Climbup Bed Bug Interceptors – Design, Process & Placement

In this article, we’ll be discussing Climbup Bed Bug Interceptor with a focus on how it works, where it can be placed, and how it’s designed. Is this product effective enough?

Let’s find out.

Climbup Bed Bug Interceptor Review

Bed bug problems are worsened by their ability to move over or climb up different surfaces.

This explains why bed bugs can get to your mattress and bed. Of course, your bodily warmth, carbon dioxide, and ultimately blood attract these bugs.

The carbon dioxide released when you breathe enables them to locate you easily.

In a bid to track or monitor these pests, several solutions have been developed. One of them is known as the climbup bed bug interceptor.

Bed Bug Hotspots

One of the best ways to contain a pest problem is to find out where the hotspots are. For bed bugs, several areas in your home easily attract them the most.

These areas include furniture, luggage racks, personal belongings, and dirty laundry.

  • Furniture

Furniture is among the favorite targets for bed bugs.

These pests will readily hitch a ride on both new and used furniture items. You’ll need to be extra careful when bringing new furniture into your home.

Bed bugs will find tight spaces to keep out of sight until they’re brought in.

Upholstered furniture items tend to provide the most cover for these bugs. You might have to check along the seams and tucks before bringing such furniture items in.

Do you know what to look for? Knowing how to identify bed bugs is key to identification.

  • Luggage Racks

Luggage racks in hotels are among areas where bed bugs can easily spread to homes. Unsuspecting persons may place their bags on such racks without the knowledge of bed bug presence.

The result is seen when these bugs hitch a ride on your luggage into your home.

  • Personal Belongings

Whenever you or your kids go out, there’s a chance of bringing in bed bugs. These can climb onto your clothes, purses, jackets, or backpacks while on a commute.

To limit such from occurring, you might have to form the habit of checking your belongings before stepping indoors.

  • Dirty Laundry

Dirty laundry is also another hotspot for bed bugs.

The odors on dirty laundry mimic those coming from your body, which is possibly one of the reasons bed bugs find dirty laundry more attractive than clean laundry.

About Climbup Bed Bug Interceptors

Climbup Bed Bug Interceptor is a product from the Climbup brand of pest solutions.

It’s made from plastic material with dimensions of 6.45× inches.

Climbup Bed Bug Interceptor is pesticide-free. It has a dual-well design which gives you an idea of the direction of movement of bed bugs.

What more? This bed bug control product helps with the identification of furniture items still infested after pest control treatment.

In each pack or box are 4 interceptors each having designs that easily fit multiple furniture types.

  • Design

Climbup Bed Bug Interceptors are specially designed plastic cups that have been proven to be effective bed bug monitoring systems.

Now, the efficiency of this product depends to an extent on the use of talc powder. However, this is optional and not a requirement to get results.

Nevertheless, talc powder significantly boosts such results.

  • How Bed Bug Monitoring Systems Work

Whether you’re using Climbup Bed Bug Interceptor or a similar product belonging to another brand, they work pretty much the same.

A bed bug monitoring system helps give you an idea of the movement path of bed bugs. How so?

We earlier mentioned that this bed bug interceptor has two well provisions. This is deliberately added to ensure that bed bugs approaching your bed will fall into the outer wall.

Now, those coming from, or leaving the opposite direction (your bed) get stuck in the center well.

The vertical or almost vertical smooth sides of the interceptor make it difficult for bed bugs to escape. In effect, they’re stuck and unable to leave.

As earlier stated, you may wish to sprinkle some talcum powder within the wells. This makes it too slippery for bed bugs to have a grip.

This helps with the assessment of your treatment techniques. The efficacy of a treatment is observed to see if it’s working or not. If it isn’t, optional treatment methods that are reliable are deployed.

Climbup Bed Bug Interceptors are best deployed for DIY bed bug control.

  • Bed Bug Interceptor Placement

For any real results to be obtained, commercial and homemade bed bug interceptors must be well placed. For Climbup Bed Bug Interceptors, your bed and furniture posts are targeted.

Before placement, ensure that the bed or furniture being observed isn’t attached or touching the wall.

Also, bedspreads, ruffles, and blankets shouldn’t be allowed to touch the floor as bed bugs can easily use such as optional routes to climb or disembark from your bed.

With these precautionary steps taken, place the bed bug interceptor cups under your bedpost. This can be checked after a 24 hour period.

Is this Product A Passive Bed Bug Trap?

When it comes to the use of bed bug traps, these fall under two types; the passive as well as the active types.

Climbup Bed Bug Interceptors are passive traps as they’re placed along possible travel paths of bed bugs to capture them. These are mostly ideal for DIY bed bug treatments.

Active bed bug traps on the other hand are designed to attract these pests. These will usually mimic human conditions such as the release of warmth and carbon dioxide.

These types of traps are best used by professional pest control technicians as they know how best to incorporate them into their treatment methods.

DIY Bed Bug Treatment isn’t Advisable

One of the things you need to be concerned about is the efficacy of your treatment methods. Bed bug interceptors are only for monitoring purposes and not for treatment.

As such, you’ll need to adopt a more comprehensive treatment method.

With every delay using ineffective strategies, your bed bug infestation worsens. It’s best to pay a professional bed bug exterminator to handle your treatment needs than to adopt DIY bed bug treatment.

Now you have an idea about Climbup Bed Bug Interceptors. By understanding the workings, you’re able to put this bed bug trap to good use.

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