How To Get Free Raccoon Removal Near Me

Does the city remove raccoons? Here, this article discusses where to get free raccoon removal.

Raccoons are medium-sized animals with grey coatings that sometimes come around human dwellings. These animals quickly become nuisances as they set up residence in your attic or beneath your home’s deck.

Apart from their ability to transmit diseases, these animals also cause damage to garden crops.

Free Raccoon Removal Service Near Me

In a nutshell, raccoons aren’t animals to have around. You may be having a raccoon problem and wish there’s a way to get rid of them without having to pay a dime.

Are you faced with such a situation?

You Have Multiple Options

When it comes to raccoon removal, there are multiple options available to you.

Most of these have to do with calling for help. Starting from your immediate surroundings, consider asking a neighbor for such favors.

Other options include calling your Local County or city animal service to ask if free raccoon removal services are available.

If it fails, you may want to try out a local wildlife rehabilitator.

Other options to explore include your local police or sheriff’s office, as well as your local fire department. One of these options should work.

However, if none is forthcoming, you might want to just get the job done yourself.

This raises the question of your capacity to get the job done. Not everyone will want to handle such a task, but the truth is; you have fewer options.

You can either explore any of these options or simply calling a professional to have the job done for a fee. Now, that isn’t the focus. Here, we’re only interested in free raccoon removal.

i. Asking a Neighbor to Help Out

Neighbors can be considered assets especially when it comes to situations where help is needed. You might be surprised who offers to help when you discuss your raccoon problem.

Sometimes, neighbors can go above and beyond in a bid to help out anywhere they can.

Such help may be offered directly or a third party may be called in to get the job done. Whatever the case is, you want raccoons off your property for good.

It will be a great idea to explore this possibility as the outcome can go beyond your expectations.

How friendly are you with your neighbors?

ii. Calling Your Local City or County Animal Service

Depending on where you live, the animal conservation departments in some cities or counties offer free wildlife relocation services.

It mostly depends on your location. It’s never a bad idea to make the necessary inquiries or visit such departments for tips on how to go about the process.

Sometimes, certain conditions must be met before free wildlife removal is administered. Such conditions may cover certain animals like raccoons.

If raccoons are included among animals for relocation, then you stand a chance of benefiting from the process. However, you might also be on a waiting list as well.

Unlike paid removal jobs, a lot of free wildlife removal services only provide such services when they can. In other words, you’re not the only one seeking free removal.

While services may be fairly timely, the response is never as urgent as professional removal services where you need to pay.

iii. Contact a Local Wildlife Rehabilitator

If you know any local wildlife rehabilitator closest to your location, you might want to contact them to know whether they offer free raccoon removal.

The internet makes it quite easy to seek information. Also, you might want to ask your friends or neighbors if they know of any wildlife rehabilitators around.

Wildlife rehabilitators are professionals that are skilled in wildlife rehabilitation. Their jobs include having wildlife removed from an unsuitable location to a more suitable habitat.

Such professionals should handle your job because such raccoons won’t be stressed, plus the process is smooth and timely.

iv. Call your Local Police or Sherriff’s Department

Your local police or sheriff’s department isn’t only there to report crimes or disturbances. They can also be contacted for situations like raccoon infestation.

The police won’t necessarily have to remove or resolve your raccoon problems. This isn’t their job description. However, they provide you with tips on who to contact.

Sometimes, they can contact such professionals on your behalf to offer free raccoon removal services. In a nutshell, you want to leverage the resources available to the police department to get access to free services.

You should never underestimate the help you can get by such a simple act of inquiring.

v. Your Local Fire Department Could Help

Like the police department, your local fire department could be of help.

Some fire departments have provisions for free wildlife removal. The only way of finding out is by making contact with such a department to know whether if there are such provisions.

If there isn’t, you may be referred to other possible areas where you can enjoy free wildlife relocation services.

vi. Try DIY Raccoon Removal

When none of the above options works, you’re left with carrying out the task yourself. This can be considered as free removal as you won’t have to spend on anything apart from the trap(s) you need to purchase.

First off, you’ll need to know potential raccoon hideouts and also how to safely have them removed.

It’s important that the objective isn’t to harm these animals but to simply have them removed and relocated. This will involve a lot of work which you need to be mentally prepared for.

Possible raccoon hideouts include porches, on walls, hay beds, attics, sheds, and woodpiles.

Other possible areas to find these pests around your home include tree hollows, underneath your structure, as well as tree lines. Raccoons will use any of these areas as a possible nesting ground.

With that said, let’s take a look at things you shouldn’t do during DIY raccoon removal.

  • Actions to Avoid

If you must perform DIY raccoon removal, then it needs to be done the proper way.

Avoid removing raccoons manually; sealing entry points immediately after a raccoon leaves isn’t a good idea. You’ll have to inspect to be sure there aren’t any young left behind.

Failing to remove raccoon poop and wash off their urine isn’t a good idea. Also, it’s important to avoid poisoning.

These are options for free raccoon removal. You only need to explore each of these to benefit from free wildlife relocation. The DIY approach is the most challenging.

This should only be done when you’re mentally ready for it.

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