Does Cold Weather Kill Bed Bugs And Fleas?

Asides from finding sources of food that consist of blood, bed bugs, and fleas are known to seek certain favorable conditions. Temperature is very important to their survival.

Hence the question; does cold weather kill bed bugs and fleas?

This is the focus of our article. Here, we’ve taken the time to provide you with the right answers.

For a lot of pests, a significant drop in temperature will either kill them or cause them to hibernate. We’ll find out if the same applies to bed bugs and fleas.

Also, we’ll attempt to provide you with tips on ways to use the weather to your favor in flea control.

What Cold Temperature Kills Bed Bugs and Fleas Instantly?

Bed bugs and fleas are known to brave cold weather conditions for some time.

However, when exposed to sustained cold weather conditions, bed bugs cannot withstand this and are killed. So, yes! Bed bugs and fleas will get killed when exposed to cold weather conditions for long periods.

Bed bugs and fleas will kick-start or enter into a freeze-intolerant mode.

Here, their body system lowers the freezing point of their body fluids. By entering into the freeze-intolerant mode, it helps protect bedbugs and fleas from freeze injuries and eventual death.

So, does this mean cold weather has a limited effect on killing these pests?

Well, it depends on the intensity of the temperature drop as well as the time length they’re exposed to such cold weather conditions.

  • Temperature Drop

This is crucial to determining whether cold weather will kill bed bugs and fleas.

Temperature drops as low as minus 15 degrees will be sufficient to kill bed bugs and fleas. Such weather conditions as expected will be sustained.

Areas with higher temperatures will prove more favorable as bed bugs will have a shot at survival.

  • Length of Time

The length of time bed bugs and fleas are exposed to freezing weather conditions will determine if they survive or not.

As long as bed bugs and fleas are exposed to weather conditions at temperatures below minus 15 degrees for 3.5 days, it gets unbearable which eventually leads to their death.

Not When Bed Bugs and Fleas Are Indoors

Although cold weather kills bed bugs and fleas, this only happens outdoors.

In other words, indoor environments such as homes serve as a haven for flea and bed bug activity. So, in the harshest of winter conditions, the warmth your home offers supports its presence and existence.

You’ll need to take a whole different approach to exterminate bed bugs and fleas in your home.

Do bed bugs survive outside? Well, in some cases, you could set out to combat a flea or bed bug infestation by taking things outside. These could be furniture or clothing among other things that serve as hiding spots for them.

Such items must be kept outside for prolonged periods to allow the cold weather to do justice to these bed bugs and fleas. Sub-zero temperatures become unbearable to them, thus freezing them to death.

It now boils down to determining what could be taken out and what needs to stay in for the time duration required. Not every item you have would be safe to move out.

Of course, this can be considered if you have a fence in place. Even at that, certain items may be damaged when left to freeze out in the cold.

Consider Other Treatment Options for Indoor Environments

We’ve seen that although cold weather will easily kill bed bugs and fleas, it’s impractical to take out everything. Plus, bed bugs could be hidden in wall cracks and carpets as well as in crevices and other tight spots.

These are found indoors and the difference in temperature in indoor surroundings does little (if any) to kill bed bugs and fleas.

Therefore, you’ll need to consider other treatment options available to you. There are tons of options that include DIY strategies as well as calling for professional help to tackle your bed bug issues.

We suggest taking the latter option when dealing with these pests.

  • Get Professional Help

Pest management services are readily available to offer a wide range of pest control services.

This includes bed bugs and flea extermination. Their experience and professionalism count for something as these pros clearly understand the behavior of the pests concerned.

Having inspected for bed bugs or flea presence, the pest control technician(s) discuss their findings with you and offer their recommendations on the next step to take.

Of course, you’re allowed to make some input especially regarding the treatment strategy to use.

This discussion is crucial and seeks to adopt the best extermination method available. Pricing is also one of the factors involved. To find a good pest management service, consider going through some online reviews.

These reviews are revealing and point to the most reliable service provider.

  • Adopting Preventive Measures

The best method for keeping bed bugs and fleas at bay is to adopt the preventive approach.

This will cost next to nothing, yet it provides you total protection from these pests. Some of the ways to get this done include removing or clearing out all clutter which serves as possible hiding spots.

You should regularly wash your sheets, blankets, and all clothing that come in contact with floors. When visiting a hotel, you might want to use a bed bug repellent.

Your belongings should be carefully unpacked to prevent bed bugs from hitching a ride.

Ensure you keep and maintain a schedule for spraying around your home and its surroundings for fleas and other pests. You may also want to trim your lawn as frequently as possible.

This helps reduce fleas and discourages them from coming around.

Pet betting should be washed and treated regularly. This includes frequently bathing your pet with flea repellent shampoos being used. With the right preventive measures in place, fleas and bed bugs have little chance (if any) of infesting your home.

Cold temp kills bed bugs and fleas. However, this isn’t sustainable when your home is infested. Most homes will typically be heated during the winter season which makes it favorable for these pests.

However, you can take some of your things out if you can for a few days. Cold weather can be used in addition to other methods to exterminate bed bugs and fleas. These have been listed above.

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