Does Eucalyptus Repel Mice? Facts You Should Know

Here, we’re going to be looking at eucalyptus oil as mice repellent.

Does it work? Will, it rid your home of mice?

Mice issues can be very frustrating for a lot of homeowners due to the level of damage caused. A wide range of methods and techniques for containing such problems are available.

However, whether these methods or remedies work is a topic of discussion for another day.

There are lots of claims about its efficacy, but how true are they? If you’re planning to apply eucalyptus for your mice problems, you’ll need to read through this article first.

Why Repel Mice? – Eucalyptus Mice Control

It’s no secret that mice infestations are disturbing to most people due to the problems caused.

First, there’s the real risk of diseases caused by mice droppings. Such health risks include salmonellosis, bubonic place, and the hantavirus among others.

The damage caused by these rodents is significant. These can gnaw through upholstered furniture as well as chewing through anything they can find.

What more? Mice will readily chew on insulation wires, thus adding to the risk of house fires.

In terms of problems caused by these rodents, an almost never-ending list can be made. However, their presence isn’t welcomed in homes. As such, finding rodent control solutions becomes important.

Speaking of solutions, does eucalyptus repel these rodents? Let’s find out!

Will Eucalyptus Oil Repel Mice?

Eucalyptus oil may repel mice but it’s never an effective solution for mice control.

Now, there have been concerns in recent years over the misapplication of chemicals, thus raising the issue of safety. Safe chemical use for pest control has been a major concern for many.

This has led to a situation where homeowners are intrigued to find safer and less harmful alternatives, hence the use of natural remedies like eucalyptus and other mouse-repellent plants.

If you’re dealing with a full-blown mice infestation, the use of eucalyptus oil for control wouldn’t be a good idea.

This is because it does nothing to beat back the invading rodents.

Plus, it only wastes valuable time to properly handle or contain the problem. It’s not a secret that mice are prolific breeders and will easily multiply to overrun your property.

The use of a natural remedy like eucalyptus oil does little to solve the problem. And even when it does have some effect in pushing them back, mice return with a bang.

This is because only the effect (mice presence) is treated and not the cause (factors contributing to mice presence).

Eucalyptus Oil Not Being An Effective Repellent Isn’t A Set Back

A lot of readers that had hopes of using eucalyptus oil for their mice issues might feel discouraged about the facts laid out above. However, the main aim is to find a safe remedy that works.

This may include the calculated and safe use of pesticides or the adoption of preventive measures.

So, what do you do at this point? There are alternatives.

First, it’s important to call for help when the mice population seems overwhelming. It’s important not to waste time applying ineffective remedies like eucalyptus oil while these rodents grow in population.

i. Calling for Professional Mice Extermination

One of the best ways to deal with a rodent problem is by having exterminators pay a visit to your property to tackle mice infestation.

Before this procedure commences, an assessment or inspection of the property is made to determine the level of infestation.

This gives an idea of the best treatment procedure to follow. There are lots of treatment options available and you can ask for an environmentally safe treatment procedure.

With trained professionals like pest control technicians, mice have little chance of survival.

Pest technicians not only focus on getting rid of the mice problem but also look at the causes. The homeowner is advised on the best preventive measures to take to avoid a repeat of the problem.

A repeat treatment may be provided when conditions persist. Such doesn’t attract an additional fee.

You’ll need to find a reputable pest management service to handle your mice issues. One of the ways to differentiate reputable pest control services from the not-too-good ones is by going through verified reviews.

From such reviews, you’re able to see which pest service is likely to do a great job.

ii. Adopting Preventing Control

Preventive control is the best way to deal with a mice problem.

This method is natural and focuses more on the causes. Here, you’re looking at all possible reasons why mice are present on your property. So, you’ll need to look at the main attractions for mice.

Such attractions include food, warmth, cracks & openings as well as clutter. Any property with a combination of these conditions easily attracts mice. Mice will feast on just about anything.

As such, their targets include dinner leftovers, pet foods, sweet fruits & berries as well as plants.

Other food attractions include nuts, grains & seeds, and almost about any kind of meat. With this knowledge, you’re better equipped to fight back

  • Carrying out Repairs

Cracks and openings aren’t normal and should be acted on by having them fixed.

A close inspection around your walls (both interior and exterior) may reveal cracks and openings. However tiny such gaps are, they’ll need to be plugged or properly fixed.

Metal sheets can be used to cover such cracks to prevent these rodents from gaining entry.

Also, steel wool is a perfect material to block such entry holes. Mice can burrow through a lot of materials but can’t chew their way through steel wool. It effectively keeps them out.

  • Cleaning Up

Cleaning up involves a variety of actions such as doing the dishes after every meal and wiping up food spills. What more? You’ll need to clean up any food crumbs around the floor and also mop floors to eliminate scent trails.

With such actions, there are lesser incentives for mice to be around.

  • Proper Food Storage

Mice will be set up near areas with ample food sources.

As such, your food storage behavior should change. It’s important to either use metal or glass containers to store up food. The point is to eliminate these food targets.

  • Remove Clutter

Clutter is a major attraction for mice as they need to build nesting places. It’s important to ensure that your surroundings are cleared of such.

Can Eucalyptus repel mice completely? No. It isn’t an effective mice repellent.

As such, it won’t do much to solve your mice issues.  However, we’ve provided alternatives to ensure you take back full control of your property.

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