Will baking soda kill termites? Here is all you should know.

Termites are highly destructive pests most property owners will want to avoid.

Using Baking Soda For Termites

Billions of dollars are lost each year to the destructive activity of termites. As a homeowner having termite issues, it’s normal to seek all possible solutions to the problem.

This includes natural remedies.

A simple online search on natural remedies for termites will bring up tons of results. Among these are effective treatments as well as the not-so-effective ones.

One of those we’ll be looking at is baking soda. Does it kill termites?

A whole lot has been said about the repellent and exterminating effect of baking soda on a variety of pests. It will be a great idea to have this product kill termites as it’s readily available in a lot of homes.

Termite Infestations Require Professional Treatment

Homeowners are likely to get tempted to adopt DIY pest treatment strategies.

While such methods may work for some pests, it doesn’t work for all. Termite problems are among the most difficult pest issues to deal with.

A single termite colony may contain anywhere from a few hundred to millions of termites. The most destructive species is the Formosan termite which has the most population in a single colony.

A single termite belonging to this species can consume about 31 grams or more than an ounce of wood per day.

This is quite scary when such a number is scaled up to millions feeding at the same time. Your best bet as a homeowner is to find a pest management company to act immediately.

Using DIY techniques only delays the treatment process. Every hour of every day these termites spend worsens your home’s condition.

Does Baking Soda Kill Termites?

Baking soda is a time waster and will do little to nothing in killing these pests. Like a lot of DIY treatment for termites little to no results are achieved.

Termite problems require an urgent and reliable response from homeowners. You’ll have to place a call to a reputable termite management company for solutions.

You’re likely to have seen lots of articles backing this claim up. The problem with such claims is that baking soda may have been used on a few termites with some level of exterminating effect obtained.

However, when it comes to the real deal; full-blown termite infestation, this product stands no chance whatsoever.

  • Many Limitations

Claims about the efficacy of baking soda in killing termites are mostly flawed.

For instance, one of several claims about the usefulness of baking soda as a termite killer is that it can’t be used on certain areas like walls or ceilings.

With termite presence established, you don’t want to waste your time rationalizing with DIY methods such as baking soda. You want to save your property the best and quickest way possible and baking soda use isn’t one of those.

Even if baking soda worked, it simply isn’t scalable. In other words, it won’t be practical to buy lots of baking soda simply to apply for termite treatments.

Signs of Termite Presence

Termite treatment only starts when an infestation is noticed.

To the untrained eye, identifying infestation signs can be difficult. However, there are basic tell-tale signs to look out for in identifying termites.

These include small pinpoint holes in drywall, crumbling damaged wood, and stuck doors or windows.

Other tell-tale signs include drooping drywall that may sometimes be discolored, increasingly squeaky floorboards, and flying termite swarms.

Other signs include mounds of frass which are pellet-like, scattered wings around your property as well as a network of mud tubes around your home.

Loosening of tiles may also be noticed in addition to hollow-sounding wood. You may also notice that paint around your home is peeling (this may sometimes be due to water damage).

A combination of these tell-tale signs gives overwhelming proof of termite activity.

  • Professional Inspection is Necessary

While the above signs of termite presence are reliable.

There’s a need to call for a professional termite inspection to ascertain the extent of an infestation and immediate treatment. Some pest management companies may offer free inspections as well.

Such inspections should be performed by professionals to help you avoid misdiagnosis of the problem.

Time is of the Essence

Due to the destructive activity of termites, urgent steps must be taken to exterminate them. The problem with termites is that they stay out of sight for as long as possible.

You’re only likely to notice their presence after the damage has been done.

Some damages can be irreversible. Under such circumstances, loss of property is inevitable. So, if you’re lucky enough to notice signs of termite presence, you’ll need to act fast to fix the problem.

By now, you should know that baking soda use or any other DIY measure won’t solve your problems.

Baking Soda Alternatives that Work For Termites

We’ve said that using DIY treatments for termite problems isn’t reliable. Even at that, we’re still interested in discussing natural remedies that kill termites.

Note that a natural remedy that kills termites doesn’t translate to being effective on a wider scale.

With baking soda having little to no effect on termites, other alternatives to try out include the use of a perimeter barrier, exposing infested furniture to sunlight, and also the use of wet cardboard bait which is burnt while termites are feasting on it.

Orange oil treatments, borates, vinegar, and the use of nematodes are among several natural methods to kill termites. Why are we more interested in natural solutions?

It’s being considered because baking soda is mostly considered a natural treatment for termite issues, and it’s a product that’s readily found in homes.

Call for Professional Pest Control Instead

Rather than wasting time on a treatment that doesn’t work, it’s best to find a more reliable way to solve your termite problems.

The service of professional pest control companies continues to be the best for termite issues. These companies offer the most comprehensive solutions.

Baking soda isn’t reliable as a termite killer. In other words, it has little to no effect at all on these pests.

With this knowledge, you’re able to know what works and what doesn’t.

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