Outdoor gatherings are priceless with the right people or company. Here, outdoor fire pits are common and add to the ambiance and coziness of such gather.

However, strong winds can dampen the fun on a breezy night as the fire pit’s normal functioning gets interrupted.

This doesn’t have to be so when you know what to do. In, come fire pit guards to the rescue.

These are also known as flame guards and are in the form of glass. These come in different shapes and sizes to fit different fire pit dimensions.

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Here, we’ll be discussing all fire pit guards.

Fire Pit Flame Guard

Fire pits go by several names some of which include flame guards or windshields.

When fixed on a fire pit, they block outwinds, thus allowing the flame to be centered and undisturbed. Your outdoor gathering doesn’t need to be interrupted by your fire pit’s operation.

This exactly is the benefit derived.

Firepit guards are made from tempered glass which allows for easy viewing from any angle. These tempered glasses are held in place by polished aluminum brackets that are fire-resistant.

In terms of its stability, high-quality windshields come with anti-slip rubber pads holding them in place.

Fire Pit Windscreen Types

When it comes to fire pit guard types, you’ll find them in varying shapes each designed to fit into a fire pit.

They include the linear glass flame guard, rectangular glass flame guard, round glass flame guard, as well as the square glass flame guard.

Why these shapes? It’s easy to see why. Fire pits come in different designs which require the use of components or accessories of similar shapes.

So for instance, around fire pit will best be served by round glass flame guards, for a rectangular fire pit, such will be fitted with a rectangular glass flame guard and so on.

Fire Pit Guard Sizes

We’ve said that one of the key features of fire pit guards is the different sizes they come in. It’s logical to have different sizes because not all fire pits are the same.

However, whatever your fire pit size, there’s always a flame guard size that perfectly fits it.

You’ll need to get the dimensions of the fire pit for ease of purchase. You don’t want to assume its size. A simple measurement should serve to eliminate all confusion.

Some of the most common fire pit guard dimensions include the 60”x 6” for linear drop-in fire pit pan and also the 36”x 6” for linear drop-in fire pit pan.

Other fire pit guard dimensions include the 48” x 6” linear drop-in fire pit pan, 60”x6” linear drop-in fire pit pan, and 72” x 6” linear drop-in fire pit pan. For rectangular glass flame guards, common sizes include an 18” x 6” drop-in fire pit pan, a 24” x 8” drop-in fire pit pan, and a 30”x 10” drop-in fire pit pan.

More dimensions include a 36”x 12” drop-in fire pit pan and a 48”x 14” drop-in fire pit pan. If you seek a round glass flame guard, the various dimensions include a 19” round drop-in fire pit pan, and a 25” round drop-in fire pit pan.

For square fire pit guards, common sizes include 12” square drop-in fire pit pan, 18” square drop-in fire pit pan, and 24” square drop-in fire pit pan. There are also sizes ranging from 30,” and 36” square drop-in fire pit pans.

Picking the Right Flame Guard for Your Fire Pit

As stated earlier, a round glass flame guard will be more fitting when you have a round-shaped pan and burner. The same goes for a square glass flame guard which requires a share-shaped pan and burner.

A rectangular flame guard is needed for a rectangular-shaped pan and burner and so on.

How To Measure For A Fire Pit Wind Guard

Here, it’s obvious that you’ll need to perform a careful selection. Speaking of selection, this isn’t done randomly. Rather, it relies on the exact measurements or dimensions of your fire pit.

So, how do you go about measuring it? Let’s show you how.

  • Measuring for Linear Flame Guards

Is your fire pit linear (that is long and narrow) in design? If it is, you’ll need linear flame guards for it. So how do you take the exact dimensions? It’s easy! First, you’ll need a ruler or tape for such measurements.

Now the opening of your fire pit is what will be measured.

Such fire pit opening will have a long and short side. Now when measuring, ensure you add a few inches more to serve as clearance.

Take the width measurement (the longer side) as this would be what is used to find the right match. After finding what fits, look for the closest match to the short side.

  • Measuring for Rectangular Flame Guards

If your fire pit has a rectangular shape, you’ll need to take its dimensions using your tape or ruler.

The longer side of your fire pit should serve as the width. Also, measure the short side. As always, allow a few inches of clearance.

Having found a flame guard with the corresponding width, look for the closest match to your short side.

  • Measuring for Square Flame Guards

Square fire pits will require fitting flame guards that correspond to the shape. With your measuring equipment, take the dimension of one side of your fire pit opening.

Consider this the width and find a corresponding flame guard with the same dimensions. Do not forget to include a few inches of clearance during measurement.

  • Measuring for Round Flame Guards

For a circular fire pit, a fitting flame guard of the same shape and size needs to be bought.

Here, the diameter of the fire pit opening needs to be taken. Of course, a few inches of clearance will need to be factored into the measurement.

Only Consider A Fire Pit Wind Blocker With Guarantee

One of the ways to pick the best fire pit guards is by looking for those backed by a guarantee. Some manufacturers offer a lifetime guarantee. Such provisions give added confidence.

Plus, you get value for money.

These are the basics of fire pit guards bordering on the types, shapes, and dimensions.

With the information and guide given above, you can easily purchase with the assurance that you’re making the right decision.

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