This article looks at the dangers of sewage leaks under a house, the causes, and how to fix and prevent such a problem. If you’re currently facing a similar situation, the information provided here can help.

By understanding the nature of the problem, you’re better prepared to handle it.

Raw Sewage Leaking Under House

Sewage lines help properly channel sewage to a central treatment facility or sewage tank.

While that is true, there might be system breakdown with all kinds of problems, including sewage leaks. This can be gross and leads to all sorts of issues.

What Causes Raw Sewage Leaks?

A logical way to start this discussion is by looking at the causes of raw sewage under a home. There are several reasons why this happens.

These include heavy rains, faulty plumbing, broken septic tanks, clogged drains, corroded sewer outlet pipes, tree roots invasion, and sewer drain pipes freezing.

Other causes of raw sewage leaks under homes include aging infrastructure and flooding. To better explain how these lead to raw sewage leaks, we’ll have to discuss each point as follows;

i. Heavy Rains

Heavy rains can pose a problem to your sewage system. This is especially true when a sewage tank isn’t correctly located. The likelihood of the system getting overwhelmed is high.

This leads to an overflow of sewage into homes.

ii. Faulty Plumbing

Faulty or damaged plumbing is another primary cause of sewage leaks under a house.

Here, the main problem is seen in backups caused by problematic plumbing. Without addressing the issue immediately, it’s likely to get worse.

Sewage leaks arise from such a problem.

iii. Broken Septic Tanks

Over time, septic tanks may develop all kinds of problems, including being broken.

One thing that’s almost certain with broken tanks is the leakage of raw sewage, which can get under or flow directly into a home. Regular inspection, pumping, and repairs are necessary to avoid this problem.

iv. Clogged Drains

Clogged drain issues are familiar with sewage systems that aren’t properly maintained.

The blockage causes a buildup of sewage which eventually flows or backs up through any opening leading to leaks under and into homes.

v. Corroded Sewer Outlet Pipes

This is a common problem in older homes due to the aging of the sewage system.

Here, corrosion leads to sewer line cracks and leaks. Sewage matter will likely get under your house and into it when not properly managed.

vi. Invasion of Tree Roots

Sometimes, trees can be the reason for the leakage of raw sewage under a house.

As roots from these trees seek out moisture and nutrients, many of these are found in sewer lines. These roots can get through the minor cracks and spread rapidly, thus worsening the condition.

vii. Freezing of Sewer Drain Lines

Cases of freezing drain pipes are pretty common in winter.

This situation is likely to lead to problems due to pipe expansion. As a result, bursts may occur, especially in under-insulated or unheated crawl spaces, thus spilling raw sewage under your home.

viii. Aging Infrastructure

Aging infrastructure is one of the primary reasons for raw sewage leaks under buildings.

As a city’s sewer infrastructure ages, its capacity to effectively handle sewage reduces. This leads to frequent issues like sewage backups and rupturing of pipes.

ix. Flooding

Flooding can lead to leakage of raw sewage. The likelihood of such a problem developing increases when drainage systems aren’t properly functioning.

Dangers of Raw Sewage Leaks Under a House

It’s common knowledge that raw sewage should be handled appropriately or channeled away from homes. Anything less could lead to all kinds of problems.

Now, the nature of problems is what we’re more interested in.

These include exposure to toxic chemicals, mold & mildew, and bacteria & viruses. Structural damage is another problem you’re likely to contend with.

i. Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

Out of the many chemicals in raw sewage, some of the most harmful include chlorine and ammonia.

With raw sewage leading under a house, you’re exposed to these, which could lead to various conditions, including cancer, skin irritation, and respiratory issues.

ii. Mold & Mildew

The dampness caused by raw sewage leaks provides the perfect condition for the growth of mold & mildew in your home. This leads to worsening and developing respiratory issues with conditions like bronchitis and asthma, among several others.

iii. Bacteria & Viruses

One sure thing with raw sewage leaks under a home is the exposure to a wide range of disease-causing bacteria & viruses.

The most vulnerable group of persons affected by such includes children, the elderly, and persons with weak immune systems who are just recovering from an illness.

Exposure to these bacteria & viruses like campylobacteriosis leads to symptoms like abdominal pain, fever, cramping, bloody diarrhea, and nausea, amongst others.

iv. Structural Damage

Your home isn’t spared when it comes to raw sewage leaks.

Problems you’re likely to experience include rotting floor joists, eroded foundations, and weakening walls, to name a few. Without urgent attention, it’s expected to lead to rapid deterioration of your property, which leads to significant losses.

Addressing and Preventing Raw Sewage Leaks under a House

With raw sewage leaks comes the need to urgently address the problem.

It’s essential to have only the pros handle your sewage problems due to the risks involved. Sewage cleanup services are only a call away from dealing with such a problem.

While that is true, adopting a proactive approach to fixing the problem tends to be the best control strategy. Here, you’ll need to have your sewer system regularly inspected by the pros.

This helps with the early detection of problems before they worsen.

Leaks on plumbing should be fixed immediately in addition to the regular cleanup of drains. Such cleanup will require plungers or drain snakes for an excellent job.

What more? Installing a backflow valve helps keep sewer backups in check.

Now that you know the dangers of raw sewage under a house taking the necessary steps to address such problems should be a priority.

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