How Much Does Emerald Ash Borer Treatment Cost?

How much is Emerald Ash Borer treatment?

We will also be looking at the cost of ash tree treatment in this guide. In the past, property owners had to deal with pest issues using methods that may not necessarily be efficient.

One of those strategies involved the removal of affected (infested) trees. However, more reliable strategies have been widely accepted with advancements in tree care and pest control.

Here is a breakdown of the EAB treatment cost.

Cost of Emerald Ash Borer Treatment

Do you have an emerald ash borer problem? Sometimes this may not be readily noticed especially when you have no idea of the primary symptoms.

This article will provide information on common symptoms and the cost of treating emerald ash borer infestation.

  • Sign of Ash Borers

Before treatment cost is determined for a pest problem, there’s a need first to confirm the presence.

Now there are lots of pest issues common to trees. Identifying these and providing ready solutions go a long way in fixing the problem.

There are several signs that are pretty common and point to emerald ash borer activity. These include the presence of galleries of winding tunnels underneath the bark.

Other signs include D-shaped exit holes on the outer bark used by fully matured adults.

More emerald ash borer symptoms to look out for include canopy dieback due to disruption of moisture and nutrient flow.

You’ll also find splitting bark on ash trees arising from the tedious activity of emerald ash borer larvae. Close examination of the base of the tree may reveal suckers.

With all of these signs, calling for further inspection and treatment will be necessary. Now such a response or treatment will come at a cost.

This takes us to the main focus of our discussion; the cost of emerald ash borer treatment.

Will DIY Emerald Ash Borer Treatment Reduce Cost?

When dealing with an emerald ash borer problem, there’s a tendency, especially among DIY enthusiasts, to perform or carry out the treatment themselves.

Now logically, this procedure will cost a lot less compared to hiring a pro to handle your treatment needs.

However, the reality is a whole lot different. For the most part, a majority of property owners have no clear idea of how to deal with tree pests.

While DIY procedures may help you reduce costs, you’re unlikely to do a thorough job of eliminating emerald ash borers.

So, you end up with little to no result despite taking action. This is simple; you aren’t trained to deal with pest issues. Your best bet is to have a pro handle your pest needs.

Certified arborists can be contacted to perform detailed inspections and treatment.

Ash Tree Treatment Cost for Borers

How much does it cost to treat an ash tree?

The treatment costs for pests like emerald ash borers vary due to several factors. Before we get into those, it’s necessary to state the basic treatment approaches used; removal and treatment.

Each approach serves a specific purpose, mainly concerning the severity of infestation.

  • Ash Tree Removal Cost

An arborist may recommend removing infested ash trees when it’s found to be severely affected. Here, the tree is damaged, and it will be best to have it removed to stop the further spread to nearby trees.

Arborists will likely charge you anywhere from $200 to as much as $2,000 for removing a single tree. On average, you may spend anywhere from $300 to $1,000 for removal.

As stated earlier, this action is taken when the tree is considered damaged beyond treatment.

Ash tree removal will also cover stump grinding. Here, the pros will determine specific actions to take to contain emerald ash borer presence.

This may also involve preventive treatment of nearby ash trees not yet infested.

Removing the tree(s) will include hauling it off your property. The stump may be removed (uprooted) or ground depending on what serves your needs best.

The tree’s condition will have to be closely assessed to know precisely what solutions need to be provided.

  • When Removing an Ash Tree becomes Necessary.

An ash tree is considered for removal when the tree is found to be in poor health, even before the infestation.

Young trees are also considered for removal. What more? When an infestation has compromised more than 30% of the tree’s canopy, it’s best to have it removed.

  • Emerald Ash Borer Treatment Cost

Aside from removing infested ash borer trees, one other approach involves actual treatment. Popular treatment and control methods used include quarantine, application of insecticides, and biological control.

Now ash borers aren’t known to have any predators in North America.

Due to this fact, the USDA approved importing and releasing multiple species of non-stinging wasps in 2007. So far, this action has proven successful as emerald ash borer spread has been put in check.

A treatment procedure like ash tree injection costs $150 to $175. This is a much smaller cost compared to having affected ash trees removed.

  • Personal Estimation

Working out the cost of emerald ash borer treatment can be challenging due to various factors. While that is true, there are online resources that help you determine the average cost of removal.

Here, you only need to enter certain information and submit it to have a figure to work with.

Factors Affecting Cost of Emerald Ash Borer Treatment

Like other types of tree pests, the cost of treatment for ash borers is determined by several factors, including tree size, number of trees, location, and treatment method.

In the case of tree size, more giant trees tend to attract higher treatment costs compared to smaller ones.

The number of trees being considered for treatment will also determine how much it will cost. Here, the treatment cost is multiplied by the number of trees.

Sometimes, significant discounts may be given for more trees being treated.

Your location also counts as it’s likely to affect how much cost is incurred for treatment.

If you’re located in a large city, you’re more likely to pay or attract a higher treatment fee than people in outskirts or small towns.

With the idea provided on emerald ash borer treatment cost, you can determine how to find the best possible deal when it comes to treatment.

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