Damp mopping is not just about moving a wet mop over hard surfaces.

As you will find out in this article, it is far more than that. This webpage reveals the professional methods of damp mopping your floors to get rid of dirt from them and restore the shine.

For an outstanding result from your wet mopping, you need to learn about the right procedures, supplies, and equipment to use. You will find a list of these below.

What You Need To Damp Mop A Floor Properly

These are just some of the equipment and supplies you need to properly damp-mop a floor.

  • Tools
  1. Wet Floor Signs

Wet floor signs are normally used to warn those coming from outside about what is going on in the room or area. That will either make them wait outside for some moments or step into the room with caution.

Wet floor signs are very important as they help to prevent people from slipping off the floors and hurting themselves badly. They usually come in different colors, the most popular of them being yellow.

Having at least two of them around the place you intend cleaning, is a great idea. You can buy the 2 sided type or the 4 sided ones.

You can easily order this online on Amazon or visit a physical shop where cleaning products are sold to get them.

  1. An Industrial Looped End Mop

This can be any size at all though the most popular is the medium size. The color is also not relevant. You can get any color you want.

  1. Double Bucket Mop System

This is one of the best pieces of equipment that can greatly reduce the answer of time you spend damp mopping your floor. It also goes a long way in ensuring that soiled water or dirt is not mixed with the solution you are using to clean the floor.

Double Bucket Mop System comes with two main compartments. The first one is for the solution you are mopping the floor with, while the second compartment is for the soiled water.

The mop system also features a removable wringer and can accommodate any size of a traditional mop. A good place to easily get it online is Amazon. Just search for “double bucket mop system” and you will see so many examples of it there.

  1. A Dust Mop

A dust outfit ensures that soil, dust, and other particles are completely removed from the floor before you start wet mopping it. Without using it first on the floor, you may face a little bit of difficulty damp mopping it later.

Dust mops often come in various sizes, from 18 inches in length to about 48 inches. While buying, ensure you get a size that will work for you, to make things easier and faster when you clean your floor.

  • Supplies
  1. Floor Cleaners

Floor cleaners I mean here are specially formulated detergents that are used in cleaning any kind of surface. They do not leave any noticeable negative impact on the floors.

One of such floor cleaners is Odoban No-Rinse Neutral PH Floor Cleaner. It was formulated using naturally derived ingredients that clean your laminate floor thoroughly without the need for any harsh chemicals. The product removes soil and dirt. It also eliminates offensive odors from urine, feces, etc, and leaves your floor shining.

Another example of such a product is the Rinse-Free Neutral Floor Cleaner. It was also formulated to tackle unpleasant odor, remove soil, dust, and dirt from your floors. When used on oily surfaces, the formula breaks down the oil, making it easier for it to be fully cleaned.

Rinse-Free Neutral Floor Cleaner does not leave a negative impact on any type of floor, including wood floors. It is one of the most recommended detergents for damp mopping.

  1. Water

The water here should be cold, not hot or warm. This will be used to mix the detergent.

How To Damp Mop Floors And Have Them Clean And Shining

After getting the necessary equipment and supplies for the damp mopping ready, the next thing to do is to learn exactly how to do it.

There are three stages involved in damp mopping a floor. They are well explained below.

Stage 1. Setting Up The Area To Be Mopped

Before you start damp mopping the area, you need to carefully put it in order first. The following are some of the things you should do:

  • Remove everything that will not allow you to damp mop the entire floor. This includes chairs, appliances, tables, etc. You can transfer them to another room or take them outside completely. Do not move them too far so you don’t have difficulty bringing them back and re-arranging them. As long as they are in a position where they can’t get wet or obstruct you from damp mopping where you want, you don’t have a problem.
  • Place the Wet Floor Signs in places around the house where they can be easily seen by anyone about to enter into the area to be mopped. You will not only be preventing them from ruining your efforts by introducing dirt into the mopped area, but you also be saving them from falling due to the slippery surface.
  • Using your dust mop, remove all food debris, soil, dust, and every other thing on the floor. Without doing this, your efficiency will be affected. The final result of the damp mopping exercise will not come out looking great.
  • After dust mopping the area, ensure that the entire debris removes from the area is carefully deposited in a trash can. You can do this using a dustpan or any other tool that will help you gather and dump them in the garbage can.

Stage 2: Damp Mopping The Area

The moment you are through with dust mopping the area and removing all forms of debris, soil, etc, from it, you can proceed with this. Below is how to do it.

  • Again, ensure that the Wet Floor Signs are still in position. Remember they must be in a place where they are not difficult to see by everyone. It’s best if they are placed directly at the entrance of the place to be damp mopped.
  • If you are using the double bucket water system, put as much water as will be enough for the damp mopping in one of the compartments. Add the floor cleaner (the detergent you bought earlier) to it. Once you’ve thoroughly mixed the two and gotten your cleaning solution, it’s time to start the main work. Do remember that the solution must only be in one of the compartments so that the other can serve as a place for the soiled water from the mopping activity.
  • Set the bucket close to where you want to begin the damp mopping from and immerse your mop into the solution. As soon it is soaked, bring it out and wring it on the wringer attached to the double bucket system. Ensure that the excess water is completely out, leaving the mop damp. Plenty of water on the mop will mean plenty of water on the floor surface, which is bad for damp mopping.
  • Using the mop, damp mop the entire area starting from the farthest side to the entrance. Do not rush it. Take your time and make sure that you do not unknowingly skip a portion.
  • After mopping a particular side of the floor, wring the soiled mop well, allowing the dirty water to enter the other compartment of the bucket.
  • Keep mopping the floor, making it one area at a time until you have completely damp mopped the entire surface. Be careful not to step on the wet surface while you doing the cleaning. To avoid ruining your work or slipping.

Stage 3: What To Do After Damp Mopping An Area

After damp mopping your floors, here are a few things you should do.

  • Allow some minutes to pass before stepping into the mopped area. That will give the floor some time to dry completely. With the surface dried you can step on it without the fear of slipping.
  • Wash all the equipment you used for the exercise. The mops buckets etc. Place them where they can easily dry and leave them there for a few minutes.
  • Once the floor is totally dry, remove all the Wet Floor Signs from the area and keep them somewhere safe. You will need to use them every time you damp mop your floors from now, so keep them where you can easily access them.
  • Return all the appliances, furniture, and every other thing you removed from the room or area to help you clean the place properly. Re-arrange them to be exactly the way they used to be.

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Can A Homemade Cleaner Be Used For The Damp Mopping?

Yes, it can. Provided that the ingredients used in making the formula are not harsh and will not leave a negative impact on the floor. As long as you are fully aware of the ingredients and how strong they are, you can use the formula. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

If you are not sure of those things, it is better to use a commercial floor cleaner that you can trust or use only water for the damp mopping. It will achieve almost the same result as when you use a detergent.

In Summary

We have in this article discussed damp mopping and the practical ways to do it, including the equipment and supplies needed for it.

Are you searching for how to damp mop an area perfectly?

I hope you find this information useful.

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