Daily Cleaning Checklist Template For Housekeeping

Here, we’ll be providing you with a daily cleaning checklist you can make use of.

Routine cleaning is carried out each day. Such cleaning might either be residential or commercial cleaning Whatever it is, having a definite guide on how to go about it can go a long way in making the task much easier and organized.

This brings to the fore the importance of a cleaning checklist. Now, a cleaning checklist for a residential building will cover all main areas within the home.

These include the kitchen, living room, bathrooms, bedrooms, office, and entryway areas. All these will be covered in our checklist. Without further delay, let’s begin as follows;

Everyday Cleaning Checklist Format

Everyday cleaning for residential buildings should include a list of comprehensive tasks. These cover all angles of the home, thus guaranteeing a clean surrounding in addition to eliminating guesswork.

Before you begin, it is necessary to have all the cleaning tools and supplies ready. These will range from brooms, towels, brushes, mop, vacuum cleaner, and paper towels.

Our cleaning checklist covers the following areas;

  • The Kitchen

The kitchen area is one of the busiest parts of a home. Meals are prepared here multiple times a day. As such, it should be cleared of every mess in readiness for each day’s use. Countertops should be cleaned thoroughly.

Cleaning the kitchen at night makes it ready for the next day.

Fold and hang dish towels and wash those that will need to be washed. Next, load the dishwasher with used and dirty dishes and wipe down the outsides of the microwave oven. If expired foods are lying around in your pantry, they should be discarded and the pantry kept tidy.

Other kitchen surfaces such as the dining area as well as food preparation surfaces should be wiped clean using an appropriate cleaner. Also, dust and wipe the sides of your refrigerator clean. You’ll need to also open the fridge to arrange or organize its contents. Discard expired or spoiled contents into the trashcan.

The sink area should be wiped clean with the bottom rinsed and dried after use. Also, wipe food stains on cookers followed by cleaning of the food crumbs on the floors. This should be followed by the mopping of the floors.

  • The Living Room Area

Cleaning the living room area should include dusting the entertainment center. Next, tidy the couches and arrange pillows on them. Table clutter is most likely to be found. Hence the need to clear up all such clutter and dust the table.

Also, go round to pick off littered stuff on the floor. These may include children’s toys, shoes, or whatever that may have been dropped. Take these to their appropriate place or discard those that need to be discarded.

Pick up dishes lying around to the kitchen and return stools to their original place. Newspapers or magazines should be returned to the shelf or wherever they were picked from. Dust the fixtures, photographs, and artwork and sanitize remote controls.

  • Bathrooms

The daily cleanup of bathrooms should include the sink, faucet, and all surfaces. These should be disinfected too. All towels must either be folded or hanged with fresh hand towels supplied if needed. Clean mirrors and scrub toilets followed by wiping off the exterior surfaces clean.

Each day, the toilets should be disinfected and cleaned.

Wash and rinse the bathtub in addition to cleaning out countertops. Check if toilet paper and hand soap will need to be restocked. The last daily cleaning task for toilets should involve the mopping of floors and taking out the trash. New trash bags or liners should be replaced.

  • Bedrooms

For bedrooms, daily laundry should be done to prevent a buildup. Straighten the couch, fold blankets, and put pillows in place. Be on the lookout for clutter or littered items or clothing on floors and pick them up. These should either be hanged or folded.

Dust bedroom furniture and clean the mirror if any. Make your bed and clean the floor. This may require vacuuming or mopping depending on floor type. Dispose of the trashcan and replace new liners. Don’t forget to open the windows to let in fresh air into the bedroom.

  • Office Area

The office area will also need some tidying. Daily cleaning tasks performed are simple and include going through paperwork and sorting according to trash, file, and stay. Books should be organized on shelves the table being tidied. Dust the table & chairs and also clean office gadgets like computer and printer plus any similar equipment.

Pick up papers or other items from the office floor and return them to where they’re supposed to be. Trash should be emptied and new liners replaced.

  • Front Porch

The front porch should be swept clean. Also, wipe down the chairs and clear all cobwebs. Flowers should be watered too!

  • Miscellaneous

Sweeping and vacuuming all floors throughout the entire house should be carried out. If you have a gym, this equipment should be wiped down too and the room cleaned. However, a private gym will not require daily cleaning.

Only clean when it’s necessary.

Mopping all floors should throughout the entire house should be included in your daily cleaning. Wipe down all cell phones too. The garage will need some daily cleaning too. Tidy the garage by keeping things in their proper place.

The floor of the garage may also not require daily cleaning. Determine the need for cleaning and apply accordingly.

There’s also the yard area. Your kids will spend a significant time of their day playing around This results in scattered toys and other objects. Return these to their usual places and keep the yard tidy.

If you keep pets, then the pet areas and litter boxes will need to clean up.

These are daily cleaning tasks anyone can use to keep their homes and surroundings clean. It takes away the guesswork from cleaning and helps you focus on what needs to be done. Also, the time spent on cleaning is reduced significantly as your daily cleaning checklist helps improve efficiency and focus.

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