Tile Demolition Cost Per Square Foot – Removal Quotes

Here is a guide on average tile removal costs and quotes per square foot.

Various kinds of demolition jobs exist. Each type has unique requirements and levels of difficulty involved.

Tile demolition is one of those areas we’ll be focusing on with special reference to costs.

To have an idea of how much a wooden, concrete, or ceramic tile removal job will cost you, you’ll need to read on to the end to find out.

Tiles aren’t of the same type. In other words, there are tile varieties by material, design, as well as where they’re best installed. Whatever your situation is, there’s ample information to broaden your knowledge on pricing.

So, without further ado, let’s get moving.

Will Tile Type Impact My Removal Cost?

Tile demolition jobs will definitely cover a variety of tiles.

The most basic types include porcelain tile, ceramic tile, glass tile, cement tile, mosaic tile, marble tile, and limestone tile. Others include granite tile, travertine tiles, quarry tiles, metal tile, and resin tiles.

Of course, there’ll be varying degrees of difficulty during tile removal.

This is mostly due to the construction material used. So, it’s normal to find demolition contractors pricing removal jobs based on the type of tile involved.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove Tiles?

Tile removal or demolition is inclusive of a variety of actions.

These all contribute towards determining eventual costs. Under this section, we’ll be unveiling the finer cost details involved for most tile demolition jobs.

  • There are two things Involved

In terms of standard tile demolition costing, you’ll need to take a look at the labor involved and tile debris removal. The labor involved takes the bulk of the costs with a fee ranging from $681 to $1,598.

A tile removal job isn’t complete without debris disposal. This will cost around $241 to $275.

  • Other Pricing Details

The national average range for tile removal services is around $880 to $1,786. You’ll also have to consider the going rate per square foot. The typical range of tile removal cost per square foot is within the $3 to $6 range.

One of the key things you should know is that to a large extent, labor constitutes a major part of tile removal expenses. Bringing this to bear on a tile removal project, a 300 square foot job will attract labor costs of around $724 and $1,700.

Such a job should take about 40 hours to complete.

  • Tile Demo Cost Per Square Foot Billing

Costing per square foot is one of the most fundamental bases of calculating project costs.

Here, the size of the targeted space (tile-covered space) will determine demolition costs. Bringing this down to the cost per square foot, you’re likely to pay around $3.27 to $6.64.

  • Tile Removal Procedure Adopted

Tile removal jobs are handled differently.

In other words, there are times when manual labor will be preferred over the use of power tools. Sometimes, a tile removal machine may be preferred for such work over the use of power tools.

This will definitely impact tile demolition costs.

So, when will it be best to use manual labor over the efficiency offered by power tools? This is mostly the case when dealing with small jobs. Demolition contractors may decide to use basic tools such as a chisel, hammer, or pry bar to remove the tiles remaining.

There may also be a need for floor scraping tools to completely clear out any scraps left or stuck to the surface. It’s important to note that because this tile removal process has a lot to do with manual labor; it’s restricted to only a small space.

Factors Affecting Tile Demolition Costs

The cost of tile demolition jobs is largely affected by key factors such as tile location, post-cleanup costs, cost of living within your location, and who handles the demolition process.

Other factors include labor, the tools used, permits and inspection, dust cleanup, cost per hour, the size of the area, and cost of supplies.

  • Tile Location

Certain tile demolition jobs may be restricted to walls only or may consist of both floor and wall tiles. Wall tiles are known to come off easily and wouldn’t present many challenges like floor tiles.

Depending on the space to be demolished, wall tile removal tends to cost less.

  • Post Cleanup Costs

Most tile demolition contractors include post-cleanup costs as part of their quotes. Here, you wouldn’t have to worry about hiring a cleaning service to carry out the job.

  • Cost of Living within a given Location

What’s the cost of living like within your location? The higher the cost of living is, the more it’s likely to impact on demolition costs. A higher cost of living leads to higher demolition costs and vice versa.

  • Who Handles the Demolition Process

The person or company handling your tile demolition project will determine your overall costs.

Tile demolition isn’t a highly technical area. So, a handyman or day laborer may likely demand lower costs compared to a specialist or demolition contractor.

  • Cost per Hour

Time is an important resource and this is seen in action when carrying out demolition work.

Here, we’re talking about the cost per hour. For example, a 40-hour demolition job may cost around $724 to $1,700. This translates to about $18 to $42 hourly rates.

  • Tools Used

There are various levels when it comes to the use of demolition tools.

These include the use of manual tools like demolition hammers, the use of power tools as well as the use of large machines. Bigger machines used for demolition jobs will cost more as they’re bulky and have to be transported to project sites.

  • Permits and Inspection

Certain locations require that permits be obtained for demolition work. Tile demolition permits and inspection will attract a fee that adds to your overall demolition total. You’ll need to find out what applies to your situation.

  • Size of the Area

Size always plays a key role in determining tile demolition costs. The larger the size of the area is, the more it’s likely to cost. The opposite applies to smaller spaces. So, the cost will depend on how big the job.

Key details about tile demolition and removal costs have been provided above. This eliminates common misconceptions and gives a much better understanding of cost.

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