use at home are always being exposed to hair care products, toothpaste, and even hair. Especially the bathroom mirrors. Over time, these things buildup on the mirror thereby taking away their shine.

The surface of the mirror becomes dull, cloudy, and with lines of a streak here and there.

To restore the shine on the surface of the mirror, you need to use a product that is capable of cleaning the dirt and build-up on it without leaving streaks on it. That is where rubbing alcohol comes in. You can use it to get rid of that cloudy appearance and spots from your mirrors and watch it evaporate quickly, without leaving lint or streaks on the mirrors.

To do this, simple spray rubbing alcohol on the surface of the mirrors and use a clean cloth like a microfiber rag to wipe them clean. That’s all. It will take away all the hair products build-up, dirt, and spots from the mirrors.

  • Remove Oil And Grease

Grease and oil require you to remove them using a product that can first break them, else you will still have them on your cabinets, countertops, and stove.

To get rid of them with rubbing alcohol, simply wet a clean cloth with the solvent and then use it to wipe the surfaces in your kitchen with grease on them. The oil or grease will be completely gone in no time.

  • Make A DIY Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are one of those essential supplies to always have at home. You can use them to get rid of germs from your hands and surfaces that are touched very often by different people.

To prepare a homemade hand sanitizer using rubbing alcohol, simply mix 2 parts of it to one part water. For a more powerful mixture, you can combine 2 parts of the rubbing alcohol to 1 part aloe vera.

Many people also add any essential oil of their choice to make the DIY hand sanitizer smell nice.

  • Make A Homemade Glass Cleaner

Rubbing alcohol is a very good ingredient to use in making a homemade glass cleaner. You only need to combine it with baking soda or vinegar and water, and you have a very effective glass cleaner that can remove any kind of stain and dirt from glasses.

To make a DIY with isopropyl alcohol, mix equal parts of vinegar, rubbing alcohol and water together. You can do this using a spray bottle or mix it in a bowl and then pour it in a spray bottle later for easy application.

To clean your glass windows with the solution, simply spray it all over the glass, especially in the areas where there are spots or dirt.

After that, wipe gently with a clean microfiber cloth or any other soft cloth. The stains will not just be gone alone, you will have the glass window sparkling like a brand new one.

  • Get Rid Of Ink And Permanent Marker Stains

Ink stains can be very difficult to remove. The same goes for those of permanent marker. But with isopropyl alcohol, you can easily get rid of them.

To do this, dip a cotton ball into the rubbing alcohol and dab at the stains with it.

After that, use a clean cloth to wipe the stains away. If the ink stains or the permanent marker stains are on fabric, follow the same process here but wash the cloth instead of wiping the stains from it.

  • Remove Stains And Fingerprints From Stainless Steel

Just like that of mirrors, the surface of stainless steel can be easily dulled by stains, fingerprints, and dirt. To get them shining again, you can use isopropyl alcohol to clean them.

To do this, simply spray rubbing alcohol into a clean microfiber cloth and use it to wipe your stainless steel sinks, faucets, and other appliances. This will remove dirt, grime, and fingerprints from them.

  • Window Frost Remover

After a heavy rainstorm and during cold weather, frost must be removed from our car windows to keep them clear. You can choose to manually do this every time, but that will be hectic and will take most of your time.

Instead of that, you can easily get rid of the frost by applying rubbing alcohol on the windows. Apart from just removing the frost, the solvent will keep them from coming back.

To make a simple DIY window frost remover using rubbing alcohol, simply combine 1 part of the rubbing alcohol with 5 parts water. Whenever you wash your car or before going out with it during cold weather, apply the solution all over the windows of a car.

It will eliminate frost from them and as well prevent them from coming back.

  • Cleaning Gadgets

Rubbing alcohol is one of the best products to use in cleaning gadgets like computer keyboards, mobile phones, and many others. Due to how fast it evaporates, you don’t have to worry about the solvent getting into the insides of these gadgets and damaging them. You can use it to remove dust and dirt buildup on the gadgets.

To do this, dampen a clean cloth with the isopropyl alcohol and use it to wipe the areas of the gadgets you will like to clean. You must do this with care to avoid scratching the surface of your cellphone or any other gadget you are using it to clean. Do not apply too much force to it. Just clean it gently.

  • Refresh The Air In Your Room

Want to change the smell of your room?

You can do that with rubbing alcohol combined with Lemon oil or any other essential oil of your choice. Apply the mixture all over your room and enjoy the sweet fragrance that will spread across the room in just a short while.

In Summary

Cleaning with isopropyl alcohol is one of the best ways you can get rid of dirt, stains, grime, and mold without spending so much money. Since isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol as it is popularly called, is one of the supplies easily found at home, you use it to make a homemade cleaner for cleaning and sanitizing many types of surfaces.

Are you searching for how to clean or disinfect surfaces at home with rubbing alcohol? Do you want to learn about the many uses of isopropyl alcohol at home?

This guide featured every one of those information and more. Here you can learn how to use the solvent end to eliminate dirt and stains easily. I hope you find the information here useful.

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