Here is the average cost finish attic per square foot.

Attic renovation involves a wide range of details that may include the installation of windows, wood rafters, flooring, insulation, plumbing, and a lot of other things.

The cost of renovation largely depends on what’s covered in the renovation work. Price variations for the project can also vary greatly.

How Much Does Attic Renovation Cost?

Here, we’ll be discussing all renovation costs with details provided for different aspects of the job. This article gives you a heads-up on what to expect when renovating your attic.

To be included are details such as cost-influencing factors, building code requirements, tips on hiring the right contractor, and more.

What’s the Goal?

Every attic renovation job has a definite goal; yours may be to convert your attic into a living space.

If that is the case, it’s vital to know that huge costs may be incurred in the process. The extent of renovation work can lead to wide price variations.

Whatever your objectives are, we’ll cover as much as we can on the different aspects of the attic renovation. This is done to provide a clearer price perspective to interested readers.

It’s important to mention that your project costs might differ from the figures given below.

This is we’ve provided a cost range for attic renovation. Certain jobs might cost more and vice versa. So, are you ready to find out the cost details involved? You’re more than welcome to read on.

How Much To Finish An attic: Varying Cost Scenarios

Attic renovation requires the detailed working of costs.

To arrive at such, certain specifics need to be identified. These have to do with the particular type of renovation work. Overall, the national average for converting an attic into a living space is $65,000.

The average cost range for renovation is around $15,000 to $85,000.

This is a clear testimony to the huge financial implications involved in such projects. We’re not stopping at the figures presented above but will go further to detail specific costs that sum up to the amounts stated.

Areas to be looked at including the finer cost details, factors affecting attic renovation, and cost-saving tips for attic renovation. These and other aspects of costing are covered below.

i. Attic Remodel Cost Calculator: Price Breakdown

When it comes to the finer details on attic renovation costs, we take a look at basics like plumbing, attic cleaning, HVAC services, as well as insulation.

Others include window installations, flooring, painting, drywall, ceiling, and walls.

Any of these may be added or be considered optional during attic renovation. However since we’re discussing costs, it will be necessary to provide such information.

For plumbing, this could add around $1,000 to $1,500 to your total. Attic cleaning happens after renovation is completed and costs around $100 to $160.

HVAC installation services for the newly renovated attic may cost between $40 and $250. In the case of installation, this will contribute anywhere from $800 to $3,500. Window installations may be needed during attic renovation.

This adds about $500 to the total.

For flooring, expect expenses in the region of $1,000 to $4,000 while interior painting is likely to cost around $200 to $2,700. Do you want to have drywalls installed as part of the attic renovation process?

If you do, this may cost about $375 to $1,500. Ceiling and wall installations cost $1,500 and $1,700 respectively.

ii. Factors Affecting Attic Renovation Costs

As a homeowner, one of the things you need to know about attic renovation is that multiple factors may impact total project costs.

Here, we focus on three of the major ones which include code requirements, your attic area (square footage), as well as structural changes.

  • Code Requirements

There are set building codes that need to be adhered to. Anything less than sticking to such isn’t acceptable. Plus, you could be violating construction codes which could end up endangering lives.

For example, situations, where drop ladders were previously used for attics, may require building new stairs.

Since you’re remodeling your attic into a living space, you’ll have to put something more durable. Making provisions for such stairs is likely to cause your renovation costs to shoot up.

You may end up spending upwards of $10,000 just to meet code requirements.

  • Attic Area

As always, larger spaces take up more labor, materials, and time.

So, this has to be taken into consideration during renovation work. It’s typical to have smaller attic renovation jobs costing much less than larger ones.

So, what’s your attic space like? Knowing how wide it is will enable better estimation of the materials to be used.

Plus, you get a heads-up of what to expect in terms of costs. As a novice on cost estimation, you can have a structural engineer give you an estimate of the project costs.

  • Structural Changes

Renovations can be quite extensive depending on what’s needed. There are situations when more headroom needs to be created in the attic.

For such, the roof pitch needs to be changed or adjusted. In other situations, more room or space may be created by extending the attic floor over an adjacent room or garage below.

Without a doubt, this is likely to shoot up costs to a couple of thousand dollars. You’re expected to have worked out all such details before renovation work begins.

By showing your plans to a construction engineer, you’re presented with a cost implication for such remodeling.

  • Cost Saving Tips for Attic Renovation

The steep costs of attic renovation can be burdensome for some homeowners. However, there are cost-saving tips you can implement to significantly cut down on total costs.

Such tips include speaking with your contractor, handling some of the work yourself, and using less expensive materials.

  • Speaking with your Contractor

Before renovation work commences, it will be necessary to speak with your contractor about your budget. This helps with necessary adjustments which drop the high renovation costs involved.

  • Handling some of the Work Yourself

An appreciable amount of cost can be cut down through DIY means. However, it must be said that this approach isn’t suitable for everyone.

Only skilled DIY enthusiasts will find it rewarding.

  • Using Less Expensive Materials

Certain construction materials are considered less expensive than others. You might want to go with such to limit the total cost of the project. It’s also important to ensure they’re durable enough for your needs.

As evidenced by the details above, attic renovation costs can be significant. We’ve provided the big picture and also covered a lot of the specifics involved.

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